How Does Manifesting Work In 5D?

This is the second of two posts on “Manifestation.” In Part 1, we learned we’re all gradually ascending in frequency, which is changing the way we create things. In 3D, we have fixed rules or illusions about linear time and delay in manifestation under the Laws of Attraction and Reflection. But in 5D we operate under the Law of Creation.

What is meant by 5D?

What we’re calling the “fifth dimension” (or 5D) is not a true dimension. It is the 5th frequency band (FB) out of 12 FB’s that make up our physical universe. All incarnation takes place in the physical universe, which is just the first dimension of our much larger, energetic multiverse.

  • That means human beings exist within and ascend through frequencies, not dimensions.
  • What we’re calling “time” on Earth doesn’t really exist. What exists is event space.

Time was invented by us to view events in a linear fashion. Our “3D” lives are created from “past” to “present” to “future” event points (now moments) strung together, like the beads on a necklace (“timeline”), that all exist at the same time (below, left).

  • At our level, we focus our consciousness on one bead (now moment/event space) at a time. We think we’re on only one timeline, and we go from start to finish.
  • But at higher levels, there are multiple simultaneous timelines (parallel event streams) going on. We are constantly jumping back and forth from one timeline to another, based on our own vibrational signature (frequency). We do it individually and collectively.

When people interact with each other, their timelines form a Gordian knot of sorts (right). Imagine the complexity of the Gordian knot made by ALL the beings in the physical universe!

BeadNecklaces  patrick_corriganillustration

What is the difference between 3D and 5D?

Guy Needler said we are gradually ascending from the 3rd to 4th to 5th frequency band and higher, upgrading our physical vehicles as we go, each at our own rate. According to Wendy Kennedy, we are existing in “4D” right now, which has malleable rules. She explained:

  • Everything in our reality is due to the frequency we’re pulsing out, which gets reflected back to us. At times, we exist in the 3D construct with the illusions of ego, mind and time.
  • At other times, we increase our frequency and can access the 5D construct, where time is just a marker. But we’re not ready to stay there permanently, so we fall back to 3D.
  • From the 5D perspective, we understand we are divine perfection. We choose to project programs in 3D, which we are now removing (knowing these 3D illusions are not real).

Nora Herold described the difference between a 3D reality and a 5D reality in this way:

  • In the 3D, we have a very emotional experience. We use our emotional body to fuel the Law of Attraction, which is the old operating system that we don’t have to run any more.
  • In the 5D, we simply use our energetic body and frequency states to create and dissolve. We use the Law of Creation to instantaneously manifest things, because all is now.
  • We are bringing an emotional understanding to the 5D manifestation process. Human beings have compassion and connection with other beings in a way you can’t have in any other dimension, where beings have a lesser range or more diluted emotions than we do.


How does manifesting work in 5D?

Think of something to create! Kennedy said in 3D, we throw out the boomerang to the universe, which brings a matching form back to us. In 5D, creation happens simply through alignment with a frequency. She described it as follows:

  • You don’t have to know the how’s, why’s or history of what you’re creating. You’ll see a reflection in front of you and have an awareness of it in your heart center (not 3D mind).
  • You think about the essence of it, frequency of it, what it represents (e.g. freedom, joy, stability, excitement, etc.). You decide if it’s a frequency you want to continue to align with, OR if you want to make a course correction and align with a new frequency.
  • You allow yourself to create, have the experience (positive/negative) and create again. There are no guilt trips or shame. You just say that was fun or interesting or not so much fun. You won’t know what it’s like until you step into it to experience it for yourself.

Nora Herold said things are different in 5D, because you’re not just attracting, but matching and sending out vibration, so you are able to alter creation around you. For example, you can be in a joyful state, when you meet someone who is angry. You have two choices.

  • You can hold your own joyful state to offer them to join you at that frequency. If they choose not to elevate themselves, they’ll drift off or become invisible to you.
  • The alternative is for you to engage in their anger. Your 5D identity will observe your 3D identity in the physical reality. But when you say: I am angry as I observe that I am angry, your neutral observer self sees your emotional state and all the potential responses to it.
  • That allows you to access the many potential timelines in front of you, so you can choose the one with a brighter outcome rather than the murky one where your anger just builds and rebounds. This is the ability we’re stepping into now as creators, according to Herold.

Guy Needler said when mankind continues to evolve energetically and has more functionality and remembrance of who we are, there will be a slimming down of the event spaces, because we’ll be working with event space, instead of against it without knowledge of it.

Final Thoughts

Both Kennedy and Herold said that it doesn’t matter which operating system we use to create right now, because the effects will be the same. We’re able to access the 5D construct briefly with our energetic bodies, but we need to do more integration. It’s like turning on a car, checking how things are running, then turning it off to do more fine tuning.

The big question is: What do I want? What is my intention or desire? Most people don’t know, certainly not in every moment of the day. That requires us to be in the driver’s seat instead of allowing mostly unfocused energy to drive us around all day long, as Kennedy put it.

For a multidimensional being, every moment is focused intention. That’s where we’re headed. At this point, most of us have “homework” to do: more integration and more self-awareness before we can become fully sovereign beings, who are transparent and fully accountable for everything we create.

“I am… as I observe that I am…” – Nora Herold


Note: Guy Needler explained how we can exist within everyone else’s event space. We can manipulate event space by pure intention. When we stop concentrating on time, we allow our locally created event space to normalize and gradually harmonize with the other event spaces around us. In this way, we adopt the average of all the local event spaces and the overall group event space of the Earth, Galaxy, Universe and Multiverse. We are all in Oneness! 🙂

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