How To Contact Your True Energetic Self?

Most people think they are their body or their mind or their soul. But they are more than all those things put together. This meditation will help you connect with who you really are, a much higher frequency sentient entity called a True Energetic Self (TES), also known as the Oversoul, Supersoul, Godhead or Higher Self in different wisdom traditions. How to contact your True Energetic Self?

What is the soul or the body then?

The soul is just a small aspect of the True Energetic Self (TES), which is an individualized unit of Source, which is an individualized unit of the Origin (the ultimate creator of everything). The TES sends out small aspects/probes to explore various locations within the physical universe.

  • You are an aspect that has been projected into a human form on Earth (below, left). Other aspects (your soulmates) are projected into many other forms and places in the universe.
  • Your sentient energies come down a small tube called the Hara line (middle), which protects them from the very low frequency environment here on Earth.
  • The energies go down to the lower Tan Tien (right), from which they spread to animate your entire body, which is a vehicle or a car that your soul drives around for a lifetime.

How to contact your True Energetic Self?

The lower Tan Tien (Dan Tian/Door of Life) looks like a golden-orange-reddish ball of energy.

How to contact your True Energetic Self?

Here is the meditation given to us by Guy Needler:

Step 1: Get ready to meditate in a sitting position with your feet flat on the floor, your eyes closed (focused on the third eye between the eyebrows), and your hands (with palms up) resting on your thighs. Alternatively, you may want to lie down with your head supported on a pillow, and with your arms and legs not touching the body. Keep warm but wear light clothing with no shoes or socks on.

Step 2: Bring your focus back into your body. We tend to focus our consciousness out of our eyes, so visualize it moving back in through the spiritual/third eye. Then do a quick systems check. Put your consciousness into every part of your body from your feet to legs to hips, abdomen, chest, arms, shoulders, neck and head. Done! Your consciousness is “all in” now.


Step 3: Then visualize or mentally state the intention that the body will stay functional and animated, even though you are going to remove your consciousness and energy from it, except for the soul seat right behind the front aspect of the heart chakra [in the midpoint in between the front and rear heart chakras], which is left with our sentience in place.

Step 4: Now start to feel that you are pulling your energy in from the feet to your heels, ankles, knees, and hips. Visualize moving that energy up towards the tan tien (3 inches above the navel and 3 inches toward the spine from the belly button). Do the same with the energy in your fingers, knuckles, wrists, elbows, and shoulders. Pull it all towards your neck.

Step 5: Then bring the energies from the head (past forehead, eyes, nose, mouth) down to the neck. Combine the energies from the neck and shoulders and bring them down to the tan tien.

Step 6: Finally bring the energies from the chest (lungs, heart, etc.) and abdomen (liver, kidneys, bowels, etc.) into the tan tien, which is a golden-orange-reddish ball of energy.

Step 7: Now visualize the vertical Hara line that comes down from the True Energetic Self to the tan tien. Next move the ball of energy collected at the tan tien into the Hara line, which is a little strawlike tube or vortex of energy. Visualize the energies moving up the body, past the chest, neck, head and out through the top of the head. Your sentience feels like it’s going through a tunnel, moving further and further up towards your True Energetic Self, which is a huge, iridescent ball of pulsating, radiating light (its frequency level varies with each person).

Step 8: If you wish, you can move and see another energy line that connects you (the aspect) to your True Energetic Self. You can move into that big ball of light for a while to experience a temporary state of partial communion, while still retaining your individual soul/aspect status. This is a bit like your state in between incarnations (or life between lives, as illustrated by the partially communing Aspects 2-4 in the diagram, below).Reincarnation:Aspects

Step 9: If you are connected properly, you will start to feel expansive and may experience different states of beingness, such as being in all places at once, or knowing all things simultaneously, or experiencing lots of different experiences simultaneously. Note how BIG your feel — you are much bigger in feeling than in your human form. Feel the communion, love, beingness, expansiveness, knowingness, omniscience, and omnipresence. You can stay there for a few minutes to explore your True Energetic Self, which is who you really are.

Step 10: Then focus on moving your sentience outside of the True Energetic Self, becoming the externalized aspect that you are. Visualize moving down towards your physical vehicle and notice that the Hara line starts to become visible. Shrink yourself down, so you can move into this little tube that goes down towards the lower frequencies, towards your physical vehicle and enter the crown area of the head, then down through the body to the tan tien area.

Step 11: Then visualize the tan tien as a distribution point, from which your sentient energies move out towards the hips, legs, feet, toes, and you start to feel your lower body. Other energies are distributed towards the abdomen, chest, shoulders, neck, arms, and head. You start to feel the rest of the vehicle, when every part of you has sentient energy redistributed.

Step 12: Now very slowly open your eyes, and come back to the room. Drink some water to ground yourself in the physical again. Congratulations! You have just communed sentiently and energetically with your own True Energetic Self and can do it again whenever you wish.

Final Thoughts

The point of this meditation is to demonstrate that you are much more than your mind, body and soul combined. You are a much bigger, much higher frequency pure sentient being and that is your True Energetic Self, your eternal “Home” away from home(s) in this universe.

Your True Energetic Self is always there for you to commune with, to ask questions, to get guidance, to get re-energized to bring more pure Source energy to your physical vehicle here. You never really lose your connection to Source or your True Energetic Self. It’s the place you return to when you “die” or move from the physical universe back to the purely energetic side of the multiverse to continue your existence as a sentient living entity.

Needler said this meditation can be done at any time in a quiet place at home or work. There are no limitations on where and when to do this, although it requires some introspective work. Enjoy the ride!


“Who you are is an Individuation of Divinity. Why you are here is to demonstrate that.” – Neale Donald Walsch

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