Can a Rich Man Go To Heaven?

In previous posts, we learned that money is a neutral tool we use on Earth as a physical representation of energy. We have free will to play with money or energy as individuals, partners or groups of people. Eventually, the human race will evolve beyond money towards an unconditional service-based system. But in the meantime, you may wonder: Can a rich man go to heaven?

What did the Bible say?

“It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.” – attributed to Jesus

What does it mean?

The meaning of this passage has been interpreted in many ways by many cultures:

  • Some say it refers to a gate in a city wall. A man can go through it, but a camel cannot. But unless the rich man is morbidly obese or a giant, he could go through the gate, right?


  • Some say a rich man can’t go to heaven, period. He becomes too attached to his riches to even think about heaven, let alone share his riches. So it’s better to be poor, right?

How can that be justified? It can’t be, but that’s what some people are brought up to believe. What’s worse they’re not allowed to even question some of these beliefs or prior assumptions.

What is wrong with this picture?

Neale Walsch asked: What if we are wrong about what God is/wants and who we are? What if our species is due for an overhaul, an upgrade to its ancient cultural story and beliefs?

He said the problem is that we are using 1st century spiritual tools to try to build our lives in the 21st century. The beliefs and systems we have in place are not working for all of us. That’s why we need to explore new thoughts and new ways of being human.

What is the new story?

Based on Walsch and others’ work, the new understanding of yourself, God/Source and life is:

  • We are all One. We are individualized units of Source, who come to experience and learn things on Earth and elsewhere for a while. Then we go back to Source and do it over again.
  • You are the creator of your own reality by using intention, thought and action to create.
  • There is enough. There is no need to compete, fight or kill over any resources. Just share.

There are no victims or villains in the world. In the spiritual sense, there is only One of us here. There is no death, no hell, no eternal damnation. We are eternal divine sentient beings.

What did the world’s richest guy say from heaven?

Peter Watson Jenkins and Toni Ann Winninger (“Talking with Leaders of the Past”) interviewed the soul of Andrew Carnegie on the Other Side. He was once called the richest man on Earth.

  • Carnegie admitted that he was ruthless when he first started building his fortune. Later in life he realized he had made a god out of money, and that he had become a god to all the people he was taking care of. In 1901 he retired to become a full-time philanthropist.
  • He wrote “The Gospel of Wealth,” which suggested how the rich could be more socially responsible and give away their fortunes (e.g. foundations, scholarships, gifts, etc.). He regretted he hadn’t been a more benevolent person throughout his life, only at the end.

He was asked: How difficult is it for the rich to enter the kingdom of heaven? He laughed and said: “Regardless of what is done while in human form, all souls return Home.” You could be a pauper or a rich guy, a scholar or an illiterate, all have equal access to the eternal. He said:

  • Jesus’ parable was not to be taken literally, but as an example of how to lead a better life.
  • The poor know how to help each other, how to have a community, which adds richness to their lives. A rich man who does nothing for anyone wouldn’t learn those lessons.

Neale Walsch said we can decide to BE the Source. The more we share with others, the more we declare that we have something to give away. It’s that simple, because we are a flow-through mechanism for the energy of life. If you choose to be prosperous (happy or loved), cause another to prosper (be happy or be loved). What goes around comes around.

Source: Willard Wigan (whose amazing microsculptures defy old beliefs)


Can a rich man go to heaven?

Both the rich man and the poor man go to heaven, meaning their souls transition after death to join their own True Energetic Self (TES/”Home”) at higher frequencies in the multiverse.

  • They both go through a comprehensive life review and then reintegrate with their TES.
  • Even the camel and the palm tree go to heaven after death. The hive soul extensions that animate the camel and tree forms go back to their own TES and do a life review of sorts, according to Guy Needler.

Death is the great equalizer, which acts like a filter or a gateway. Nobody leaves Earth with their riches or any physical things. Thus, no rich man goes to heaven as a rich man. We’re all the same in value but contribute different life experiences to our Source.

“When you realize that everything is you…and everything around you is you, including the tables and the chairs, the clothes that we wear and everything else, then we start to have a profound understanding that we’re all in Oneness. This is the door we need to open. It’s acceptance of Everything is One.” Guy Needler

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