How Do Drugs Affect the Body and Soul?

In previous posts, we learned that the human form is a very sophisticated vehicle, which is made of more than the ‘flesh and bones’ or physical parts we can see. The human vehicle also has several energetic layers and auric bodies that we can’t see. When we take prescription drugs or recreational drugs (like alcohol), all these layers are affected in some way. How do drugs affect the body and soul?

What is the human form?

The human form is a vehicle (‘wetsuit’) that our soul animates and uses to experience the lower frequencies on Earth. The soul/aspect is projected from the much bigger True Energetic Self (TES/Oversoul) located higher up in the multiverse, according to Guy Needler.

  • But the higher frequency energies of the TES have to be gradually stepped down to be compatible with the gross physical body at our level. That’s why the human vehicle is associated with 10 frequency bands (FB) concurrently.
  • The top 3 layers (FB 10-9-8) interface the soul’s energies with the 7 auric bodies and templates, that surround the physical body. Each template (from ketheric to etheric body) is another step down in energies (B. Brennan’s “Hands of Light,” click to enlarge)


This is how the soul’s energies slowly get linked with the 7 templates at the spirituo-physical levels (FB 7-6-5-4) and gross physical levels (FB 3-2-1) for the purpose of incarnation.

What are the effects of recreational drugs?

There are many classes of drugs, which affect the central nervous system (CNS) in different ways, including CNS depressants (e.g. alcohol, heroin, oxycontin, valium), CNS stimulants (e.g. cocaine, methamphetamine), hallucinogens (e.g. LSD, psilocybin, peyote, ecstasy, ayahuasca).

  • ALL these agents (whether natural or synthesized) are a mechanical way to achieve a greater level of connectivity, BUT they do it by throwing the soul out of the body!
  • From the soul’s perspective, the body is so disharmonious that the soul cannot stay within the energies associated with the gross physical body (at FB 1-3) or the spirituo-physical or astral bodies (at FB 4-7).

The auric layers split open, and the soul ejects out of the body to a higher level, depending on the type of drug(s) and doses taken. The more drugs are taken (without overdosing), the more disharmonious the body, and the higher the soul gets thrown, according to Needler.

Image: Auric field of a person addicted to narcotics or alcohol


  • A “good trip” is where the soul is thrown to upper astral levels (FB 6-7), where the entities are more benign, loving and gracious.
  • A “bad trip” is where the soul is thrown to lower astral levels (FB 4-5), where the soul has a lucid experience of things and entities at those levels (see How Do Mind-Altering Drugs Affect the Soul? – Big Picture

It takes three days to heal the auric layers, while the person is “detoxing” himself from a single drug exposure. That leaves all the energetic bodies vulnerable to attachment by astral entities (see What Are Sentient vs. Transient Astral Entities? – Big Picture

How Do Drugs Affect the Body and Soul?

What are the effects of prescription drugs?

Needler said when we take drugs of any sort, they may affect the healing process or mask an ailment, but they also poison the physical vehicle. Any form of drug isn’t good for us, not just from the physical perspective, but also from the energetic perspective and from the soul level.

  • Every drug affects our physicality. But a particular drug may affect or damage one person more than another person, depending on their natural resistance to it both physically and energetically.
  • The choice to take certain drugs (or not) is personal. We have individualized free will.
  • The human form has a natural lifespan, which may be prolonged by natural ways (e.g. meditation, higher connectivity with Source) or by mechanical ways (e.g. medication).

When you have a terminal condition, like cancer, which is part of your exit plan in this lifetime, then choosing not to take anti-cancer drugs, radiation, immunotherapy or other therapies is not euthanasia. It’s choosing the natural way that your body has decided to go.

  • Certain anti-cancer agents may be better tolerated by some people than others.
  • But the choice to undergo therapy is personal, based on where our life plan is, and whether we need to stay incarnate to continue to learn, experience and evolve for our own sake or for the sake of those who are supposed to interact with us at that stage.

What about end-of-life or hospice care?

When we go to a hospice or a hospital for end-of-life care, it often includes various agents to control pain, anxiety, delirium, depression, difficulty in breathing and other symptoms. These drugs also affect the physical body and the soul, particularly in certain combinations.

  • Generally, the dying process takes about 3 days, as the soul decouples itself from the energies associated with the human vehicle.
  • The personality of the soul knows how to leave the body at will before its demise, but only if the person is conscious enough to make that decision.

When a person is given a mixture of strong pain killers (e.g. morphine) and sedatives, the combination lowers the frequency of the vehicle, so the soul energies are pulled down even further. The person’s ability to make conscious decisions is altered as well.

  • That makes it more difficult for the soul to decouple itself from the body, which means it can take at least 6 days, or even 9 days to die under such circumstances.
  • We may believe we are “helping” the person transition in a calmer way, but in reality some agents are making it more difficult for the soul to leave the body.

This is where WE can help our loved one’s soul exit the body by sending them our desire to release them along with our loving, supportive energetic intentions to hasten and complete the process with ease (see What Happens To the Ego, Body and Soul When We Die? – Big Picture

Can we heal ourselves?

Needler said that the human form was supposed to be self-contained and self-maintained. We used to be able to heal ourselves and continue our existence as long as possible. But we’ve lost that ability, as we moved down the frequencies (see What Are Human Root Races? – Big Picture He explained:

“We can tell our body to heal itself in any way, shape or form and it will do it, but only if we are in total synchronicity with the FACT that we are being healed. There can be no doubt.” – Guy Needler

When we have a moment of doubt, the initiative or the incentive or the action is gone from the desire to heal or be healed. He observed: “We are being coerced into believing that we need to have a constant stream of medication to keep us alive, but actually we don’t. We need a constant stream of meditation to keep us alive.”

“For the most part, your allopathic medicine is just working with the physical, and it’s only a temporary solution. This is why so many people will have recurring health issues.

Ultimately, every issue you have is an energetic one without exception. The solution to everything is energetic. If you don’t change the energetic template by owning the thoughts and emotions that create the frequency for the body, you are not going to be able to permanently change the physical body.” – Wendy Kennedy

Ram Dass wrote about illness in “Polishing the Mirror” (see What Is Old and New About Meditation? – Big Picture

“These days I see myself as a soul who has taken incarnation in a body that suffered a stroke. So while my ego thought I was a person with a stroke, that suffering pushed me into my soul, which witnesses or watches the incarnation.”

He realized that he is in this incarnation to learn about his soul. Along the way he’s also learned about strokes, broken hips and pain throughout his body. But he doesn’t identify with the pains he lists for his doctors. He identifies with being a witness of pain – not as the pain, but living with the pain, as a vehicle for awakening.

We may choose Western medicine to help us work with the physical side until we’re able to shift ourselves energetically. But we need to be willing to take responsibility for our own health and well being. This means combining science with spirituality and psychology to heal the whole being (see How To Shift From Ego To Soul Activation? – Big Picture

All is choice.


NOTE: Please see the companion article about mind-altering drugs and mystical experiences: How Do Mind-Altering Drugs Affect the Soul? – Big Picture

Disclaimer: The medical information on this site is provided as an information resource only, and is not to be used or relied on for any diagnostic or treatment purposes. Please consult your health care provider before making any health care decisions about your condition.

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