Why Are We Attracted To Certain Souls?

This is the third post around the topic of relationships, sexuality and creator energy, in which we’ll explore: Why are we attracted to certain souls? We have learned about past life “love issues” and the biology of attraction. Now we can dive deeper into the basis of soul attraction that goes way beyond physical attraction, sex or species survival.

What is a soul blueprint?

From the soul’s perspective, the whole point of incarnation is to learn and evolve from the human experience. Our overall goal is to learn to master the spiritual forces of Love, Wisdom and Power equally. Before we come into a body, we choose a particular life task to explore.

  • We write, direct and act in our own play, and recruit many soul companions to play various roles, such as family, friends, mates, enemies or other extras in our play (see What Is the Purpose of Relationships, Soul Mates and Self-Love? – Big Picture Questions.com).
  • We carefully plan our entry point (birth date) and 3-5 exit points from life in case the going gets too tough. The soul carefully integrates its sentient energies into a physical vehicle, which is like a car the soul animates and drives around on Earth for a while.
“Who am I? I am an out-picturing of the Divine. I am God in human form. We are here to experience any aspect of Divinity that we wish.” – Neale Donald Walsch

How do we find our soul blueprint?

There are several tools (e.g. card science, human design, astrology, numerology, spiritual enneagram, channeled or other readings) that help us understand our “soul blueprint” that includes our life task, lessons, karmic/relationship/other issues for a particular lifetime.

  • Our birth date reflects several themes and lessons, which are like the cards we are dealt. How we choose to play those cards is up to us and based on individualized free will.
  • At every step, we can decide to go one way, another way or yet another way. Life is all about making choices, experiencing the results, learning from them, and moving on.

Over the years, I’ve studied many different systems that describe human personality traits and life plans. What I’ve come to realize is that ALL of these systems are variations of the ancient I Ching system, that describes 64 hexagrams or core archetypes found in collective humanity.

  • Each hexagram is made of six lines with unique combinations of yin and yang lines, which is a binary code that corresponds to our genetic code (DNA/RNA, below).
  • The 64 gates are arranged in a circle of 12 astrologic signs in the Human Design system.

Why are we attracted to certain souls?

Richard Rudd updated the I Ching and Human Design systems by viewing each hexagram/gate as a spectrum of consciousness with three levels called Shadow, Gift and Siddhi frequencies. They are listed below (click to enlarge, Gene Keys Network | Free Resources). We are here to experience the shadow, not to get stuck there, but to lift our frequencies higher as we evolve.


What is our energetic design?

We choose a unique set of gates to express and learn about in every lifetime. They determine how life force energy circulates within our energy field, which interacts and communicates with other people’s energy fields. The dynamics may be conscious/not and fixed/malleable.


When we are in a group (e.g. restaurant), we each bring energetic pieces that blend into one big aura that unifies us. We’re able to express all of the human archetypes as a collective.

Why are we attracted to certain souls?

The human vehicle is animated by the soul’s sentient energies, that form various energy centers, circuits and channels, based on the gates in their design. Their interactions with other people reflect the various combinations and dynamics of their designs. For example:

  • When a person with an “undefined” energy center meets someone with a “defined” center, they will amplify the energies or feel pressured by the presence of the “defined” person.
  • When a person shares the same gate or channel with someone, it promotes friendship, compatibility and harmony. They’re looking at the world through the same window.
  • When a person has a gate on one side of a channel, they are attracted to people who have the gate on the other side of the channel. This is called electromagnetic attraction.

For example, the Channel of Reproduction (Connecting) joins two gates (59/6) in different energy centers:

Channel 59 - 6 Circled

  • Gate 59 is the Gate of Sexuality (Intimacy, Fertility, Genetic Strategy). A person with this gate has the sexual energy to bond with a mate in various ways (e.g. pursuer/pursued, bold/shy, bonds made/promiscuous, friend/not, seducer/gigolo or soul mate/aloof).
  • Gate 6 is the Gate of Emotional Balance (Conflict Resolution, Diplomacy, Peace). A person with this gate seeks to resolve conflicts by meeting people halfway. They may have a fear of intimacy, or feel like a victim of their strong emotions that impact those around them.

When a person with Gate 59 meets someone with Gate 6, there is an instant connection and magnetism between them. The more electromagnetic connections people have, the more intense the chemistry between them, which may overload the system. It’s better to have a mix of friendship (glue) and electromagnetic (sparks) connections for a relationship to last.

Final Thoughts

This is yet another piece in the puzzle of relationships, sexuality and creator energy. Each of us carries a unique energetic soul blueprint that engages and communicates with other fields. In my next post, we’ll focus on the specific channels associated with lust, romantic love and deep attachment, as described previously in Helen Fisher’s work (see Why Are We Attracted To Certain People? – Big Picture Questions.com).

There are several ways to decipher which soul blueprint combinations are more favorable for marriage, friendship, or business partnerships vs. ones that are challenging but transformative that may be short-lived or end up in divorce. It helps to understand that getting married and divorced may be part of a couple’s pre-life soul contracts, not a failure.

How can you find out more? You could get a Relationship Reading from me for starters. Please go to: Readings & Mentoring – Big Picture Questions.com for more information. This is a leap year after all! 🙂

Unfinished Heart Puzzle Shows Romance And Affection

Unfinished Heart Puzzle Shows Romance And Affection

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