Guy Needler 12-16-16…The World Satsanga Recording and Transcript

This is the December 2016 Recording and Transcript from Guy Needler’s monthly World Satsanga. They are produced and broadcast in conjunction with Kevin Moore and The Moore Show. They’ll be broadcast on Needler’s website (blog), and on The Moore Show – YouTube channel as well.

Recording and Transcript of Dec. 16, 2016 World Satsanga

Part 1. Lecture

This month Guy Needler discusses “What Are Dreams?

Part 2. Questions and Answers

Here are some of the major topics being discussed:

1. With all of the world events occurring and given that we appear to have free will….how is it that we seem to keep making choices that are uninspired, unhealthy and uninformed?

  • I often feel as if I am watching a Drama unfold with none of the actors realizing that they are in a play. How do we really help people that claim to want help and yet seem incapable of making any changes?
  • David Spangler from Findhorn claims that our biggest problem is not that we are spiritual beings incarnate in the flesh but rather that we are not incarnate enough in the flesh, and I believe he may be right. Is the only solution to help people embrace more of their spirituality?

2. What’s in a name? How can we use this weapon of the written & spoken word to awaken the masses to the power of mankind & our dire need to evolve through peaceful interaction?

  • How do we communicate that message of peaceful expansion, tolerance of uniqueness? How do we convey this message to those that link people into the group of “other” & “them”? How do we help each other to become the observer rather than the actor?
  • Can you elaborate on low frequency stimulation? To which extent are those gaining evolutionary content through addiction cycles choosing their path as opposed to being on a fractal created by the intention in the first place? And how can we all work out these karmic links in the present moment?
  • Can you elaborate on the extent of this need to ‘quarantine’ the newly demised Aspect? How ‘long’ can one remain in this limbo state before entering into the life review process? Is this not also where all the addictions have to get ‘karmically addressed’ through quarantine?
  • What role do dreams play in this critical state of sleep?

3. Is the physical universe infinite and ever expanding, and if so into what? Are there an infinite number of TESelves created by SEone?

  • By the way since 12 is a recurring number, I wonder if there are 12 to the 12th power or almost 9 Trillion SEone created TESelves – a finite number?
  • Is there a hierarchical organization in the land of TESelves, like “The council of elders” for instance?

4. Do the OM beings incarnate in all parts of the physical universe at whatever level needs their attention?

  • You said you have had 36 lives, but were those on Earth or in many places? Does your partner Celia come from the same OM TES as you and Anne?

5. I’m confused about what you said in the last Satsanga about TES being able to move within 3 full dimensions of where it’s located evolutionarily speaking.

  • Does it mean 3 FD up or down from where it is? or just down from where it is? Because one time you said the TES can experience the multiverse in ANY order, e.g. simultaneous universe #350, followed by universe #17, then #55, etc.? So which is it?

6. In “The History of God” (p. 267) you asked: How many sentient races of beings are there on Earth? The Source said: Three but soon there is a plan for a fourth, besides humans, dolphins, and a third energetic race. Please elaborate on these last two sentient races.

  • What the third energetic race like? What form do they have? What frequency do they exist on the Earth? What full dimensional level of the multiverse do they come from? What is their function?
  • What is the fourth sentient race like? Same questions about form, frequency level, multiverse level, and function on Earth?

7. In “The History of God” (p. 387) you wrote about the Council of Twelve stating that they reside on “Zion” (a moon around planet “Zorpeton”). But in “The Anne Dialogues” (p. 219) you learned that there is more than one Council of Twelve. Please elaborate on these councils.

  • Where is Zion located? Is that the only place they reside in or just a “vacation home”? What is their function relative to Earth, our solar system, galaxy or entire physical universe?
  • Are they maintenance entities, like the curators OR are they in the evolutionary cycle like we are, just at a higher level, as overseers guiding the guides?

Please read or download the free Transcript here: world-satsanga-16-12-2016  (or Transcript of the World Satsanga held on Saturday 16th December 2016 In Association with The Moore Show.|Guy Steven Needler | The Dawn of a New Age of Science)

Part 3. Meditation

How to create a Connection with the Source? 

In this meditation, we learn how to bring the Source to us right here (at the frequency levels associated with incarnate existence, rather than projecting our consciousness into higher levels).

Please listen to the full audio recording (1:50 hr) with the meditation (starts at 1:35 hr) here: MP3 File (see transcript of  meditation here: How To Bring Source To Your Incarnate Self? – Big Picture

From: Recording of the World Satsanga held on Saturday 16th December 2016 In Association with The Moore Show|Guy Steven Needler | The Dawn of a New Age of Science.



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Recording and Transcript

“Stay Light, Be Light, Light the way for others.” – Guy Needler

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Guy Needler: Recording of the World Satsanga held on Saturday 16th December 2016 In Association with The Moore Show|Guy Steven Needler | The Dawn of a New Age of Science

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