How To Contact Your Past Life Self?

Previously, we learned how to contact our True Energetic Self (Oversoul or Higher Self), which is who we really are. The “ultimate selfie” is a huge ball of light that sends smaller aspects of itself to incarnate in many forms all around the physical universe. We’ve had hundreds or thousands of lifetimes, some of which may affect us in this lifetime. How to contact your past life self?

How can past lives affect us?

Many healers have noticed that people carry across “spirituo-physical hangups” from their previous lives. The hangup may be associated with the way they were treated or the way they died in a past life. They may have certain phobias (e.g. fear of fire, water, heights) or energetic residuals in their auric layers that need to be healed, according to Guy Needler.

How to contact your past life self?

Needler gave us this meditation to use to heal ourselves of past life hangups, which may be carried over, particularly if the soul is doing a number of back-to-back incarnations without going into full communion with its True Energetic Self between lifetimes.

Step 1: Get ready to meditate in a sitting position with your feet flat on the floor, your eyes closed (focused on the third eye between the eyebrows), and your hands (with palms up) resting on your thighs. Take a couple of deep breaths to relax.

Step 2: Visualize that you are sitting in a movie theater (or cinema auditorium) with a big screen in front of you (below, left). Use your intention to visualize that this screen flashes various images to you one-by-one. They look like single frames or exposures from a film strip (right). Each image is an incarnation that you have had either on Earth or in any other part of the physical universe at any frequency associated with it.


Step 3: Now lay out this film, so you get rows upon rows of images in front of you (below, left), because you have hundreds upon hundreds or thousands of different incarnations that are now represented on the whole screen. Ask them all to be activated.


Step 4: If you zoom in and out of any one of these images (above, right), you will see the moving imagery and audio associated with that lifetime. You can move into the image and be inside it, walk around it, fly around it or run around the image. You can experience any one of these countless incarnations represented by all of these different images.

Step 5: Ask your guides and helpers to point out which one was your last incarnation before this lifetime. Or ask that image to flash white (below, left) to attract your attention. When you see the flash, zoom into it to look at it as if it was a big “3D” cinema screen (right). Move inside it to be in that environment.


Step 6: Look at the body you are using in that previous lifetime. There are countless different types of bodies that we can incarnate into in the universe and still maintain our intelligences.

  • Is it a human or a different form used in another part of the universe?
  • Is it humanoid, insectoid, animal-like or a hybrid of different physical forms?
  • Is it a gas-, crystalline- or an energy-based form?
  • How did it die or leave that incarnation?
  • Are there any karmic links with you?
  • How has that life molded how you think and behave in this life?

Step 7: If you see any energetic cords or links anywhere on the body (e.g. chakras, chest, back, etc.) that connect you to your previous incarnation, remove those links. Think of them like an electrical socket on the body. You can unplug the cable at both ends, gently pulling the plug and removing the socket with its wiring from both bodies. Throw the cable, socket and wiring into a recycling bin that sends them back to Source.


Step 8: Next clean up the area where the cord was removed. Visualize the whole area being reconstructed and healed on all 7 levels of the energy bodies (below).


See the whole area becoming clean and whole without any damage, without any connectivity between you and your previous incarnation. Now you can progress in this life without being held back by any of the psycho-spiritual hangups from that previous incarnation.

Step 9: If you wish, you can meditate further and communicate with that past you, that housed your soul in that lifetime. You can move into the image and the environment to ask questions. When you’re satisfied you’ve asked enough questions and had enough answers, you can move back out of that image.

Step 10: Then you can start bringing yourself back into the seat in the movie theater. The scenery goes from being in that previous incarnation to zooming back out to the hundreds of other incarnations. Ask them to be joined up again, like a whole film roll wound up in a spool, so they all become part of the same film with all your lifetimes.


Step 11: Now slowly open your eyes, and come back to the room. Drink some water to ground yourself in the physical again. Congratulations! You have just communed with one of your own past selves and can do it again at any time.

Final Thoughts

You can use this meditation to sever links between you and your previous existences, or with other people (or entities) that may have karmic links with you. Needler said:

“Remember that one of the greatest pieces of service you can give to anybody is to forgive and forget. Forget what has gone on, what created the karmic link, and love them unconditionally, thus negating any of the karmic function.”


Note: All emphasis and images are mine.

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