How Do Galactic Civilizations Evolve?

Previously, we learned that the ancient Egyptians were visited by certain ET groups during their history. We often wonder if the ET beings we may contact one day are more or less evolved than us? Let’s take a closer took at some of the major ET groups that have interacted with humanity, and how their incarnation themes relate to their evolutionary stage and our lives in human form as well. How do galactic civilizations evolve?

What are aliens or ETs?

When a soul wants to incarnate somewhere in the physical universe, it needs a physical vehicle (“biosuit”) to embody sentience (“spirit”) into form. The body is like a car or a vehicle that the soul drives around for a lifetime to learn about different things as an individual or a collective.

  • Our souls like to drive around in many types of vehicles to explore many different places, so we’re not just human, WE are aliens, too! This is what Full Disclosure is really about.
  • The vehicles come in myriad shapes and sizes depending on the location and frequency level being explored. Some forms may look scary or abhorrent to us, while others are real good-lookers. But the form alone doesn’t reflect the evolutionary level of the soul within.

Note: Many star systems have a diverse group of beings, not just humanoid forms, but insectoid, reptoid, arachnoid, amoeboid, gaseoid, AI or purely energetic forms, depending on their environment and frequency level within the physical universe.

How do galactic civilizations evolve?

Lyssa Royal (“The Prism of Lyra”) has been channeling various individual and collective entities since 1985. Recently, her work with a group consciousness called “Germane” has focused on our galactic heritage, as described in a series of YouTube videos, which are very informative.

  • Their overall goal is to explore the soul’s journey from unity to fragmentation/polarity and individuation, which then goes back to reintegration, wholeness or Oneness with Source.
  • This work allows us to go beyond the cosmic dramas and polarity warring to dive deeper into the core archetypal lessons experienced by different galactic races on their journey.

She described 21 different galactic races or star systems in terms of their main archetypal energies, that have influenced their development as a species through three different eras.

  • The first era is when a civilization is a very young or immature species that experiences deep separation, wounds and challenges in third density. This corresponds to the “past” time stream/timeline associated with gross physical existence in a lower frequency vehicle.
  • The second era describes the adolescent or maturing species, who become aware of their wounds and start to heal, integrate and awaken themselves. They are beginning to move into fourth density existence in the “present” time stream. We are at this stage now.
  • The third era represents the mature, awakened species that exists in a quasi-physical form in fifth density or the “future” time stream, which means it’s higher in frequency.

A “parallel” time stream is used for civilizations, whose main focus is not in the physical and who exist outside of time, such as the Founders, Andromedans, Arcturans, Dolphins, etc.

Table 1 summarizes the major archetypes found in some galactic civilizations in each of the three eras (based on Lyssa Royal’s YouTube videos). Note that I’ve added some I Ching Gates that are related to the core archetypes found in both aliens and humans (below).

Earth is a melting pot for galactic issues. If you recognize an issue in this Table and your soul blueprint has that gate, chances are you’re here to work on that issue in human form that you couldn’t resolve in another form, OR you’re here to role model to us how to resolve that issue (see What Is a Spiritual Hero’s Journey? – Big Picture

Why does this matter?

The galactic heritage work by Lyssa Royal and Germane is fascinating for several reasons:

  • It allows us to identify our core issues, where they might have originated from, while giving us guidance and potential ways to overcome them.
  • It brings us back full circle to our own lives in the physical universe, whether in human or alien or parallel forms, all exploring the issues in a different setting from a slightly different perspective. All contribute to the whole.
  • It brings us back to unity or oneness with other entities, not just on our own planet, but beyond this universe, because ultimately we’re all part of the same Source Entity.

Final Thoughts

We’re here to develop spiritual sovereignty. What does that mean? Lyssa Royal explained:

“It’s a freedom that frees you from any spiritual condition, from any ego distraction that allows you to simply be your true and natural self expressing itself in a physical reality. You are a certain way no matter the conditions. You cannot transition to fifth density without achieving this spiritual sovereignty. You cannot ever really be awakened without integrity (wholeness) and spiritual sovereignty.”

Nora Herold said that to be able to really own your experience, you’ve got to own it ALL. On some level you have to own your identity as a sovereign creator being and as the person having a physical experience. You are both. How do you deal with fear or trauma then?

The process is simple: feel the fear or trauma, observe yourself feeling it, accept, love and own it as yours. That transmutes the trauma and frees you from the old programs (e.g. victim, slave, abuser, etc.) and facilitates your healing. Then you can operate as a free, empowered and sovereign creator being, who is able to engage and interact with other beings at will.

With this understanding, we’re less likely to “freak out” when we come into more open contact with galactic race(s) in the future. We’ll also be able to discern their level of evolution, and not give our power away, as happened in our past when we were an immature species.

Instead we’ll recognize them as just other souls, who like us are trying to evolve in the physical universe as best they can to accelerate the progression of their Higher Self on behalf of our Source and the Origin. That will make a big difference in how we move forward in the game we’re playing today as an awakening species.

What humanity will teach other galactic civilizations is how to operate with individualized free will and how to have a deeper understanding of compassion for self and others. We will change the physical universe as we know it (see How Do We Ascend Out Of the Physical Universe? – Big Picture

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