How Can We Evolve Beyond Money?

Reposted (post-Brexit vote): This post is from a series about “Money.” In Part 1, we learned that money is not the root of all evil. It is a tool we use as a physical manifestation of energy. In Part 2, we explored the soul blueprints we use to play out various scenarios around money, material and spiritual values. How can we evolve beyond money?

What is the state of our world?

Many people grow up believing there is not enough time, money, energy, things or love to go around. The scarcity mentality may drive them to hunt, gather and hoard “stuff,” to become survivalists, who are too afraid for their own carcass to have time to consider others.

  • Most of us believe that we need to “have” something (more money, love, etc.) in order to “do” something (buy a home, car, etc.) in order to “be” something (happy, contented, in love, etc.), as Neale Walsch wrote in “What God Said.”
  • Some people believe they deserve more, have earned it or have a birthright to it. In their view, life is about survival of the fittest in competition with each other (us vs. them).

How is that working for us? Not very well, when 1% of humanity controls more than half of the world’s wealth. We’ve created social, economic, political and spiritual systems supposedly to protect us, but from a position of lack, rather than abundance. Therein lies the problem.

What is happening to the human race?

According to Walsch, our species has not changed its beliefs about God, themselves or life in millennia. We’ve been doing the same thing over and over. He explained:

“Our biggest problem today is not a political problem, it’s not an economic problem, and it’s not a military problem. The problem facing humanity is a spiritual problem. It has to do with humanity’s beliefs. It’s what people believe that creates their behavior.”

He said evolution does not take time, it takes will. Every sentient species goes through a transition, where they become aware of their own divinity. But that only happens once in their history, because it’s a game changer. That is what’s happening to the human race now.


How can we evolve beyond money?

Wendy Kennedy said many people are tired of playing the 3D game. They’re disillusioned with their government, leaders, financial system, debt-based economy, etc. Some feel enslaved if they have to work. Others feel they have no value if there is no work or money. She added:

  • We are conditioned to be very goal oriented. We think once we reach a goal (e.g. job, money, partner), then we’re done. Then what? More of the same?
  • Some would like to see the whole system collapse, so we could start over. Others dream of contact with ET’s who could give us free energy devices and other technology to “save” us.

She said we’re getting closer to free energy, but we’re not quite ready. That requires all of us to step into our own power, to take 100% responsibility for co-creating absolutely every-thing, i.e. full transparency in our lives. How many of us are ready to do that? Not many.

  • Drama happens when we’re not paying attention. But enough of us are awakening now, so there is no need to create a major collapse, which would not serve us.
  • Yet many are still creating distractions for themselves with victim/perpetrator scenarios, which only keep them stuck in a loop of lack, limitation, enslavement, disempowerment.
  • It’s like going to a multiplex movie theater now playing: The Banksters Rule, We The People Revolt, The ET or AI Invasion, The Apocalypse, or It’s My World.

Which theater do you choose to enter? Some find it easier to blame others than to say: Why did I create this? How does it serve me? What am I to give or to receive in this s(h)ituation?

“Learning to give and to receive unconditionally is the first step in letting go of your monetary system.” – Wendy Kennedy

What about bartering, bitcoins or local currencies?

Richard Rudd (“Gene Keys”) wrote: “Money is essentially a physical expression of victim consciousness. It represents human fear. Nearly all money, given or received, carries a hidden ‘charge.’ Only money that is given or received unconditionally has no charge attached.”

  • Kennedy said we are still working in conditionally based systems, which includes bartering, bitcoins, local currencies, etc. They help us see other options and that we’re not stuck.
  • Eventually, we will move out of the need for currency towards a new system based on unconditional service. You provide a service, but know your needs will be provided for.

That requires us to learn to give and to receive unconditionally. Most of us are not there yet individually or collectively, because we have no model for that in duality. We still think: “I’m going to give you this, but I need that in return.” That’s how most of us function right now.

Final Thoughts

Kennedy said once free energy becomes available, the cost of goods will go down and a lot of the control mechanisms will go away. But when people don’t have to work any longer (to earn money to pay the bills), a lot of people won’t know what to do with themselves. The system is changing but serving us until we can stand in our power and create whatever we want.

Eventually, the human race will evolve beyond the fear of death, beyond money and food, because we will become higher frequency light beings still incarnating in the physical universe, only at higher levels. We’ll be working as collectives, where oneness is the natural way to be. But we’ll still have individualized sentience and free will, according to Guy Needler.

“Life is not a series of random events…but rather designed and collaboratively and spontaneously created by all the Souls in existence, for the purpose of giving that Total Collection of Souls a direct experience of Itself, both as a collection and as individuals within the collection.” – Neale Donald Walsch (“What God Said”)

Note: This post was originally published on February 26, 2015 as “How Can Humanity Evolve Beyond Money?”

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