Guy Needler 11-26-16…The World Satsanga Recording and Transcript

Here is the November 26, 2016 Recording and Transcript from Guy Needler’s monthly World Satsanga. They are produced and broadcast in conjunction with Kevin Moore and The Moore Show. They’ll be broadcast on Needler’s website (blog), and on The Moore Show – YouTube channel as well.

Recording and Transcript of Nov. 26, 2016 World Satsanga

Part 1. Lecture

Guy Needler discusses “What are Astral Entities?” (see Recording of the World Satsanga held on 26th November 2016 Published on The Moore Show|Guy Steven Needler | The Dawn of a New Age of Science).

Part 2. Questions and Answers

Here are some of the major topics being discussed that are suitable for spiritualists, scientists, and existentialists alike. This fascinating Satsanga will expand our thought processes way beyond our current level of human understanding.

1. SE4 (Beyond The Source—Book 1) says: “Energy is the basis for everything that is in existence.” So, we have three questions:

  • Is energy everywhere in all universes, and also in the voids? Is there any place anywhere where energy does not exist?
  • Where does energy come from or originate? Is it in constant creation or has it always existed? Does it ever disappear?
  • Since the Origin coalesced from existing energies, where did they come from and how did they come into existence?

2. On page 141 of BTS 1, SE4 says: “I have just been told by your Source Entity [our SE1] that there are many species that you have not cataloged yet, for some of them exist as semi-physical entities…”

  • Can you elaborate on semi-physical entities? Can we detect them?
  • How and when do they change states? How do they reproduce?
  • Do they eat and eliminate like all animal life?
  • Are they aware of us? What is their purpose?
  • And why did our Source Entity introduce them into the discussion?

3. I am enjoying “The Anne Dialogues” very much – amazing contribution to mankind. A few questions for a future Satsanga:

  • Other than projecting up to 30% of itself into aspects (souls), what does the TES do with the other 70%?
  • Is the TES living a life (as we would perceive it) of its own at some other level or is it just a blob of energy creating and assimilating aspects?
  • What is our Source Entity trying to achieve by creating TES’s, and by extension, aspects and shards? Acquiring evolutionary content is a bit vague.
  • What is evolutionary content and why does it need to be acquired? Is it as simple as our Source Entity wants to expand and know itself??

4. Do we exist in a virtual reality game board of sorts? Is the multiverse structure, that our Source created and we maintain, that kind of a game board?

  • Please elaborate on what you have told us in the past: Every part of what is in existence is part of the Source or God, whether it is one particular parallel existence or another.
  • In the parallel condition we experience everything concurrently. Everything is an illusion, because everything is only a parallel condition to something else.

5. Is the physical universe also a digital simulation of 1’s and 0’s?

  • Is our physical form a digital simulation like the “avatar” (virtual game piece that Tom Campbell’s “My Big TOE/Theory Of Everything” model describes), devoid of any matter or even Anu particles?
  • Please elaborate on what you have told us in the past: Everything in the material world is an illusion, because we are creating it to understand it. But even if it is an illusion, we have created it. We live in it, we exist, we incarnate into a created environment, and we create it.

6. Is the Origin (and other Sources by default) similar to a super-duper quantum computer, which is trying to expand and evolve through us and other entities as pieces of its sentience (consciousness)? I’m asking this question, because you have used some computer-like terms, such as:

  • SE1 used a “program” to make the billions of TES in a more efficient manner, which resulted in the different energetic genres.
  • The TES gets “additional processing power” from Aspects that remain whole within the main body of the TES.
  • In the rest period after death, the Aspect starts to recognize more and more “continuity errors” until the environment and the “bodies” of people start to dissolve.
  • When we ascend out of the physical universe from FB12 to FB 13, we will move into a “simulacrum universe,” which is a copy/duplicate of the existing physical universe.
  • Please elaborate on how you see things, as compared to the MBT model with just a computer, a player and a virtual reality game board? Is that what we are reduced to in real terms? Some people think we live in “The Matrix” (as shown in the movies). I’d like to get your perspective on the true nature of our greater reality.

Please read or download the free Transcript here: Transcript (with an introduction to My Big TOE/Theory of Everything and psychic shield as well).

Part 3. Meditation

How to create a Psychic Shield (narrative)

Here is a link to a pdf file that Guy is sharing with us: Chakra-opening-exercises to prepare us for creating the Psychic Shield.

Please listen to the full audio recording (60 min) with the meditation (starts at 47 min) here: M4a File (see Recording of the World Satsanga held on 26th November 2016 Published on The Moore Show|Guy Steven Needler | The Dawn of a New Age of Science)

As this link is an *.m4a file it is best accessed via Google chrome or Safari (web browser). The file is quite big (better quality), so it may take a little while to download – please be patient.



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Recording and Transcript

“Stay Light, Be Light, Light the way for others.” – Guy Needler

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