Are We Energetic Or Sentient Beings?

Over the past two years, I’ve been blogging about the greater reality and other new concepts introduced to us by Guy Needler through his books, workshops and other work. His newest book, “The Origin Speaks,” goes further into understanding The Origin, also known as The Absolute, All There Is or the ultimate creator of EVERYTHING in totality.

What does “The Origin Speaks” tell us?

This book is THE greatest story ever told to incarnate mankind, whether you’re interested in physics or metaphysics. We’ve never had this level of understanding about ourselves or the omniverse. There are new layers of refined information about the basics of energy, creation of entities, incarnation, physical matter, evolution, event space and much more. It’s a WOW!

We’re finally able to answer the question that human beings have been asking for ages:

Are we matter or energy? Are we consciousness or pure thought?

Where do we fit in?

There is only one Origin, which is All There Is, whether it’s mapped or unmapped. Everything is within and part of the Origin, even though it has not interacted with everything and doesn’t fully understand itself in totality. That’s where its creations and their creations come in.

  • We’re all made of the same substance as the Origin, who created our Source (SE1) and 11 other Source Entities. That is a fundamental type of oneness that runs through all creation.
  • Our Source created smaller, specialized units of itself called True Energetic Selves (TES/ Oversouls). Next it created the static multiverse framework for these entities to explore.

In reality, WE are the keepers of the multiverse! The entities themselves maintain the integrity, structure, and function of the multiverse within the energetic framework of SE1, who is busy with its own work. Our “minds and memories” or collective mental capacity hold it together.

“To exist in something, one must have a vested interest in its existence. That is a fundamental part of existence – that those who exist in an environment must maintain that environment.” – Guy Needler (“The Origin Speaks”)

The same principle holds true for our local and global communities and the planet itself. It is our desire to work with and within these and other environments that hold them together. The figure below summarizes where we fit in:


Our goal is to expand the Origin’s area of sentience by mapping its mostly non-aware, non-sentient energies that permeate its “Beingness.” How? By evolving through all the different universal environments in our multiverse, according to Needler.

Are we energetic or sentient beings?

While physicists think in terms of matter and energy, most metaphysical people think we are consciousness or energy beings. After seeing where we fit in, you might think that we are “pure thought” instead. But we are more than all those things put together. Needler explained:

  • We are not pure thought. Thought is just a level of knowledge, a lower function in the energy sequence that goes from intention to thought to action (energetic response).
  • We are beings of pure sentience, which is a function of the Origin’s sentience. It is our sentience that facilitates intention, which drives our thoughts and actions at all levels of energies and frequencies that we exist within (e.g. Earth, physical universe, multiverse).

The Origin developed its sentience naturally through a multistep process. Its raw energies had to evolve enough to support sentience as a separate function. The Origin took many steps to develop its intelligence, consciousness, self-awareness, creativity and omnipresent sentience.

  • By the end of the process, the Origin had a tiny area of sentience within its mostly non-sentient self. That’s why it needed the 12 Source Entities to accelerate its progression.
  • Now the Origin knows how to create sentience, and how to transfer it to other beings.

That’s why our Source could transfer part of its ready-to-use sentience to the smaller True Energetic Selves, that were also given a volume of specialized energy to work, move around and create with. That makes us beings of pure sentience that use energy that is externally assigned to us OR commandeered by us (when we learn to master ourselves and our abilities).

Final Thoughts

According to Needler, we’re never truly individual. In our True Energetic Self form, we perform a localized function within the larger function of our Source within the even larger function of the Origin. In order to progress, we need to master ourselves and the energies we work with.

When we are finished with experiencing, being, mastering and creating with all the energies in our multiverse, we reintegrate with our Source. At that point, our True Energetic Selves dis-associate from their assigned energies and become True Selves or purely sentient beings that fully or partially reintegrate with the Source. Then we start another cycle within the Origin.

We can truly say: Source/God is a process within the Origin’s process, and we’re part of that process with much more in our future/event spaces to come, according to the Origin. 🙂

We are sentient creator beings in training. Energy is just a tool we use.

Are we energetic or sentient beings?

“To be creative is quite possibly the most important task that an entity can do. Creativity and the experience associated with creativity is what existence is all about.” Guy Needler

Note: Needler said that a “being” is something that has evolved into sentience, while an “entity” is something that is created by another entity or being. In essence they become the same thing, sentience with a body of energy (see Guy Needler 7-22-17…The World Satsanga Recording and Transcript – Big Picture

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