Guy Needler 1-27-18…The World Satsanga Recording and Transcript

Here is the Recording and Transcript from Guy Needler’s monthly World Satsanga. They are produced and broadcast in conjunction with Kevin Moore and The Moore Show – YouTube. They are broadcast on Needler’s website (blog) as well.

Recording and Transcript of Jan. 27, 2018 World Satsanga

Part 1. Lecture

This month Guy Needler discusses: “The Hidden Technology of Ancient Egypt — a legacy from Atlantis — Part 2: The Energetics”

Part 2. Questions and Answers

Here are some of the major topics being discussed in this Satsanga (Audio M4A File):

1. Here’s another question that I have been getting from folks I know. (WP) 

  • Christians of course worship Jesus as their Savior, but don’t necessarily differentiate between the temporary mind, body, ego Jesus and the eternal Christ that was within Jesus or that Jesus became one with. Regardless, they make Jesus responsible for their so-called salvation rather than taking personal responsibility to grow spiritually.
  • An answer to the following question could be helpful to understand that we all need to grow spiritually while incarnate and it is our responsibility to do so, not Jesus’ responsibility.
  • Where is the entity that was Jesus now and what is he doing?

2. If the pyramids were not primarily designed for entombing mummies, why did they put them there? (JS)

  • If the ancient Atlanteans had weather technology, why is there no mention of this in the hieroglyphs? Also all the temples to the various deities are built either along the Nile or very close to the Nile.
  • If Egypt has at one time technology to create rainfall, why are there not temples in other areas of Egypt remote from the Nile?
  • What is the large space within the Great Pyramid, which is at least 100 feet long discovered by scientists recently using muon imaging?

3. So if the Egyptians were so high in frequency, why did they need the water from the Nile when they could control the weather? (MS)

  • Also if the Atlantians people no longer existed, WHY if it’s that they dropped in frequency, then why were some spared to pass on technology to Egyptians?
  • Were they not meant to start from scratch again as another civilization?

4. In “The History of God,” page 31: Just how “pivotal” is the Earth as an experiment? Are we distinct in God’s multiverse, or one of many such experiments? (JM)

  • And how rare is the “individual choice factor” referenced on this page?
  • Is it fair to assume that the majority, or the vast majority of other sentient beings that we might meet are collective beings, who do not have or even understand individual free will?
  • Is it important for us to be consciously grateful for our gift of free choice, and for our place in the Earth experiment?
  • Assuming that some group created the experiment that we are, is it accurate to assume that the same group monitors us continuously, helping us improve as individuals?
  • And from your recent newsletter, would the beings who left Earth around 1200 BC, leaving us alone, be part of the group that created us, or are they completely separate?
  • “The History of God,” page 41: “The aliens haven’t contacted you yet but they will.” Within our lifetime?
  • “The History of God,” page 40, Source says: “I use the 60th level as a buffer.” A buffer against what? And why would God have to use a buffer at all — too much activity or interaction requests to process? Buffering implies limits and bandwidth constraints. Are there limits that require God to buffer himself against us?

5. I have a big question about parallel selves. Recently, Kevin Moore interviewed a channel who allowed him to interview one of his parallel selves. (US) 

Previously, you told us that evolution is experiential and that everything is only a parallel condition to something else. If it can be experienced, and it can be experienced in different ways, it SHOULD be experienced in all those different ways. This brings up some questions about the degree of diversification in our parallel incarnations:

  • Do most souls explore different gender orientations as parallel selves (gay, bisexual, transgender, etc.)? Or is it just some souls who choose to do that in the human form?
  • Does a technological world represent a branch off the mainline life path, which goes off into a dead end or collapses into the trunk at some point?
  • Is it done just to get that experience (more evolutionary content), not for ascension opportunities?
  • When a parallel world collapses, what happens to the parallel self? If it ceases to exist, do its sentient energies go back to the soul (aspect) that projected it OR can they go off to do something else (as parallel Kevin said)? Is that “something else” done through another parallel projection off another branch in the same soul’s Tree of Life in the same incarnation?
  • Do most souls choose to explore some utopian AND dystopian worlds as part of their evolution in most lifetimes? There are quite a few TV shows about more dystopian worlds (e.g. where Hitler won WWII, or where no WWII happened, or where synthetic humans take over humanity, etc.).
  • If we truly diversify in all these different ways in each lifetime, then it blows my mind — it’s not just about choosing the window seat vs. the aisle seat on a train or a plane, it’s about exploring ALL of these different worlds as parallel selves. It makes you laugh at your own life!

6. I have just recently started listening to your Satsangas on YouTube. What a wealth of information, thank you for your generosity in sharing it with us. (SO)

  • In my recent awakening/increased awareness, or as I like to call it ‘becoming a better me,’ I have started donating blood. Now I know that in essence we are all one, but I wonder what effect someone receiving my blood has on them, on a spiritual/awareness level?
  • Am I able to influence the individual in any way through my blood? Also, do the blood groups have any particular meaning? I am A positive, and wonder if that has any significance?

7. I heard Dolores Cannon once speak about HIV/AIDS being created by the government, what are your views on this? (SO)

8. At what frequency is my True Energetic Self at? Are all True Energetic Selves (e.g. that of my two sons, my husband’s) at the same frequency? (SO)

  • What does my higher self look like? Somehow I am imagining a trail of light and matter in space.
  • At what frequency is Source Entity 1 and The Origin at?
  • How many people on Earth do you estimate are in contact with The Origin?

Here is the written transcript for this Satsanga: World Satsanga 27 01 2018

Part 3. Meditation

This guided meditation is on How to connect with the soul in your soul seat.

Please download the high quality audio M4A File or AMR File to do the guided meditation with Guy Steven Needler via his website. The meditation starts around 1:19:50 hr.



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