How To Connect With Your Soul Seat?

Here is a new meditation given by Guy Needler, which allows you to connect directly with your soul seat. You can “soul bathe” your ego in the pure sentient energies of your soul, which is wonderful. How to connect with your soul seat?

How to connect with your soul seat?

From: Guy Needler: Recording of the World Satsanga held on Saturday 23rd December 2017 In Association with The Moore Show|Guy Steven Needler | The Dawn of a New Age of Science & Transcript World Satsanga 23 12 2017

Step 1: Getting ready to meditate

Get yourself ready to go in a meditative state. Let us sit in our straight-backed chair with our feet flat on the ground. Place your palms uppermost on the upper thighs.

Back is straight, neck is straight, head is straight, eyes are closed, and the closed eye vision is focused on the origin of the third eye, which is in between the two eyebrows and above the bridge of the nose.

Step 2: Guided meditation – Transcript

(Meditation starts at 1:10h into audio MOV File):

“To get ourselves connecting with the soul in the soul seat, I just want you to concentrate on being internalized. Just focus on being inside the body, and the skin that covers all over your body is the outer shell. So your consciousness resides only within the shell, which is associated with the skin covering the body.

So basically you are within the body and you can go into any of the organs, the skeleton, the venous system, nervous system, muscular system, lymph system. But you can’t go out of the body to the room that you’re in, for instance. So your body is a vessel, an entity vessel and you’re within it. The focus of your concentration is within the body, within this shell.

The energy system that’s within the body is very similar to the venous system, except it transports energy, and we have receptors or chakras of major, minor and mini varieties to pull in energy or push energy or act as junctures between different energetic distribution lines.

To be able to commune with the soul in the soul seat, we need to focus on the soul in the soul seat.

So we need to move all the energy and its distribution, and therefore, our consciousness, because our consciousness also resides in this energy — our beingness is the soul (or the projected aspect from the True Energetic Self, Oversoul, Godhead or Higher Self) within the soul seat.

So let’s visualize all of the energy from the head and the brain coming down the neck and sitting at the top of the shoulder girdle, where the neck meets the shoulders. So we start to lose the feeling of the head.

And then the energies associated with the tips of the fingers start to move up the fingers to the first knuckle, second knuckle, third knuckle and into the hand. The energy retracts, withdraws, and goes up past the wrist, the elbow, forearm, upper arm into the shoulder girdle itself, then  moves into the center to join the energies that are associated with the head.

We then move all that energy, that ball of energy that’s now being created down the spine till we get to the same height on the body as the location of the two heart chakras, which are just around the location of the middle of the sternum and the associated point on the back of the body for the rear aspect of the heart chakra (below, click to enlarge).

And now I want you to move in towards the center of the body and stay at the center of the body, so you’re at the point where the connection between the rear aspect of the heart chakra and the front aspect of the heart chakra meet in the middle in this energy line that comes down — this Hara line that comes down from the True Energetic Self through an area close to the crown chakra and straight down the body towards the pelvis and distributes down the legs towards the Earth.

But we’ll sit at this point, where the two heart chakras join each other in the center, so we’ll meet the soul seat there.

We haven’t finished yet. We need to retract all of the energy from the legs. So again visualize the energy moving out of the toes, the knuckles of the toes towards the feet, up towards the ankles, moving up the calves to the knees, up the legs to the thighs, to the hips and then coming into the pelvis and joining the bottom of the spine.

Then the energy associated with the legs moves up the spine again to the point, where the two heart chakras meet and join the energy from the upper part of the body there.

And then the energy system that’s in the body itself just moves out of all the organs, goes towards the Hara line and moves up towards again this area of the soul seat, which is in between the two heart chakras.

So our consciousness, our sentience associated with this incarnation can now focus on all this energy, this sentient energy, soul energy, aspect energy, that was distributed about the body now being within the soul seat, where the pure sentience of the aspect or the soul resides.

Just allow your consciousness to be — to be in this ball of sentient energy, which is the soul, the aspect, that which animates the human form.

For most of you, this will be the first time you’re being able to place your consciousness, that consciousness which is created as a result of incarnation, which we sometimes call the ego into the energies associated with that sentient energy, which is projected from the True Energetic Self into the human form, what we sometimes call the soul.

Just bathe in the puritybathe in the high frequency energy. Feel the communion and the love of your consciousness being in contact with that which is a little part of you, which is truly you.

Feel what it’s like to be in and with your soul, in and with the pure sentience and the energy associated with that pure sentience, that is really you.

Let yourself sink into the communion of the ego — that which is created through incarnation — with that which is truly you in reality, or a small part of it, I should say.

Feel the bliss, feel the calmness, feel the wonder, feel the delight. Notice how there is no urgency. There is no hidden agenda here. There is no material desires here. It’s all pure.

We’ll stay here for a few minutes just enjoying “soul bathing” if you want to call it that. Bathing in the energy of your soul.

You can soul bathe for as long as you want. You can be here for ten minutes or you can be here for five minutes or you can be here for an hour — just communing and being that which you are.

Don’t think. Don’t work out shopping lists or things you need to do. Just be in this wonderful pure energy and pure thought, pure beingness.

We’ll just stay here for a few minutes longer — again just be. Think of it like sunbathing, where you just lie there on the beach, letting the sun rays absorb through your skin.

Right now you’re residing in the soul seat of the human form and your consciousness, the ego that is being created as a result of this incarnation, is within the sentience of the energy that is the soul, that projected smaller aspect of the True Energetic Self.

Notice how you are one with everything at this level just in your soul. Everything is understood. Nothing is a problem. Everything is seen as an experience.

Okay, so let’s start to refocus on moving back into our body again, so we can start to go about our normal incarnate duties.

So allow all the energy to redistribute around the body. So allow the energies to move back into the areas of the body of your human form — moving out of the soul seat down through the energy lines into the areas of the heart and the liver and the lungs and the skeleton, the venous system, the nervous system, the muscular system.

And part of that sentient energy starts to move down through the Hara line back down towards the pelvis, and starts to populate the legs, populate the hips, thighs, the femurs, the knees, calves, the ankles, the feet and the toes.

So you start to feel not only your body again, you start to feel your legs again.

And then the energy that’s on the top of the body, the arms and the head starts to move out of the soul seat and back up again. You can go up the spine, if you want to, or up the Hara line.

When you get to your shoulders, the energy goes through to the shoulders, to the upper arms, the elbows, the forearms, back into the palms of the hands, the thumb and each of the knuckles of the fingers until you can feel your fingertips again.

Then finally the last piece of sentient energy goes up through the neck and distributes itself around in the brain area.

So you start to feel, as if your body is what you are again, and that you’re incarnate and not sitting in the sentient energies of your soul, or the incarnate aspect projected from the True Energetic Self, that which is the soul.

When you’re ready, you can come back into the room. Take a drink of water, if you have some with you, and you can slowly start to move around.

Your body might feel a little bit clunky or a bit stiff, but just move slowly and ease out of your chair slowly as well.”

“Since you’re in existence, you have access to All That Is. God is the expression of the potential of you being God. “Roxanne Swainhart

“I am safe. I am protected. I am loved.”Nora Herold

Note: All emphasis and images are mine.

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