Do We Explore Utopian and Dystopian Parallel Worlds?

Here is a discussion from the January 27, 2018 World Satsanga, which pertains to our parallel lives and parallel worlds. Since the questions and answers add to my previous posts about event space and parallelism, I’d like to share them with my readers as well: Do we explore utopian and dystopian parallel worlds? 

From: Guy Needler 1-27-18…The World Satsanga Recording and Transcript – Big Picture & World Satsanga 27 01 2018 (Transcript)

Previously, Guy Needler told us that evolution is experiential and that everything is only a parallel condition to something else. If it can be experienced, and it can be experienced in different ways, it should be experienced in all those different ways.

  • Ever since Kevin Moore’s interview with one of his parallel selves (see How Do Parallel Selves Differ? – Big Picture, I’ve had some questions about the degree of diversification in our parallel lives.
  • Here are a series of questions and Needler’s answers (summarized by me). 
Do most souls explore different gender orientations (gay, bisexual, transgender, etc.) as parallel selves? Or is it just some souls who choose to do that?

Outside of the parallel conditions, we ALL experience all those different gender orientations. It’s part of our complete experiential set of things that we do as human beings on the Earth.

  • We’re all ladies, we’re all gentlemen. We’re gay, bisexual, transgender. We’re also rich or abjectly poor. We’re beggars, architects, kings or sailors. We have to experience every potential opportunity that is available to us in this particular condition.
  • This can happen in our current event space or in parallel conditions or in other lives.

Remember that event space is an environment within a space that allows us to experience a set of experiences and to interact with other individuals, who are also experiencing their experiences within a set environment.

  • It’s more likely that we’ll experience different event streams, such as failing an exam vs. passing an exam, missing a bus vs. taking the bus, being on a plane that’s crashing vs. being on a plane that doesn’t crash.
  • These are different things that we would experience as part of our parallel opportunities rather than specifically just the gender opportunities there.

Needler explained that a parallel condition or event space is created through choices or decisions based upon those choices, the possibility of having that choice, the possible possibility of having a choice, or the possibility of possible possibilities of having a choice.

  • We’re not limited to just one or two choices. We’re constantly making new choices in life.
  • It’s a really fractalized and complicated thing to consider, when we talk about which particular event space or parallel condition we move down (below).

Does a technological world represent a branch off the mainline life path, which goes off into a dead end or collapses into the trunk at some point? Is it done just to get experience (more evolutionary content), not for ascension opportunities?

Everything that we experience from the mainline event space and the parallelized event spaces (and the various fractal conditions associated with that) are all available for our evolutionary progression and therefore ascension.

  • Bear in mind that we won’t particularly experience it ourselves, but our True Energetic Self (Higher Self) will experience that which a “parallel Guy” for instance, or two or four or several hundred parallel Guys are experiencing, because a different decision was made.
  • For instance, if I went to live in Germany rather than the UK, or didn’t decide to stop work and start to do this. There’s all little versions of me that didn’t do something or did do something, or did something else further on down the line and chose some other path.

The True Energetic Self experiences ALL of these different things concurrently and benefits from it, so everything is used for ascension purposes of the True Energetic Self.

  • It’s just that WE in this particular environment don’t see these things while we’re in this event space, because we’re too low frequency.
  • It would confuse us beyond belief, because it’s quite likely that those other parallel versions of us are moving through our event space as well (below, parallel selves Wil and Thomas Riker in Star Trek: The Next Generation).

If we have lots and lots of different event spaces we’re working with, you can imagine how the parallel processing is going on with it at the True Energetic Self level. Experiencing lots of things concurrently is really efficient in terms of ascension and evolving as a result of that.

When a parallel world collapses, what happens to the parallel self? If it ceases to exist, do its sentient energies go back to the soul (aspect) that projected it? Or can they go off to do something else? Is that “something else” done through another parallel projection off another branch in the same incarnation?

