Guy Needler 3-25-17…The World Satsanga Recording and Transcript

Here is the March 25, 2017 Recording and Transcript from Guy Needler’s monthly World Satsanga. They are produced and broadcast in conjunction with Kevin Moore and The Moore Show – YouTube. They are broadcast on Needler’s website (blog) as well.

Recording and Transcript of March 25, 2017 World Satsanga

Part 1. Lecture

This month Guy Needler discusses: Why strange things happen that make us question if our reality is real?

Part 2. Questions and Answers

Here are some of the major topics being discussed:

1. On page 192 of Beyond The Source 2, Source Entity 10 references “the law of thought.”

  • What is this law?
  • Does it only apply to energetic beings or can it be understood and manipulated by humans?
  • If yes, how can we learn to manipulate the so-called “free energy?”

2. Our collective frequency fluctuates up and down like a saw tooth pattern. 

  • Where we were in 2007 (Harmonic Convergence)? In 2012 (end of Mayan calendar)?
  • When did we peak at 3.70? Are we still at 3.13?

3. In this world of turmoil and change, are we meant to take some form of COLLECTIVE action with like-minded people?

  • If so, what? Group meditation? Activism?
  • Any guidance on how we can deal with authoritarianism or fascism in this day and age?

4a. There is a fine line between so-called “spiritual bypassing” (e.g. avoiding pain, temptations and conflict with others by detaching or disengaging from life) and “indifference,” as stated by Holocaust survivor, Elie Wiesel:

“The opposite of love is not hate, but indifference. Indifference creates evil. Hatred is evil itself. Indifference is what allows evil to be strong, what gives it power. I have no doubt that evil can be fought and that indifference is no option.

When I went to Cambodia [Pol Pot’s “killing fields”], journalists asked me, “What are you doing here? This is not a Jewish tragedy.” I answered, “When I needed people to come, they didn’t. That’s why I am here.”

4b. In “The Anne Dialogues” (p. 58-59), you wrote that we’ll be evaluated on various things in our detailed life review. Please elaborate.

  • Aren’t we here as incarnate guides to serve others in more actionable ways than just working on ourselves (where n=1, not much triangulation)?
  • Isn’t action part of being a role model by actively or passively educating other incarnates in how to act or behave or think while incarnate?
  • Isn’t action part of unselfish service to others in working for the benefit of others, not just for themselves?
  • Isn’t taking action part of our incarnate efficiency, to accelerate evolution, to allow more people to progress faster toward more tolerance, forgiveness, unity, synergy, etc.?

5. When we start the fourth (next) multiversal cycle without a physical universe (without incarnation), how does that change the structure of the multiverse?

  • Is it just 11 full dimensions then or what happens?

Here is the written GN-Transcript-25-03-2017 for this Satsanga.

Part 3. Meditation

This meditation is about “How to move your Kundalini energy” by two different methods (hong-sau or kriya yoga). Please download the high quality MP4 File or lower quality AMR File audio file to do the guided meditation with Guy Steven Needler via his website. The meditation starts around 42 min.



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Recording and Transcript

“Stay Light, Be Light, Light the way for others.” – Guy Needler

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