Guy Needler 4-29-17…The World Satsanga Recording and Transcript

Here is the April 29, 2017 Recording and Transcript from Guy Needler’s monthly World Satsanga. They are produced and broadcast in conjunction with Kevin Moore and The Moore Show – YouTube. They are broadcast on Needler’s website (blog) as well.

Recording and Transcript of April 29, 2017 World Satsanga

Part 1. Lecture

This month Guy Needler discusses: What is happening to the World Spiritually — why do things appear to be falling apart when it was previously looking good?

Part 2. Questions and Answers

Here are some of the major topics being discussed:

1. “The Anne Dialogues” talks about shards [sub-souls] a lot, so I’m going to ask about them. Shards do not have autonomy so how do they function?

  • How do they make decisions, change direction, create things on their own assuming they’re human? Or are they never human?
  • How do we aspects create shards? Since I have no conscious memories of creating or processing shards, I guess that this only occurs when I am asleep (with help from my guide) or only when I am discarnate, before or after the physical life completes. Is this correct? If this occurs when I am asleep, how is the shard created – as an energetic being, as a physical being, as something else?
  • How do I know I am not a shard? How does anyone?
  • Are there shards walking on the earth now, breathing air, consuming food, fighting wars, reading your books or even attending your seminars, making little shard babies… In short, is a certain subset of humanity shards. Or are they completely different beings?
  • Can we recognize who is and isn’t a shard? Can we encounter one or more of our own shards?
  • Since shards are created to help us aspects grow, is a deceased shard held in stasis until we are out of the physical for us to process, or do we absorb that knowledge and experience provided by the shard while we are asleep?
  • Do we need to be the least bit concerned about “our shards?” Should we send them light, encourage them, bless them in our meditations. In short, do we treat our shards like automatons or like beings on a spiritual journey, who need support as do we all?
  • Can we be thankful to our shards, expressing gratitude, like I do with my guide and helpers?  

2. The Heart Sutra keeps reminding me that: “Form is emptiness and emptiness is form”. It would seem that this is the lesson in all frequencies and dimensions. Is that true?

  • Do we need to embrace that no matter what forms are appearing?
  • The challenge seems to remember that what is appearing is at once nothing, yet part of the whole. As we are the same…nothing, yet part of everything.

3. I am seeing the 2 worlds, or multiple really, that coexist. I am realizing that my own transition off of mainstream society with regard to how we work, live, think, etc., is also shifting.

  • Has been for some time transitioning out of reality and into my own world that we create, but seems suddenly clearer in thinking about the Satsanga, particularly the questions from everyone that seem to be focused on this same theme. That theme being we are all feeling like a spiritual sinkhole is opening on the planet compared to how it felt just a few years ago…
  • You mentioned in the last Satsanga that the point of our incarnation is to improve our efficiency at attaining our life plan. Several questions about this:
    • Efficiency is defined as well-organized, effectual, resourceful, competent (Webster’s Dictionary). Applied here, what strategies can you suggest that we can practice to improve our approach so that we increase our efficiency at moving through our lives & life plans?
    • How can we become more well-organized, effectual, resourceful, and competent at ‘following’ our life plan? How about even getting access to knowing, more assuredly our life plan?
    • If efficiency is needed, then why have a veil between our TES & the Aspects &/or Shard that we each call the ‘self’ (the veil between our Higher Self & the part that is living in this body in this lifetime as this personality created by the ego)? It seems the veil is filtering the plan, keeping us from totally understanding what we really are, and this is a hindrance to our efficiency at achieving the plan. Can you elaborate?
    • I feel that as a child (until age 7-9) we have clearer connections to knowing this life plan that fade in modern culture & society. Are there any clearer connections between the TES and our current incarnate being that are associated with our youth and naivety?
  • The topic listed for this Satsanga is “What is happening to the World Spiritually – why do things appear to be falling apart when it was previously looking good?
    • Does this have anything to do with the duality that we are currently living in being on the precipice of shifting paradigms? Based in a duality, at the tipping point, the extremes on each polarized end are at the maximal points before collapse of the current trajectory – our modern society seems to be at this juncture. Can this be causing the feeling that all is falling apart?
    • Can it also be that BOTH are correct and we are seeing the veil lifted to expose the nature of reality, since we are still in a duality?
  • What role do the The 5 Universal Laws – Attraction, Vibration, Gratitude, Love, Allowing – play in the current duality of our experiencing the negativity of the current times, and the seeming loss of common respect for humanity, civility, peace, knowledge, and diversity?

4. Would you give us a little preview of “The Curators” addressing these questions:

  • What is the most amazing or surprising thing to come out of “The Curators” book in your view?
  • Why do the maintenance entities evolve more slowly than incarnating entities? It’s a bit counterintuitive to me, since they have the entire multiverse structure to work with, and since there are many more of them (88% are maintenance entities) than incarnating entities (only 12%, as you told me).
  • Is it because they are so diversified in their “curator” functions with some working at only certain frequencies or some serving only certain entity types?

Here is the written transcript for this Satsanga: GN-Transcript-29-04-2017

Part 3. Meditation

This guided meditation or function is about the mechanics of “Opening the Third Eye.

Note: The Pineal gland and the Third or Spiritual Eye Chakra are not connected, in fact the Third Eye Chakra is only called as such due to its location, and the Third or Spiritual eye itself is not connected with the Third Eye Chakra.

Please download the high quality MP4 File to do the guided meditation with Guy Steven Needler via his website. The meditation starts around 1:01:20 hr.



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Recording and Transcript

“Stay Light, Be Light, Light the way for others.” – Guy Needler

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