Guy Needler 7-22-17…The World Satsanga Recording and Transcript

Here is the July 22, 2017 Recording and Transcript from Guy Needler’s monthly World Satsanga. They are produced and broadcast in conjunction with Kevin Moore and The Moore Show – YouTube. They are broadcast on Needler’s website (blog) as well.

Recording and Transcript of July 22, 2017 World Satsanga

Part 1. Lecture

This month Guy Needler discusses: What is the difference between an Entity and a Being? How do they come into existence? What is the Evolutionary process for both?”

Part 2. Questions and Answers

Here are some of the major topics being discussed: 

1. How should one pray? Can “prayer” alter the outcome for ones self or for another? If so, what are the mechanics that make a prayer successful? And who are we praying to?

  • I do not believe the Source elects to answer or not answer prayers as is commonly believed. So, if prayer is to be effective, the outcome must be dependent on the person praying?
  • Is it that the desired outcome is dependent on our ability align our frequency with that outcome? And if so, can we cause a desired outcome to occur for someone else by “sending” them frequential energy so to speak?

2. Just visited one of the old Titan II missile silos in Arizona. It really brought home the very real and ever present threat of all out thermonuclear war. And of course, today, the ability of humankind to wipe out the planet is exponentially higher than it was during the cold war.

  • Would an all out nuclear war which would destroy humankind as well as the planet be allowed by whatever cosmic powers there may be?
  • Would an intervention occur to prevent such a catastrophe?

3. Invoking Event spaces and at what level: local > galactic > beyond to multiversal. You mentioned parallel existences arose from many different degrees of invoking event space. 

  • Are multiple event spaces created when we allow our thoughts to create additional narratives/options when we face a major choice in our lives?
  • For example – Do we do 1, 2 or 3? The resonance of ourselves & the universe that we create that surrounds us will dictate which of these we will experience (as this incarnate being), but all 3 will be created & experienced by our parallelization.
  • What purpose do these parallels serve? What limits are there on the parallels?
  • It seems the ‘name of the game’ of life as a human is…take risks & be open to change! More options = more event spaces = more evolutionary content. Can there be too many options or forks in the road to choose from, thus creating too many event spaces & parallels?

4. Humans are aware of four elements called Fire, Water, Air and Earth, and some add Ether as the fifth element.

  • Are there elemental entities that we call salamanders (fire), undines (water), sylphs (air)  and gnomes (earth)?
  • How do they work with energy or matter (the fundamental particles of matter called the Anu)?
  • Do they work at many different frequency levels (FB 1-12) or specialize on just one level (e.g. only FB 5 or FB 6)?
  • How do they differ from devas and fairies?
  • How do they work with the dolphins or the planet Earth itself?

5. In the “History of God” (page 60), you wrote: “Each ascended master was a Source Entity trying to learn outside of its own area of responsibility.”

  • You also told me that the 12 main ascended masters are smaller aspects of True Energetic Selves that were sent by other Source Entities just to experience being here and to help, because they are a higher frequency, and they’re able to work in different ways. Only 144 maximum have been of that ilk ascended masters during the whole use of the Earth as an evolutionary medium.
  • What are the names of those 12 main ascended masters? Did they come here alone OR did some of them work together as a group of ascended masters?
  • Did they have to evolve through the entire multiverse cycle from the physical universe (all 12 frequency levels) to the top of the multiverse (all 12 full dimensions), like we do or not?

Here is the written transcript for this Satsanga: GN-Transcript-22-07-2017

Part 3. Meditation

This guided meditation is to deal with keeping the ego at bay.

Please download the high quality audio file AMR File to do the guided meditation with Guy Steven Needler via his website. The meditation starts around 62 min.



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