How Do We Transcend The Powers That Be?

Here is the first of two questions that I asked Guy Needler to comment on recently regarding the state of the world. How do we transcend the powers that be?

Question: David Icke and others talk about “the powers that be” who use the concept of Problem—Reaction—Solution as a mind control system to make changes that people wouldn’t accept otherwise. They have been dominating humanity for eons.

  • These “occulted powers” include the Old World Order (ruling royal and bankster families), the Illuminati, and New World Order globalists (political, military and corporate elite) that put us into conflicts between the western/unilateral vs. eastern/multilateral factions that represent two hands that belong to the same body (the power elite). Divide and conquer.
  • They create a problem (e.g. 9/11, false flag terrorist event or global financial crisis), manufacture a reaction (e.g. fear mongering, fake news, blame Iraq or housing bubble), and provide a solution (e.g. start wars, invasions, mass surveillance or bank bailouts).
  • But some spiritual sources say “the powers that be” became “the powers that were” in 2012, when our “enslavement” contracts expired. They are desperately trying to hang on to power, but are on their way out, as more people are becoming awake and aware.

Guy Needler’s Comment (Transcript):

“My understanding is that it’s something to do with how we are. When we are a lower frequency, those that have the capacity or capability to see or work with slightly higher frequencies, they have the ability to see behind the ways in which we work, so therefore, they can in effect control us, because they have the ability to have second sight, if you want to call it that.

That’s how certain individuals become more financially controlling or more financially capable of controlling the greater populace, because they can see further than everybody else, and so that’s how the people like the Illuminati exist. They have the ability to understand how to work with higher frequencies in a lower frequency way, if you want to call it that. So they’re able to understand the way things work, and when they understand how things work, they can manipulate those things, and so we all find ourselves being manipulated without knowing it.

BUT when we become more higher frequency, we start to see on that level as well, and when we start to see on that level as well, we can start to see how we’re being manipulated, controlled and directed. And on top of that, we start to become more awake and aware of the functionalities, and the connectivity, communicative ability of who and what we are, so we start to see the real reasons for why we are incarnate, and work with that.

And so the ability to be directed, coerced, controlled, or otherwise sort of hypnotized into going certain ways starts to be ineffective, and we start to move beyond it. So those individuals, who are controlling us, if you want to call those “the powers that be,” no longer have that capability to control us, so they become “the powers that were,” because we are working on the same levels as them.

And there are those individuals who can see further than them, and so they are no longer affected by them in the slightest. They know they are there, they let them get on with it.

Those individuals who are self-aware, the “awakened” ones, or the buddhas, the self-realized individuals understand that these individuals are there, but aren’t affected by the shenanigans, or the little things that happen in the background, that they create to try to control various different aspects of our incarnate existence, such as controlling the flow of information, controlling the flow of products, controlling the flow of financial considerations worldwide. And so they exist within it but are not associated with it, so they’re in the physical but not of the physical.

And so in that respect, that’s how one by one, when we all start to go into certain levels of collectivity at some point, when we get either the inflation or the direct levels of awakening occurring, when we all work with each other, they start to lose their power, because we move beyond them. They will get stuck where they are, unless they also move beyond what they are.

When they start to understand, that they’re using the ability to access certain levels of information and functionality through practicing various technics, that give them the ability to experience higher frequency functionality, and they realize that the adulteration of that higher frequency functionality is stopping them from moving further, then they themselves will also move out those zones.

And so the so-called “the powers that be,” the Illuminati, etc. will start to dissolve, because they will also realize that everybody else around them is moving up the frequencies, is moving above and beyond the capacity for them to control and manipulate and coerce and hypnotize, and so they lose their power, and so they’ll start to realize there’s something else going on.

And so what we’ll find is that at some point, there will be that many people who are working on themselves, meditating, regaining God consciousness, so to speak, will start to move above and beyond these levels of ability that these individuals, the Illuminati have, seeing beyond them, working beyond that, and not being attracted to the low frequency thoughts, behaviors and actions. And eventually the Illuminati will also go that way as well, but that will take quite some time.”

The Source has a word of encouragement for those on the spiritual path (“The Greater Reality Newsletter” February 2017):

“The Earth’s incarnate population is currently in a continued downward trend (a dip being a normal function of overall ascension) in its frequencies and as a result spiritual people are finding that their ability to be spiritual in their thoughts, behaviors and actions are difficult to maintain. Also, the understanding of certain “strange” events or decisions occurring on the global stage are causing confusion. When considering all things that are thought to be bizarre and un-spiritual I say to you all:

Be firm in your spiritual beliefs, turn them into certainties and not possibilities.  

Be calm, be in the physical and not of the physical. 

Refuse to be drawn down by such low frequency actions and interactions and maintain your frequency in the process. 

Choose detachment rather than attachment or interaction. 

Know that you and your feelings are right and continue with your spiritual thoughts behaviors and actions. 

Practice what you preach and know that you will maintain your frequency, increase the frequencies of others and evolve as a result.” – Source


“Stay Light, Be Light, Light the way for others.” – Guy Needler

Note: All emphasis and images are mine.

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