Are We Ascending To the Fifth Dimension?

In a previous post, we discovered that when the Earth ascends, the whole physical universe can ascend. That means the soul aspects incarnated into human bodies play an important part in the process of ascension, which impacts all other beings incarnated at various levels of the physical universe. Are we ascending to the fifth dimension?

What does ascension really mean?

According to Guy Needler (“The History of God”), every individual is on their own evolutionary path, which is based on your location within the multiverse. When we’re ascending, we’re moving up the frequencies, much like hiking up a hill, and we do it at our own speed.

  • We increase our frequency individually, not as a group of beings.
  • But the company we keep affects us. Our higher or lower frequency will affect those that associate with us by what’s called positive or negative “triangulation.”
  • If you’re a higher frequency being than your spouse or children, you will help them raise their own frequency simply by your presence, which is ascension by association.

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Ascension is a gradual and continuous process with higher highs and higher lows, much like a stock index chart with some ups and downs, although the overall trend is upward.

  • We don’t go through a massive leap, because it’s unsustainable (as the chart shows).
  • That’s why we don’t suddenly go from being unaware to superaware. Our ascension is so gradual that we hardly notice the minimal changes, because we get used to them.

What happens to our physical body?

Our physical body isn’t who we are. It’s just a vehicle that our souls use to dip into the lower frequencies on Earth. We gain profound experience and learning from our physical lives, but we’re meant to move on to the next frequency, not get stuck here. Needler explained:

  • Now we’re trying to create a lighter body, so we can expand into higher frequencies and work with the higher functions associated with them while we’re here on Earth.
  • It’s a bit like upgrading or customizing a car to make it do things better and faster.

are we ascending

Our bodies are trying to keep up with the frequential changes and will go until they can’t go further. But we won’t take our bodies with us. There is no need for that, according to Needler.

  • Some develop “ascension flu” symptoms with joint or muscle aching, tinnitus (resonant frequencies of our chakras), waking up with low energy or exhaustion, tingling, etc.
  • Some notice increased intuition, mental telepathy or other functions, as we’re trying to bring our body back to what it was previously at higher frequencies (see What Are Human Root Races? – Big Picture

How fast will humanity ascend?

That depends on each of us. Some people can project their consciousness out-of-body to many levels, e.g. frequencies of chakras or higher up the physical universe or to the top of the multiverse. As sentient beings in the multiverse, we can go anywhere, but our bodies cannot.

  • Our bodies are being constantly exposed to one of the frequency levels of the Earth.
  • Our collective ascension as a race of beings depends on how fast the whole Earth can work together, how everybody affects each other, and how fast we can pull all of our bodies up the frequency (see When Will Humanity Ascend From 3D Earth? – Big Picture

Are we ascending from 3D to 5D, bypassing 4D?

Most people think we live in a “3D world,” where we have the “three dimensions” of height, width and depth, with time as the “fourth dimension.” This is a misunderstanding, because we’re in a frequential world, where time doesn’t exist. What exists is event space.

  • “Time” is a series of now moments stringed together, like beads on a necklace. Each bead is an event point in event space, which has a zillion necklaces (“timelines“) all wrapped up into a ball, i.e. all happening together in spherical event space.
  • Our gross physical world is made of the lowest 3 frequencies. From here we ascend to the 4th frequency, then 5th, 6th, 7th, etc. all the way to the top or 12th frequency.
  • In reality, our entire physical universe is just ONE dimension, the first full dimension of our multiverse.

What happens to the Earth?

Some people have heard of a “New Earth” or two Earths, one that is ascending and another that isn’t. But Needler said the Earth exists as a panfrequential body, which means there are 10 different versions of Earth within the physical universe.

  • You might imagine them as concentric Earths occupying the same space with our solid Earth in the center (not to scale).
  • That doesn’t mean that this Earth disappears and a new one is created. It’s just that the higher up the frequencies we go—and that’s the same for the physical universe—there is more content to see.


The gross physical Earth is made of the lowest 3 frequency bands (FB 1-3). The higher versions of Earth (one at each of the higher levels at FB 4-12) become less dense, more expanded, more energetic and have more content. At each step up, we’ll see what’s at that level and the ones below it, but not what’s above it.

  • For example, at the fifth level of Earth, we’ll see what’s on FB 5, FB 4 and FB 1-3, but not what’s on FB 6 or above. We’ll start to see more trees (or trees within trees), buildings (within buildings) and other beings (that walk through each other), because they share the same space with those on the 3rd and 4th level.
  • By the time we get to the 12th level, the whole of Earth is completely and fully occupied, like a solid ball with all sorts of shapes and forms existing in all frequencies (see What Is New About Planets and Galaxies? – Big Picture

What happens to our universe?

When we look at the world with our physical eyes, we are seeing just a tiny window of the electromagnetic spectrum as visible light. All the other waves (with different frequencies) are invisible to us. But we know they exist, because we use them (click to enlarge).


When we look at our universe, it appears as mostly empty black space (“dark matter”) dotted with some bright spots (galaxies, stars, nebulae, etc.).

  • But as we ascend, each frequency level adds another layer of content on top of the previous layer, so the space between things gradually gets filled in, as shown (Hubble Telescope images: Source  & Looking At the Earth With True Perspective.).


  • We’re starting to detect more content, since the number of visible exoplanets have gone up from 300 to over 1000 earth-like planets now.
  • Eventually, what seemed like empty space to us becomes completely filled with content, so that our universe is totally solid by the 12th frequency level.

That is the bigger picture of our universe that we’re trying to raise the human form into, as explained by Needler. The ultimate goal is to become self-aware and ascend to the point, where we don’t need to incarnate in the various “theatrical stages” of the physical universe in order to evolve in the multiverse, where our True Energetic Self exists.

Final Thoughts

I hope this piece helps you discern some of the ascension-related misunderstandings prevalent in some spiritual or New Age circles. We’re part of a much bigger picture that involves the entire multiverse.

Every individual is on their own evolutionary path, which is overseen by the soul aspect within us and by our True Energetic Self in the multiverse, which is overseeing the evolution of all the soul aspects it has projected into the physical universe.

There is nothing to fear, because no one is going to be left behind. There is only One of Us, and we’re all going to the same place—back to Source. 🙂

are we ascending

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