That “something else” means basically returning back to the mainstream event space that created that particular branch. It’s going back to where it was. Needler explained:

  • If you have a trunk of event space, and we make a decision that takes us away from that trunk, then part of us goes in that branch, while another part of us continues on the trunk.
  • We split into two totally self-contained, knowledgeable, capable, educated versions, who are aware of who and what we are in terms of the work we’re doing in that event space.

We’re totally capable and move into different things. Then maybe we have another decision, where we go forwards or towards another branch, so we start to fractalize again.

  • Now as that branch comes to an evolutionary dead end, where we’ve experienced all we can achieve in that branch or twig, we move back down to the previous branch or even the trunk that it was fractalized from.
  • Or it may be that the sentient energies of that parallel are recollected and reprojected into another change in direction or another upstream event space. That sentience needs to be used, because the parallel conditions are ebbing and flowing, so to speak.
Do most souls choose to explore some utopian AND dystopian worlds as part of their evolution in most lifetimes?
  • There are quite a few TV shows about more dystopian worlds (e.g. where Hitler won WWII, or where no WWII happened, or where synthetic humans take over humanity).
  • If we truly diversify in all these different ways in each lifetime, then it blows my mind — it’s not just about choosing the window seat vs. the aisle seat on a train or a plane, it’s about exploring ALL of these different worlds as parallel selves. It makes you laugh at your own life!

Needler said it blows most people’s minds, including his sometimes. We explore these other worlds — utopian, dystopian, average, boring, advancing, technologically advanced, civilization-based advanced, energetically advanced — simply as a function of moving into those event spaces. All these event spaces are created as a result of the choices made by ourselves and the other incarnate entities around us. So it’s more like it happens, but it’s not specifically designed to happen that way.

The randomness associated with the fractal generation of event spaces is the beauty of it. It’s not that we choose to explore a utopian society or one society where one thing happened, but it didn’t in another society, for instance, as a result of parallel conditions and the event spaces, it’s just that it happens as a result of the choices that we make.

  • From our perspective, as a smaller projected aspect of our True Energetic Self, it’s mind blowing full stop. We don’t have the sentient capacity (whilst incarnate) to be able to absorb all of this stuff.
  • But when we’re disincarnate, we do, because we start to work with a higher frequency condition and the information that is in those higher frequencies becomes available to us.
  • Our functionality increases, so we can assimilate it on an instantaneous, complete, robust and full understanding as well, so this happens outside of the incarnate condition.

Now all these things that happen concurrently in the different event spaces are totally assimilated by the True Energetic Self constantly all the time.

  • All those things that are assimilated by ALL of the True Energetic Selves created by Source are also assimilated by Source. All that is assimilated by ALL the different Source Entities and all of their different creations are assimilated by the Origin.
  • So it’s a sort of upward hierarchical structure, where the Origin enjoys everything that the Source Entities experience either directly or indirectly through their creations.

But the True Energetic Self will experience all of these different fractalized versions of ourselves concurrently, and it has from our perspective infinite capacities to do so.

  • So it’s all about part of us is working with another part that has chosen a different way.
  • For instance, one of us chooses to be a doctor, while another one chooses to be an engineer. One chooses to be a medical nurse, while another one chooses to be a botanist.

If you look at it from a static perspective, we will experience all of these different types of worlds, experiences and states of beingness on Earth (and in the other environments and body form factors around the physical universe) in a single level structure and in a completely fractalized structure associated with the different event spaces and it’s all done concurrently.

“I saw an image of all this working, and it’s like trees growing trees growing trees within a sphere, which is growing a tree. It’s just everything is growing, everything is part of something else, it’s connected to something else. It’s unbelievable, and everything is being experienced concurrently.

So it’s too difficult for us to get our heads around it. We just have to work with what’s there and recognize that actually there are bigger things afoot, and those bigger things are us, but we’ll only find them out when we become disincarnate.” — Guy Needler

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