How To Amplify Your Connectivity With Source?

Here is another powerful meditation given to us by Guy Needler that I’d like to share with my readers. This meditation is designed to help you amplify your connectivity with Source/God by using the synergetic effect of a group. How to amplify your connectivity with Source?

How to amplify your connectivity with Source?

Here is the guided meditation by Guy Needler (From: July 23, 2016 World Satsanga):

Step 1: Get ready to meditate in a sitting position in a straight back chair with your feet flat on the floor, your neck erect, your eyes closed and focused on the third eye point (between the eyebrows and above the bridge of the nose). Rest your hands with palms up on your thighs (where your legs meet the lower body). Alternatively, you can sit down on the floor either crosslegged or in a half lotus or full lotus position, if you wish.

Step 2: Visualize that you are in a long white corridor with a single door at the end. Walk down this corridor to get closer and closer to the door. You will find yourself becoming more and more immersed in your meditative state.


Step 3: When you get to the door, open the door to visualize a completely white room with a circle of white chairs inside. Turn around and close the door behind you.

Step 4: Walk towards one of the chairs and sit down. It doesn’t matter which chair you choose, because there is always a chair for you here in this room.

  • There are other people dialing in to the same meditation. All time zones or event spaces lead to this particular event space, so they will become part of this meditative condition.


  • Complete the circle by holding hands with the people next to you. So everybody has their left hand in somebody’s right hand, and their right hand in somebody’s left hand.
  • You are all linking together in harmony in wanting to do the same thing: to commune in a synergetic way to amplify your ability to connect with Source.

Step 5: To help with this connection, you all have to connect to a single interface. There is a chair in the middle of the circle, where the meditative narrator or group leader is sitting.

  • If you do it physically with a group of you, it could be anybody from your group leading the meditation. It doesn’t have to be Guy Needler in the middle.

international-group-business-people-meeting-50290969 copy

  • Visualize that you’re all facing the person in the middle, looking at their head, face, chest and the front aspect of their heart chakra (at the sternum).

Step 6: Visualize your heart chakra opening like a cone extending to its maximum extension (about 9-12 inches or 250-300 mm). Ask it to rotate clockwise, and it will do so, and that brings the energy. To get linked as a group:

  • Send out a link from your heart chakra to the heart chakra of the person in the middle, so you are all linked together through that person, like the spokes of a wheel around the hub.

HeartChakraLink spokes-wheel

Step 7: Then move your consciousness (sentience/focus) out of the little area just behind the eyebrows, and move it down from your head to your spinal column to your heart chakra.


Push it out through your heart chakra towards the heart chakra of the person in the middle (the hub).

Put your consciousness into the soul seat of the person in the middle (located 3 inches behind the heart chakra towards the center of their body).

As each and every one of the participants join together in this collective or synergized soul seat, you are becoming expanded. You may experience the bliss state, and feel much more expanded than by yourself or the sum of the participants.

Note: The synergetic effect is equal to the square of the sum of the participants. For example, 5 people synergized in this way have the effect of 5×5=25 people, because they amplify each other.

Step 8: Feel how expanded you feel. From this synergized or collective soul seat we can easily communicate with Source. Next visualize your sentience moving up from this collective soul seat up through the spine of the person in the middle, into their head and out through the crown chakra and symbolically up the frequencies to communicate with Source.

Step 9: Ask the Source to communicate with you directly, giving you information and knowledge, knowingness, functionality that you would not normally have on your own.

  • We’ll stay here for a few minutes. In your own practice later, you can spend as long as you like here (pause the recording) before coming back to your physical commitments.
  • Just relax. Allow the information to come. Allow yourself to think about the questions you may want to ask. As you’ve thought about them, you’ve already asked them.
When we experience communion, connectivity and dialogue with Source,              we are becoming God-realized.


Step 10: After you’ve taken the time you wished in this particular level of immersion, you can start to withdraw yourself from this connection with Source. Give thanks to Source.

  • Bring your sentience back down through the crown chakra and head area, down the spinal column and back towards the collective soul seat of the person in the middle.
  • Disconnect from the communion state of all being in the same soul seat, and move back through the energy link projected from your heart chakra to their heart chakra.
  • You can stop the rotation of your heart chakra and withdraw the cone back into your body if you wish. This closes the heart chakra, but doesn’t actually stop it from working. It just goes back to a neutral state.

Step 11: Start to disengage from the other people in the room. You can let go of the hands of the people on either side of you. Give thanks to them for taking part in this meditation.

Step 12: Slowly stand up from your chair in the white room and move towards the white door. Open it and step back into the white corridor, closing the door behind you. Walk down the corridor to the end, where you entered this particular meditative state.

Step 13: When you get to the end of the corridor, focus your intention to coming back into the room where you are physically located. Slowly open your eyes, and take a drink of water (preferred over juice) to help ground yourself. 

  • Everybody is protected during these meditative conditions. Everybody is safely returned, even if they do these things months or years later.
  • The energy associated with being in the event space in the now of the initial transmission of the Satsanga is maintained.

Note: You can listen to the World Satsanga (recorded on July 23, 2016) by downloading the large M4A audio file. This guided meditation starts at 48 min. Enjoy your God communion!


“Stay Light, Be Light, Light the way for others.” – Guy Needler

Note: This is the final and seventh post in the recent series about the greater reality (see below). I’ll be taking a little summer break before shifting gears to start writing my book.

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