How Are Humans Teaching the Universe About Compassion?

In the previous two posts, we discussed things, like suicide and depression, which often bring some waves of sadness, grief and loss at the individual and collective level to process. That’s why it’s a good time to remind ourselves why our souls incarnated here. How are humans teaching the universe about compassion?

Why are we here?

Wendy Kennedy (“The Great Human Potential”) described our journey as a game of descension and re-ascension. As higher dimensional beings, we said: “Wouldn’t it be fun to enter into density, forget who we are and then try to get out of it?” That means it was our own idea!

  • Countless True Energetic Selves (TES/Oversouls) sent smaller parts of themselves (as soul aspects) to incarnate in different parts of the physical universe.
  • They didn’t want to sample just one level of the universe, they wanted to experience all 12 frequency levels – on Earth and many other planets, solar systems and galaxies.

We descended in frequency into density, hit the bottom, where we completely forgot that we’re connected to Source. Now all those different parts of ourselves (including the “you” here) are on their way back up, as we’re starting to remember our true divine nature.

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Why is Earth special?

Earth is called the “planet of emotion,” because its range of emotion is broader than anywhere else in the universe. We have the highest highs and the lowest lows and everything in between. We understand dualities in a way that few other beings can, according to Kennedy.

  • We know what it’s like to feel a sense of separation, to have challenges, to make choices on our own, and how difficult it is to change or create something from scratch when we’re in these dense, sluggish physical bodies on our dense “3D” planet.
  • At the same time, these diverse emotions and challenging experiences give us greater compassion and connection with other beings, because we’ve been there, done that over many lifetimes on Earth.

We are able to feel intensely or empathize with depth with any being (animal or human) that is suffering or having a challenging experience in a way that you cannot feel in higher dimensions.

“Compassion is what you bring forward as your gift to the universe.” – Wendy Kennedy

What is missing in other dimensions?

Other frequency levels (“dimensions”) have some vibrational equivalents to our emotions, but they are a more diluted experience with lesser intensity and lesser range, according to Wendy Kennedy and Nora Herold (who channel the Pleiadian Collectives or “the P’s”).

  • Above the 3rd frequency, beings are part of a collective, but remain an individual. They operate as a “separately together collective,” which means they’re constantly linked to each other.
  • Unlike humans, galactic beings do NOT have individualized free will to make their own personal choices. They have individual sentience but collective will, according to Guy Needler.

They use vibration to create and dissolve things at will, so the stakes aren’t as high as in 3D. The war games that often started at 5D or 6D became endless, because they could blow each other up and remanifest themselves again and again, as explained by Herold.

  • Although these galactic beings may appear as energetic “light beings” to us, they are still physical beings that incarnate within the less dense levels of the physical universe.
  • But blowing up planets or their populations have consequences in energetic terms. Compassion is the missing ingredient at some levels. It is not a utopia.

What is the game changer?

The universal game is changing, partly due to our work here on Earth. As we shift our consciousness and go through the process of ascension, we start to interact with other beings and introduce compassion as a ripple effect in the universe, according to the P’s.


The P’s said there are many reptilians and zetas, for instance, that are awakening their own emotional centers. They’re starting to operate in a different way, as they access their own centers of compassion. That creates a new universal game!

  • True compassion is transcendent to the circumstances, as Tom Kenyon explained.
  • The Pleiadians remind us that these different races or beings are like us. They’re pretending to be reptilians, while we’re pretending to be earthlings.
  • They are various soul aspects projected from countless True Energetic Selves outside of the physical universe. Some of them are us or other aspects from our own TES, who are learning and evolving at other frequency levels.

Nora Herold said: “The higher self (soul aspect) doesn’t have a moral filter or a conscience or run compassion or empathy, but YOU DO! You’re giving that information to your higher self. It’s a very different reality for the higher self than you.”


Who are the real masters?

“Some say the real masters are on this physical level, because you’re the ones having to figure out how to do this the first time. When you come out on the other side, it’s going to impact the entire universe.”– Wendy Kennedy

We are the brave souls, who volunteered to come to Earth, to forget everything, to be “deaf, dumb and blind” to our true nature, to have no special skills, to make decisions without knowing what’s ahead in the next moment, to feel the fear in life and death and do it anyway.

  • We set up ambitious life plans, goals, obstacles, families and friends to play with.
  • Sometimes what seemed like a good idea on the Other Side turns out to be too overwhelming in the physical, particularly if you have limited experience on Earth.
  • If your previous incarnations were on a planet with only 5 emotions, Earth may seem too intense, too much to handle. We all need a little help on occasion.

teaching compassion

But the free will experiment is working! We have shown that the fastest way to grow and evolve is by having to figure things out on our own. We learn from our vibrational experiences whether they’re “good” or “bad.” We learn what works and what doesn’t. We learn to take responsibility for our own actions.

  • Many galactic beings are watching us and debriefing us at night to tell them how and why we make our decisions here.
  • Some of them haven’t dared to incarnate at such low frequencies. But seeing how fast humans are evolving, they want to be part of the greatest galactic reality show, too.
  • That’s why there is a huge backlog of souls wanting to incarnate as humans. Some human bodies may be shared by 1-7 souls as walk-ins to maximize the use of bodies for learning and experiencing things.

As Guy Needler has explained, when the Earth ascends, the whole universe can ascend. AFTER we (our soul aspects) go back to the levels where we started (frequency bands 13-14), all beings still remaining in the physical universe will be given individualized free will, too.

  • For the FIRST TIME in their incarnations, these beings will be held accountable for their own actions!
  • That’s the challenge they will face. But they will learn pretty fast, because they already know how their decisions and actions impact others in the collective.
  • They also have more connectivity with Source at higher frequencies, so they know they can never die and that they’re not their body. They’ll have an easier time of it, because WE have shown them the way.

Final Thoughts

Give yourself a pat on the back and say: Well done! Especially if you’ve been through some challenges in life, e.g. come close to suicidal thoughts, but averted it or had bouts of depression, but rose above it or had thoughts of violence, but held back from acting on them.

We are the only ones evolving at this dense level, which is the hardest game in the entire physical universe.

“You……are not who you think you are. You see yourself as blood and bone, all physical and flesh. The Universe sees you as an amazing gift, a Master in disguise….one of the few brave, intrepid Souls that chose to experience your Earth-plane and change its Destiny. The next time you’re feeling ‘not so good’ about yourself, remember this and smile.” ~ Creator via Jennifer Farley

Next time you see a fellow human being, bless them and say:

Thank you for your service to our universe! 🙂

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