How To Bring Source To Your Incarnate Self?

Here is a powerful NEW meditation given by Guy Needler that I’d like to share with my readers. This meditation will help you bring the Source to you while here in the incarnate state rather than projecting your consciousness into a higher frequency level, as in our other meditations. How to bring Source to your incarnate self?

How to bring Source to your incarnate self?

Here is the guided meditation given in a recent World Satsanga (December 16, 2016) to bring Source to us right here to our incarnate state (see audio MP3 File starts at 1:35 hr) with a written transcript below:

Step 1: Get ready to meditate in a sitting position in a straight back chair with your feet flat on the floor, and your neck erect. Rest your hands with the palms up on your thighs (where your legs meet the lower body). Close your eyes and focus your closed eye vision on the origin of the third eye (which is above the bridge of the nose and in between the two eyebrows).

Step 2: Use your mentally spoken words (if you have trouble visualizing, just repeat the words) OR visualize that we are individualized and sitting in our rooms in our human body.

Step 3: Now visualize or state (repeat exactly what the guide is saying) that where we are in our room or bedroom or study or living room or quiet area within the house, or it might even be outside somewhere…

  • that we are not specifically alone or individualized, and
  • that we are simply a smaller, albeit individualized subsection of a larger entity.

So all of the quantum aspects of gross physicality that make up the human form from the cells down to the atoms, the electrons, protons, neutrons, quarks, stranges and charm, the elements below the quarks, the elements above the Anu, and the Anu themselves are all part of Source. We are part of Source.

And then there’s all of our—and this will be a growing feeling, as you’re saying these words or visualizing these thoughts—you start to feel that you are a collective of these smaller aspects of gross physicality. You’re a bigger part of those smaller parts, so all you are is all of these smaller parts together.

Some of you might feel as if you’re buzzing at the moment or fizzing. That’s because you’re starting to feel the individuality of all these parts all together collected into the gross physical and the spirituo-physical aspects of who and what you are, or should I say the vehicle that you use, your human form.

Now I want you to think of yourself as a smaller part of Source.

So where we are sitting now in our room is a collection of all of those smaller aspects of gross physicality, the Anu, the structure above the Anu, the structure below the quarks, the quarks, the protons, neutrons, and electrons, the atoms, the cells, etc. that fall in one particular microverse. We are part of a macroverse.

So whilst we’re here still, let’s consider that all the frequencies associated with the gross physical, the first three frequencies are part of a bigger being; that the 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th frequencies that we call the astral are part of a bigger being; the 8th, 9th and 10th frequencies, are also part of a bigger being.

These frequencies are also part or used by us to create an individual body. These frequencies are also available within the physical universe. So within the physical universe there’s two more frequencies, the 11th and 12th, so those are part of us as well, so integrate it with it. And that creates the first full dimension.

And so we are connected to or linked into in the incarnate state the first full dimension within what the structure of the Source is. Because we’re part of this structure, we are part of the multiverse. So again the multiverse resides within us, we reside within the multiverse.

As the multiverse is within Source, we are also within the Source. We are the Source. So the structure of what we are exists within the multiversal environment, which is within the Source.

And so we are all, everything here within this your room where you’re sitting down is also within Source. It is Source. And the multiverse is also a smaller function of Source, around half or 50% of Source, so therefore, it is the Source.

And so extrapolating backwards, the Source has a multiverse inside it, and within the frequencies associated with the multiverse are our True Energetic Selves. And within the frequencies associated with the lowest function of the multiverse is the physical universe.

The energies associated with the physical universe are also used to create our spirituo-physical and gross physical bodies. So therefore, the cells, the atoms, the quarks, the structure below the quarks, the structure above the Anu, and then the Anu are also Source.

Because everything is Source, we are Source, and so therefore, we are in constant contact with Source. It’s only a function of thought, a function of sentience that makes us feel or believe that we are separated from Source. And that’s a function of our incarnate state, where our communicative ability is reduced to near nothingness while we’re incarnate.

And so in reality, we’re always connected to Source, because we are the Source, even if we can’t remember it, we are in connection with Source.

And so in this connected state, this realization of Oneness of us being Source and Source being us, feel the additional sentience, the energies, the thoughts, behaviors, and actions of Source, and all of those other True Energetic Selves the Source created.

Feel it coursing through your own energies. There is no separation, there is only Source. And all we are is a smaller individualized function of Source that has a little role to do within Source.

Because we are Source and Source is us, Source pervades us. It is within and without us. There is no demarcation between Source and us, or us and Source.

Feel this connection to Source coursing through you, pervading you. In this condition you can feel and know that you are one with the Source, and the Source is one with you.

And so in this state know and feel the connection with Source. And if you wish at this point, you can ask Source for any guidance, direction, any question, any encouragement whether it’s verbal, visual, audible, or just knowing, or a state of feeling or beingness.

Just feel this connection with Source, because Source is you. Feel this integration, this communion, this wholeness. You’ve created this whilst in your living room, quiet room, bathroom, bedroom, wherever you do your meditation or listen to this particular World Satsanga.

We’ll stay in this just a couple of minutes, just so you can get the feeling of it. I suggest you practice this and give yourself an hour to stay in this particular state of beingness.

Know that in this condition you are omniscient and omnipresent. The only limitations are in your mind, limitations borne upon being immersed in your human incarnate condition.

And so just know that you’re always connected to Source, so you can stay in this state just gently recognizing that you’re staying in this state.

Step 4: Slowly come back into the room. You don’t need to come down a level or move in any direction or anything. This is just a realization process.

Just gradually come back into the room, open your eyes, and take a drink of water, if you have some. When you’re ready, you can start to move around a bit. Congratulations! You’re now aware of your connection to Source!

“Stay Light, Be Light, Light the way for others.” – Guy Needler

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