What Is Meant By Holographic Space Or Entities?

Most of us have seen “holograms,” but fewer people understand what the term “holographic” means in the context of our physical universe, which is part of our multiverse and the entities that populate those spaces. What is meant by holographic space or entities?

What is a hologram?

From the human perspective, a hologram is a three-dimensional image formed by the interference of light beams from a laser or other coherent light source. Below are some examples of holograms that can be motionless or moving images:

Guy Needler said this type of a “hologram” doesn’t have any substance to it. It is simply a three-dimensional image that appears to have solidity (height, width and depth) but really doesn’t. You can walk around it and put your hand through it, because it’s not solid.

What is a holodeck?

The fictional “holodeck” is an enclosed suite on a starship in the TV series Star Trek. It allows the user to play a character within different environments, in which the objects and other characters that the user interacts with appear solid to the touch (below).

These effects are said to be created by three different systems on the holodeck:

  • Matter conversion subsystem creates the physical props using replicators. The replicated props can be touched as solid objects and animated by tractor beams. The “holomatter” usually disintegrates when the computer program is ended by the user.
  • Holographic imagery subsystem creates 3D images of simulated environments. Shaped forcebeams give physical substance to foreground objects that appear to be solid.
  • Substrate forcefield creates a treadmill effect that allows the user to remain stationary while the simulated environment scrolls by.

Thus, the “holodeck” is different from a simple 3D image or hologram, because it has solidity constructed by using various technologies. Now we’re ready to look at how things really work.

What is true holographic space?

Needler said the word “holographic” isn’t really descriptive enough, because it simply means three-dimensional. It’s the lowest form of description for a higher concept of “holographic space,” which is all-pervading and structured in a coherent and efficient way. He explained:

  • Space is the common denominator, and space is simply a location. It’s what occupies that space that gives it beingness or usefulness or environment.
  • The space is occupied by larger entities (e.g. 12 Source Entities) and their creations, which include smaller entities (like us) and different structures (e.g. universes, multiverses) as well as temporary parallel environments that are created and dissolved in event space.
  • The holographic state means that everything exists in the same space concurrently. Space occupied by anything is also occupied by something else but on different layers or levels.

Every environment has a different frequency and a different level of energies, and therefore, exists at a different level of subdimensions, full dimensions, zones and all the rest of the structure associated with the Origin. But everything is part of the Origin/Absolute/The One.

  • Everything overlaps, everything intertwines, everything is completely convoluted within and without irrespective of where things are frequentially.
  • Frequencies are the building blocks of our multiverse. When frequencies are very low, they allow the lower energies to stick together to create the fundamental particle of matter called the Anu, which exists six levels below the atom.
  • The Anu are the building blocks for larger structures, such as the atom, our physical form, and the “hard structure” we call the physical universe, which is the bottom universe in our multiverse. But it isn’t “hard” as such, it’s still energetic like the rest of the multiverse.

Note that the physical universe is NOT a virtual reality, because everything is a reality to the entity experiencing it. We create a multitude of realities to evolve within, all based on energy, which is stabilized into different forms by different frequencies. Needler explained:

  • Solidity [density] is a function of lower frequencies and lower energies, whereas physicality is a function of interaction.
  • When we interact with something, it is based on same or similar energies and frequencies interacting with same or similar frequencies or energies in the same environment.

For example, the human form is interwoven into the fabric of the physical universe on ten out of 12 frequency levels, since it’s designed to fully experience the environment. But we are not our incarnate body — that’s just a “biosuit” animated by our soul.

What is holographic spherical event space?

Event space is an energetic functionality that is holographic, meaning all-pervading. It is the part of the Origin that creates all the parallel environments for entities to evolve within.

  • It is not a function of the structure of what we are (which is frequential). But event space is activated whenever we come to a fork in the road in our lives.
  • When we are trying to decide whether to go one way or another way, we actually split ourselves into parallel selves. Each of the parallels experiences a different condition in order to maximize our learning about the cause and effect of things in that situation.
  • These parallel environments are temporary conditions, that are created and dissolved by various entities. They can be small and localized to one person, or much larger when associated with a group of people or the planet, solar system, galaxies and universes!

One way to think about event space in total is the rubber band ball analogy (below). Each event is a rubber band within the ball, and each rubber band is in contact with each other rubber band, either directly or indirectly through other rubber bands. In this way, everything is in contact with everything else within the same spherical holographic space.

Everything is in the same space, but occupying different levels or different layers of that space. That means that the same space can be used by a lot of different functions of structure AND by different entities, that populate those structures that can interact at various levels.

What is a holographic entity?

Needler said we have to think of us as our True Energetic Selves (Higher Selves/Oversouls) and not as the smaller aspects or souls that are projected by it into the physical form. He noted:

  • When we exit from this lifetime, our soul goes back into our True Energetic Self.
  • That’s where we experience the collective experience, learning, and evolution that’s gained by ALL other souls whether it’s within the stable multiversal environment or within all the temporary parallel conditions that ebb and flow.
  • We experience these things, not while we are incarnate, but definitely when we go back to the energetic and enter into some form of communion with our True Energetic Self.

Everything that we are experiencing is being experienced by our True Energetic Self in real-time. That means everything is understood and learned at the same time. Nothing is lost. We and everything else records everything else. But that’s not all.

  • Since we are smaller parts of the Source, as the Source experiences all of these things, then all of those True Energetic Selves that haven’t experienced what we are experiencing, they would experience it as well. So what’s the point of our existence?
  • The point is that no other soul (not even your own parallels) within your True Energetic Self or any other True Energetic Self is experiencing exactly what you are experiencing.
  • As a shard (sub-soul), we’re a smaller part of our aspect (soul). As an aspect (soul), we’re a smaller part of our True Energetic Self (Oversoul). As a True Energetic Self, we’re a smaller part of Source. As Source, we’re a smaller part of the Origin as well.

To summarize, everything is in contact with everything else. Everything is perceived or understood or experienced by everything else concurrently, because everything is part of everything else or “holographic” by divine design.

Final Thoughts

I hope you have a new understanding about “holographic” spaces and entities, which is a metaphoric statement for everywhereness or something that is all-encompassing, holistic or all-pervading, according to Guy Needler, who has given us much to think about.

The bigger point is that we’re not just holographic images or virtual avatars playing inside a computer program that uses simulated environments and characters, like the holodeck. We are sentient entities and creator beings in training, who work with energies at many levels and layers. In the process, we all learn from each other’s efforts and creations.

Einstein got it!

Today’s metaphysics or spiritual science is tomorrow’s physics or hard science.”      – Guy Needler

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