How To Bridge Science and Spirituality?

In this blog, we have covered a lot of ground with newer answers to questions about the greater reality (i.e. the physical universe, multiverse and omniverse), incarnation, health and disease, relationships, karma, death, afterlife, and other topics. Yet one of the biggest questions remaining is: How to bridge science and spirituality?

What is the basis of science?

What we call “science” is based on systematic study of the physical world in order to produce useful models of reality through observation and experimentation. But sometimes scientists get trapped by the set of beliefs related to their area of specialization. For example:

“The strength and weakness of physicists is that we believe in what we can measure. And if we can’t measure it, then we say it probably doesn’t exist.” – Michio Kaku

That limits them to thinking in a box. Many great scientists started out as heretics ridiculed by their peers, only later to be recognized as visionaries (e.g. Galileo, Darwin, Einstein). As Helen Keller observed the heresy of one age becomes the orthodoxy of the next. It follows that:

  • The inventions and technologies we take for granted today (e.g. cars, planes, telephones, internet, etc.) would have been unimaginable or generated fear just a few centuries ago.
  • We’ve come a long way since our earth- or heliocentric view of the universe, but there are countless things that traditional science cannot explain or isn’t aware of (see What Is the Difference Between a Universe, Multiverse and Omniverse? – Big Picture
  • We need to keep an open mind with a healthy dose of skepticism, but not dismiss things we don’t understand merely as mysticism, hallucination, or paranormal phenomena.

Dean Radin (“Supernormal”) noted how millennia ago our reality was regarded as a living, organic, conscious entity, who influenced all things. But a new reality emerged about 500 years ago with the rise of science. It slowly transformed our worldview into a “mechanical, godless, mindless, isolated existence, crammed into a few dimensions of time and space.”

  • That framework is based on eight basic assumptions or doctrines of realism, localism, causality, mechanism, physicalism, materialism, determinism, and reductionism.
  • He said we now realize that some of these assumptions were based on a naive, “surface” view of reality, which fails to connect the classical and quantum worlds. So now what?

We can’t stop knowledge from going forward. The heretic investigator is sometimes right. We need to keep asking the big questions, as outlined by Guy Needler in “The Origin Speaks:”

  • What if the Big Bang is more like the Big Bounce that involves the cyclic expansion and contraction of the entire multiverse, not just the physical universe (see How Does the Multiverse Cycle Through Expansions and Contractions? – Big Picture
  • What if there is no such thing as “time,” because everything happens in event space, where every choice is played out in parallel conditions to learn about the cause and effect of things (see What Is Event Space Or Parallel Environments? – Big Picture
  • What if energy needs to be stabilized by frequencies to give it form? Thus, frequencies are the building blocks of the multiverse that has a total of 408 frequency bands (FB), including the physical universe (bottom 12 FB) and the gross physical world (bottom 3 FB).
  • What if the particles and their sublevels at the gross physical level are components contained within a much finer, interlacing energetic framework that supports them?
  • What if energy is the intention behind the intention for something to exist, where energy really is a particle-less force with different types and levels of intention or “tractions,” such as being, attraction, protraction, retraction, intraction, action, counteraction, etc.?   For example, the magnetic flux is a function of the tractions of beingness and attractivity.


What is the basis of spirituality?

What we call “spirituality” is based on consciousness exploration at different levels of reality. We may do this with the tools given by the ancient wisdom traditions (e.g. prayer, meditation, concentration, contemplation) or by other means that take us beyond the gross physical level (e.g. psychoactive drugs, shamanic practices, binaural-beat audio tones, neurofeedback, etc.).

  • Spirituality is different from religion, which is an organized system of beliefs and practices taught by world teachers. People got some things right, but other things in error.
  • The spiritual path is individual. Everybody is on their own evolutionary path, ascending the frequencies at their own speed and in their own way. Many people remain fully immersed in the material world, while others develop cosmic consciousness in their lifetime.

Some people embody siddhis or gifts of precognition, telepathy, clairaudience, clairsentience, clairvoyance of macro-/microscopic objects, psychokinesis, levitation, breatharianism, etc.

“Saints are the Einsteins of consciousness.” – Deepak Chopra

How to bridge science and spirituality?

“Consciousness is everything. Consciousness—that of which you are truly aware—is the basis of all truth and thus of all true spirituality.” – Neale Donald Walsch

What are we then? Are we matter or energy? Are we consciousness or pure thought?

  • While physicists think in terms of matter and energy, most metaphysical people think we are consciousness or energy/light beings. We are not our body, mind, or soul.
  • We are more than all those things put together. Our “consciousness” is better termed sentience, or self-aware creative intelligence. That is a much higher function capable of creating things, situations, other entities or environments, and modifying itself or the environment to a desired product.

We are purely sentient entities that use energy assigned to us to work and create with.

  • It is our sentience that creates the desire that precedes intention that drives our thoughts and actions to create things in our reality—be it local, global, universal or beyond.
  • This is how “mind over matter” works. The “supernormal” abilities are part of our “inner technology.” As we ascend to higher frequencies, we gain access to these higher functions, more information, and newer realities associated with them, according to Needler.

We now understand how ancient scriptures described things we’re only starting to rediscover (e.g. the Gita said you are not your body about 2,500 years before science; the Vedic texts said the universe oscillates between in-breaths and out-breaths; philosophers in the 6th century BCE described the minutest form of matter as two types of Anu particles, etc.).

Final Thoughts

These are exciting times for humanity, because we are now entering the Age of Energy (ascending dwapara yuga) in the cycle of global consciousness. That means we will be developing many new technologies, energy devices, scientific discoveries, space travel, etc. How fast will that happen? It depends on us and how fast we mature as a species.

Needler said we are about 25% into the Earth experiment (below). We can expect rapid changes in outer technology, which are temporary substitutions for the inner technology or higher energetic functions found in the human vehicle, that become available to all of us, as we ascend in frequency.

Some children are born already plugged into some higher functions (e.g. higher intuition, mental telepathy, empathic communication, telekinesis, etc.) with much more to come.


Physicist Noel Huntley (“The Original Great Pyramid and Future Science”) wrote:

“Ideally, technology is supposed to be an extension of mind/consciousness. It is not supposed to impede the development of consciousness or replace it.”

Needler stated that instead of developing devices and machines that do the work for us, the device needs to interface with the user’s energy, intention, and creativity. That requires the user to be mature enough to use their power wisely for the benefit of others, so the outcome will be balanced, not destructive to ourselves or the planet. Clearly, we’re not there yet based on the current state of the world.

“It is a fundamental requirement that an entity can only be a master, if it’s a master of Love, Wisdom and Power simultaneously. The Power aspect is the last one, because power corrupts. You’re not allowed to use that Power unless you’ve got an equal content of Wisdom and Love to support it.” – Guy Needler

To me bridging science and spirituality is a no-brainer once you understand that we are purely sentient entities that live in a sea of energy. Then spirituality is no longer a mystery, but just higher frequencies holding higher states of energy, form and formlessness (or beingness) that we like to experience in all variations in order to learn, grow and evolve.

When Einstein Met Tagore: A Remarkable Meeting of Minds on the Edge of Science and Spirituality


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