Guy Needler 2-25-17…The World Satsanga Recording and Transcript

Here is the February 2017 Recording and Transcript from Guy Needler’s monthly World Satsanga. They are produced and broadcast in conjunction with Kevin Moore and The Moore Show – YouTube. They are broadcast on Needler’s website (blog) as well.

Recording and Transcript of Feb. 25, 2017 World Satsanga

Part 1. Lecture

This month Guy Needler discusses: “Conspiracy theories and how they affect us?”

Part 2. Questions and Answers

Here are some of the major topics being discussed:

1. Source said: “The Earth’s incarnate population is currently in a continued downward trend…Refuse to be drawn down by low frequency actions and interactions… Choose detachment rather than attachment or interaction.” 

  • Gandhi said BE the change you wish to see in the world, but also used nonviolent resistance or action, such as protests, civil disobedience, economic or political noncooperation without violence to make major social changes. 
  • In practical terms, are we supposed to detach ourselves and just stick to our individual spiritual practices? Is that enough to change the world?
  • OR are we supposed to take collective action as incarnate beings, such as getting together with like-minded people to march FOR something we want to see in the world (rather than protest against something we don’t want)?
  • How do we balance detachment vs. interaction in this day and age?

2. Source said: “Be firm in your spiritual beliefs, turn them into certainties and not possibilities.”

  • You said we do create our own reality, and you are learning more about this from “The Curators,” the book you’re writing now. We know there are multiple parallel versions of ourselves experiencing various parallel conditions.
  • When we find ourselves in this downward trending reality, HOW do we consciously create or choose a higher frequency trajectory (timeline or event stream), where we could be moving forwards, not backwards to things like neofascism, corporate malfeasance, protectionism, persecution, separation? If we do nothing, which is also a choice, then things will likely spiral downwards?
  • We don’t need another World War. We need some practical guidance into this situation on our world. It’s hard to know whether to act or not, how to balance being here vs. doing something useful, that would do the most good for the most people worldwide?

3. In “The Origin Speaks” (p. 49), the Origin said: “Nothing is new; it’s just different entities experiencing the old in a different way, which is exactly what I desire, differentiated experience and understanding.”

  • You have said that the natural thing for the event stream to do is to go from the nearest event to the next event that should have happened, because it has already happened. How do we choose a higher frequency timeline in this context?
  • Are we as individuals possibly repeating event streams that other beings have already done in their way in their time? Or is every entity choosing a unique path every time? I hope you see what I’m getting at here.

4. The Pleiadians said that it takes 144,000 people to create a “grid of compassion,” which may happen after a natural disaster or a terrorist event (e.g. 9/11), but then dissipates. You said the critical mass required to pull everybody up together in “group ascension” is 10% of the world population. 

  • In 2014, you estimated that only 14 million people were becoming awake and aware, much less than the 700 million people we needed to get 10% (because we’ve got 7 billion people on the planet right now).
  • Are there many more people awake and aware in the world now in 2017, even though it looks like chaos in the external world?
  • Are we still hovering between frequency bands 3.10-3.15 as a collective (humanity as a whole)?
  • If some individuals are operating at higher levels, are they still at FB3 or ascended into FB4 or FB5 levels?
  • Is it time to bring out more White children or other masters to help us get over this drop in frequency?

5. In “The History of God” Glossary, you mentioned three new terms. It’s unclear whether they apply to our multiversal structure or not? Please give us some real life examples of each term, and what level they operate at?

  • Macro-universe – a complete universe where our own universe would serve to be the sub-atomic levels.
  • Micro-universe – a complete universe at the scale of the sub-atomic.
  • Minor-universe or a minorverse – a universe of lesser content in terms of dimension and frequency and habitation, one of lower importance.

6. Considering the evolution in spiritual awareness since the time of Jesus, why hasn’t the world seen modern day masters or Christs?  Jesus said follow me and greater things you can do than I. 

  • Krishna and Buddha had similar teachings.  But it appears not one soul has been able to replicate Jesus’ transfiguration from a mind-body ego to becoming a Christ.
  • Or did Ramana Maharshi, Yogananda and others also become Christ’s and we just don’t know it?

7. In BTS2, SE9 talks about a “tree mind,” using the Aspen tree as an example, which “was introduced to cope with the ever increasing carbon emissions you have” and which can communicate with other Aspen trees on earth and in the universe. My questions are:

  • Who introduced Aspen trees to earth?
  • When and how were they introduced?
  • How and why do they communicate with other Aspen trees on earth?
  • How and why do they communicate with other Aspen trees in the universe?
  • Are Aspen trees everywhere or just in a few solar systems?
  • Are trees and all forms of plant life sentient and communicative with others of their species?

8. Regarding the TES that we are each a part of & all of the Aspects it can have – basically, what advantage/disadvantages are there to having the maximal 12 Aspects? 

  • I realize more Aspects = more evolutionary opportunities for the TES to accrue content, but I’m looking at more mechanics issues here that drive these current conditions.
  • Do all TES’s have 12 Aspects, and if not, what is a driver of how many are allocated?
  • Can a TES change from having 12 Aspects to some lesser number & why would this happen?
  • Can a TES change from a lesser number like 1 to more Aspects (max of 12)? This seems easier to see as a function, but your thoughts?

9. Can you give a clear, concise definition of SENTIENCE? Is sentience merely an effect of emergent properties between two systems (aka organisms or energies)?

  • I know you go over it in many ways in all your books, but I’m looking for a consolidated statement on what sentience is & one that can help those that cannot see sentience beyond a narrow human-centric definition, failing to even recognize it in the non-human animal communities.
  • Sentience was the underpinning of CH 26, “How Source Entities Assign Sentience to Energy to Fulfill the Requirements of Creating Smaller Beings” in “The Origin Speaks,” and on pg 364, The Origin is quoted as saying, “ …it is the ability to work with…to have the potential to create sentience through the intelligent functions of working together and sacrificing their smaller individual intelligence for the creation of a larger single intelligence.”
  • This definition can then be applied to everything in existence – from the atoms in minerals, to the complex interworking of bee hive communities, to the massive grouping of government intelligence agencies becoming a global super-network – it seems there is more that is sentience than is not, looking at it this way.

Here is the written Transcript (GN-Transcript-25-02-2017) for this Satsanga.

Part 3. Meditation

This meditation is about “Helping others become more self-aware” by opening their third eye. Please download the high quality MP4 File or lower quality AMR File audio file to do the guided meditation with Guy Steven Needler via his website. The meditation starts around 62 min.



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Recording and Transcript

“Stay Light, Be Light, Light the way for others.” – Guy Needler

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