How Do We Ascend Out Of the Physical Universe?

This is the second of a two-part series on “Ascension.” Part 1 dealt with the ascension of Earth and human beings within the lower levels of the physical universe. This part will describe how we and other beings will ascend OUT of the physical universe altogether to go beyond the need to incarnate to evolve. How do we ascend out of the physical universe?

Guy Needler presents us with exciting, NEW information about the ascension of the entire physical universe. The three tier process is a bit technical, but is summarized here:

Tier 1 Ascension – Human entities move to level 12, other entities get free will

The first stage is achieved when the entities currently incarnated as humans have all reached the 12th frequency level, which is the top of the physical universe.

  • That is when the Earth, humankind and some localized high frequency areas are ready to move into the next (13th) frequency, which is a self-contained universe.
  • They will move to a simulacrum universe, which is a copy/duplicate of the existing physical universe, where everything is contained in one frequency band, not in 12 separate FBs. That allows them to continue their evolution there without the shock of re-location.

Similarly, the other beings and localized low frequency areas, that haven’t ascended out of the physical universe yet, will have simulacrum aspects that look the same as always.

  • But at this point, these remaining incarnate vehicles (that now have only collective will) will be given individualized free will, so they can be part of the ascension process, too.
  • When the entire physical universe has reached the correct frequency, the whole universal structure will move up to frequency level 13 in the second full dimension of the multiverse.

At that point, there is no need for any simulacrum structures. Therefore, the lower frequencies now occupied by planets, galaxies, nebulae etc. will be closed off, because they will no longer be needed.


Tier 2 Ascension – Whole universe moves from level 12 to 13, then to level 14

This stage starts when the whole universe is moved from the 12th to the 13th frequency band.

  • The next stage is to move to the 14th frequency band, which holds a whole universe. This is the last level where a “physical” vehicle (which is a fine gas-like body) is used.
  • Levels 13 and 14 are reserved as purely energetic “open areas” for the ascension of the entities, that are currently in human form. They are not occupied by other entities.

When we move from level 13 to 14, it will be much faster than going from level 3 to 12, because the frequencies are much finer there.

Image: “Multiverse Rising” by Sam Del Russi


Tier 3 Ascension – All entities move to level 15 out of physicality

The final stage is when ALL incarnate vehicles evolve to the point of not being “physical” at all.

  • The 15th frequency level is too fine to support physicality of any kind. It is a purely energetic level with no resistance.
  • That means that Tier 3 Ascension removes the need to incarnate to evolve.

That is where we are heading in the far future. Everything from thereon is done in the energetic realm.

Final Evolution in the Energetic Universes – All creations return to Source

When ALL the creations of the 12 Source Entities return to their Source, the Origin will be ready to move into its next area of “self-awareness.”

  • The Origin is a vast tract of energy and space and “everythingness,” which has mapped only a minute fraction (<1%) of its total area.
  • In the distant future, when we’ve finished mapping this small part (called Origin’s area of polyomniscient sentient self-awareness) and return to our Source, we will become Source Entities in our own right, not just individualized units of our Source (SE1).

We will be helping to map the new parts of the Origin, when it evolves into a much larger area. That is our ultimate ascension destiny (see Why Is This Multiverse Cycle Different? – Big Picture

Final Thoughts

I hope that this summary of the Greater Reality (based on Guy Needler’s pioneering work) gives you a glimpse into your greater purpose within the multiverse and gives you some joy, wonderment and security in the realization that YOU are your own savior.

Ascension is not about going away somewhere. It’s about bringing more of your True Energetic Self into the version of you right here and detaching yourself from low frequency living. Eventually you will be moving up the frequencies and working more with what you really are, a Source Entity in training.

Here is a beautiful image called “Ascension Fractal,” that illustrates what could be seen as multiple versions of ourselves at multiple levels, which are all interconnected and ascending in their own way. But we are always vertically connected to our True Energetic Self and Source.


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Artist unknown/Source: ascension fractal – The Woodstock Fruit Festival

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