Guy Needler 6-24-17…The World Satsanga Recording and Transcript

Here is the June 24, 2017 Recording and Transcript from Guy Needler’s monthly World Satsanga. They are produced and broadcast in conjunction with Kevin Moore and The Moore Show – YouTube. They are broadcast on Needler’s website (blog) as well.

Recording and Transcript of June 24, 2017 World Satsanga

Part 1. Lecture

This month Guy Needler discusses: What do the Chakras do and what are they associated with in the gross physical body?”

Part 2. Questions and Answers

Here are some of the major topics being discussed: 

1. If the embryo-fetus is a matter-based vehicle (made of Anu particles), is the body structure created by only the mother in utero OR is it a combined effort of the mother and the soul creating it during gestation, after the soul starts to integrate with the vehicle gradually?

  • Who creates the body during gestation?

2. Does the soul create the vehicle as a construct of Anu particles OR just as a projection of light from thoughts. The 9th FB Pleiadians said (channeled by Wendy Kennedy): 

  • As a 3D being, in order to experience physical reality, you focus your energy as a soul; you intensify the beam of light, if you will, your consciousness so densely, that it creates dense physical matter. You create a body for yourself.
  • Is that how it works?

3a. How are the incarnate vehicles of indigo, crystal and rainbow children created? You said they have a higher frequency “energy set” and that autistic kids have a “half hybrid energy set” (meaning either half of a rainbow energy set, or half of the crystal energy set, or half of the indigo energy set). What does that mean?

  • What do you mean by an “energy set”?
  • How does an indigo energy set differ from a rainbow energy set or crystal energy set? Is one set higher frequency than another set?
  • What does a half hybrid energy set mean in an autistic child?
  • Are these energy sets chakra based or frequency based? How do they work in terms of the soul vs. the vehicle?

3b. Would you also tell us if ancestral issues or karma (from parents, grandparents or generations before) are “scripted” into our physical or energetic form or blueprint in some way? That’s a common belief in spiritual circles.

4. On page 359 of The Origin Speaks, the Origin talks about the library of progression and says that “its main function is to store all of the actions and experiences that result in steps of evolutionary progression.”

  • What is a step of evolutionary progression? Is this something specific, something measurable? Is there an end to this stairway or process, or does it go on without end? Does it only concern the Origin?
  • Does everything we do contribute to this progression? For instance, brushing my teeth? Or is it only parts of our experiences? Or none?
  • Since the Origin stores the actions and experiences that result in its growth, are there actions and experiences that don’t result in its growth? For instance, if I drown a man or if I save a man from drowning, does one experience get stored or do both? Does everything count?
  • What does it mean that the Origin is storing actions and experiences? Is it like a video copy? Is the actual action somehow stored?
  • Once stored, does the Origin ever DO anything with these records or do they just sit there, so to speak, forever?
  • Will we be able to review our actions and experiences at some time?

5. There are about 25 Million poor souls trapped inside North Korea, living in sub-human conditions and their forebears for 7 decades now. We are told that each and every one of them chose to be born into that place to offset “karma” or some other “other worldly purpose.”

  • True? If true, then what is our response? Indifference? We did not create North Korea nor their need to be miserable in this particular life. Or is it, these people are all victims that should be rescued physically and/or thru prayer?
  • Of course, the same thing happened in Mao’s China where tens of millions were killed or starved to death.
  • Is there any way to speed up the process other than just meditating, surrendering and choosing love instead of fear?

6. What is behind the political psychosis sweeping the United States where otherwise intelligent people play the victim, surrendering their personal sovereignty, refusing to take personal responsibility for their life experience, where the “tolerant” have become “in-tolerant” because their favorite politician lost an election?

  • For example, 75 years ago young men died to liberate the world from tyranny. Today, young men are offended and cannot function because someone disagrees with them. 

Here is the written transcript for this Satsanga: World Satsanga 24 06 2017

Part 3. Meditation

This guided meditation is to connect to the gross physical to assist in healing of specific body parts or aches and pains.

Please download the high quality audio file AMR File to do the guided meditation with Guy Steven Needler via his website. The meditation starts around 64 min.



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