How a Bombing Survivor Described Her Near Death Experience?

In previous posts, we’ve learned what happens during the death process, how event space works, and who and what we really are as sentient beings. Some people may wonder: is this just another belief system or is it corroborated by other people’s work? Here is an NDE story from a bombing survivor in Iraq that supports all that we have learned.

How did the bomb attack occur?

To answer this and other questions, I’ve been reading a book by Natalie Sudman, entitled “Application of Impossible Things.” She worked as an archeologist for many years before going to Iraq to work as a civilian contractor with the US Army.

  • She was blown up in a roadside bomb attack while she was a passenger in the back seat of a Land Cruiser, that was part of a convoy going back to base on November 24, 2007.
  • Her detailed account of what happened next differs from the typical near death experiences (NDE) and gives us a fresh, multilayered perspective on the Other Side.

How did her NDE begin?

You’ll have to read her book for all the gory details, but all she heard was a “pop.” She took a deep breath and left her body instantly. She simply “blinked” to another place with intent.

  • She didn’t go through a tunnel of light or meet her guide, loved ones or religious figures that some NDE experiencers have reported.
  • As Needler has told us, the experience can be a complete blank or a tunnel effect or a sudden expansion and knowingness, depending on your level of consciousness.

What was the Other Side like?

During the NDE, she found herself standing in what she called the “Blink Environment,” talking to thousands of white-robed beings or “Personalities” (below), all gathered around her to receive and download a “matrix of condensed data” from her. She reported:

  • In this “Gathering,” the beings were her equals, who admired her work in the physical. They shared a passion (“co-passion”) for the joy of being. After exploring her life with them, she chose to go back to the physical with some assistance from them.


  • It was like being in a room full of friends, listening to one story while being aware of all the other individuals at the same time. The mood ranged from being tense or awkward to friendly, cheerful, lively, joyful or drunkenly raucous.
  • In her post-NDE visits there, she perceived the beings as points of light in space. As Needler has said, when we’re more evolved, we don’t need to see human images, but we commune with spherical energy beings with a familiar energy signature.

Some of the beings function independently, but most of them work in small groups on specific tasks based on their interests and specialties, which are equally valued. For example:

  • Some work with healing energies. Others balance and join junctions of dimensional realities or maintain energy grids or multidimensional energy systems.
  • Some assist people through transitions (e.g. birth, death). Others help those in the physical to pick up scientific information or guide them in cultural/social systems, etc.

She called this group her “Whole Self,” which is simultaneously aware of countless other worlds, possibilities, probabilities and all its experiences within various focus points, that give feedback to each other. This corresponds to our True Energetic Self in Needler’s terminology.

How does event space work?

One of the best parts of the book describes the bombing scene, which gives us a glimpse into how event space works. Sudman didn’t call it event space, but she said it was “like watching multiple scenes interwoven and overlaid upon each other.”

  • There were at least 30 people at the scene, some dead or injured, others trying to save them. But each person was acting out their version of the story from their vantage point.
  • It’s as if they were all on a huge stage that was full of actors, that appeared like “ghosts” moving in and out of each others’ scenes.

Much Ado Photo G

Different paths were being created, focused on or discarded, depending on the choices made by each person, which is how event space rapidly expands or contracts, according to Needler.

  • Some strings of action didn’t overlap, so those actors didn’t appear in the same scene.
  • Other strings of action were shared by two or three or more people, so they appeared in the same corner of the stage for a scene.
  • By the time they were ready to evacuate the bombing scene, most stories had converged to become a collective experience. But even these collective interactions varied, because the participants continued to create other probable realities for themselves.

You can see how quickly this becomes a logistic nightmare. We tune out all these probable realities, but our soul/aspect and True Energetic Self are aware of it all. You can also see why people’s stories don’t match! Everybody has their own (equally valid) versions of the event. 😉

How were her injuries healed?  

This was another eye opener. She moved from the “Blink Environment” to restore her energies at a “Rest Environment,” which felt like a deep sleep state in a different dimension. There she understood that all form has consciousness with layers and links that we don’t perceive at all:

“We make value distinctions in describing the consciousness of animals and plants…and judge many objects as inanimate. We don’t normally recognize the consciousness of an electron, or a table lamp, for instance, though they do contain consciousness.”

Next she moved to a “Healing Environment,” which was like a balcony above but close to the physical world. She saw her body as a complex energy matrix that organized and held energies in physical form. She explained:

Healing-Hands  OshoZen-Healing

  • There were spaces between and within particles that made up body parts, like eyes, bone and skin, which she and two other beings were manipulating to repair her injuries.
  • The healing was easily done at the energy matrix level using the intention: “Heal this!”
  • She and her team had some fun figuring out which injuries they would heal fully vs. partially, and what physical challenges she would face afterwards.

How did she come back to life?

Then she moved to another location (“a jump-off point”), where she took a deep breath and popped back into the physical body, and she was air-evacuated from the scene, while she was wondering:

“What has changed now for anyone, having blown us up? What has been moved forward or resolved? Nothing. It’s utterly empty. This is how violence is profoundly pointless.”

As a courageous soul, she chose to come back with a number of serious injuries, some of which took months to heal and some left her with lasting physical effects. Her book is riveting and highly recommended reading for much more detail than what’s been summarized here.

Disclaimer: The medical information on this site is provided as an information resource only, and is not to be used or relied on for any diagnostic or treatment purposes. Please consult your health care provider before making any health care decisions about your condition.

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