How To Contact Your True Sentient Self?

Here is a new, powerful and uplifting meditation given by Guy Needler (blog) to merge with your True Energetic Self (Oversoul/Higher Self) and then go beyond its energies elsewhere in the multiverse. How to contact your True Sentient Self?

What is a True Energetic Self vs. True Sentient Self?

In the October 28, 2017 lecture (World Satsanga 28 10 2017), Needler talked about the difference between our True Energetic Self vs. True Sentient Self. He explained:

  • When the Source individualized various different units of its own sentience and energy, it used those parts of its sentience that were already within an area of energy within its own self. That sentience was then naturally associated with a “body” or a volume of energy.
  • These entities are called True Energetic Selves, because they are a combination of sentience and energy. However, the energy is just a tool that the sentience uses to experience various different universal conditions within the multiverse structure.
  • In a sense, the True Energetic Self is the operational unit, but it’s the pure sentience or True Sentient Self, which is the part of us that is thinking, considering, creating, modifying, learning, understanding, evolving and progressing as a living entity.

The True Sentient Self isn’t specifically associated with the body of energy first given to it by Source. It can detach itself from those energies, move around and commandeer another body of energy to experience another location within the multiverse. That’s what this meditation is about — detaching yourself from the energies to move about freely as pure sentience.

How to contact your True Sentient Self?

Here is the link to the guided meditation (audio recording): AMR File or M4A File.

Communicating with and experiencing our True Sentient Self

Step 1: Getting ready to meditate

Get yourself ready to go in a meditative state. Find yourself a straight back chair, or a place where you can sit crosslegged. You don’t have to be in a lotus position, although the full lotus position does lock the back in a straight way, so that the energy flows up and down the spine quite freely rather than your experiencing resistance through a bent spine.

But most individuals in the western world, and of course, everywhere else can experience the same level of connectivity through being in a straight back chair. So if you’re in a straight back chair, feet flat on the ground, palms uppermost on the upper thighs. Back is straight, neck is straight, head is straight, eyes are closed, and the closed eye vision is focused on the origin of the third eye, which is in between the two eyebrows and above the bridge of the nose.

Step 2: Guided meditation – Transcript

“What I want you to do now is just to consider that you are a projected individualized piece of sentient energy, which is exactly what you are — and that projection, of course, is in the energies associated with the gross physical, spirituo-physical, and energetic human form.

We’ll detach ourselves from that momentarily, and go back into our True Energetic Self and then we’ll go into the True Sentient Self. I want you to just visualize or feel that you’re pulling all of the energies in from the extremities of the body — these are the fingers, the toes, the head, the ears, the nose, okay, all towards the core of your body.

So let’s start with the head. The energies associated with the head move down the back of the head to the spine and go down to the point of energy just behind on the Hara line (below).

The Hara line comes down to a location close to the crown chakra, comes down then through the plexuses associated with the energetic junctions of the chakras, goes down to the pelvis and then splits out into two and goes down to each leg, where it connects with the low frequencies associated with the manifestation in this physical universe that we call the Earth. So it connects us to this particular location.

So now the energies of the head migrate down the spine and just stop as a point just behind the heart chakra, just in the center of the body, but in the height of the centerpoint of the sternum, that part of the body, where the left and right hand aspects of our ribcage joins together just there.

Then have the energies associated with your fingers and the palms of your hands and the arms, the upper arms and the shoulders also travel upwards going down to the Hara line and sit in this point just behind the heart chakra.

Then finally do the same thing again with the energies in the feet, the toes, the feet, the ankles, the calves, the lower legs, the knees, the upper legs or thighs up the pelvis and join together roundabout the area of the sacral chakra. They move up again to this point just behind the heart chakra.

So all of our energy and sentience associated with the ability to animate our body, our gross physical form is now sitting in this area behind the heart chakra, which is called the soul seat. It’s the soul seat, because it’s the area, where the sentience is associated with the Aspect, where the incarnate Aspect (soul) is located.

Tan tien is where the energy that is used to animate the human form sits, the major distribution point of all the energies. It’s that part of the body, where the sentience controls the rest of the body.

Because we’re not removing our energies from the rest of the body per se, we’re leaving it at the tan tien area, which is three inches above the navel and three inches towards the center of the body, we’re going to move our sentience up from the soul seat, and allow this sentience (this bright “bluey whitey silvery” energy that we call the soul seat) to move away from the location that we call the soul seat and to move up the Hara line.

If you remember, the Hara line is a small energetic tube or vortex, that allows the continued connectivity between the incarnate Aspect and the True Energetic Self that it’s projected from. So our sentience moves up this protective tube, that protects it from the lowest frequencies associated with the physical universe.

Moving up this tube, moving upwards and upwards, up the frequencies that is, so we move out of the frequencies. We’ve gone up the fourth frequency, which is around the area of the heart chakra, the fifth, we’ve moved up through the sixth, and the seventh, and then the step-down functions associated with the eighth, ninth and tenth frequency.

And we move up this Hara line, up through the frequencies to the location of the True Energetic Self. The True Energetic Self would be located at a frequency within the multiverse that is equal to its evolutionary level.

So once we move up through this Hara line and move up to whatever frequency level our True Energetic Self is at, we start to see our True Energetic Self as this huge, immense ball or sphere of energy, sentient energy. We move closer and closer to this sphere, this ball and it becomes more and more detailed, as we get towards it.

And then as you get closer to this ball of energy, this sphere of energy, we become connected to it and inside it. We are this “bluey silvery whitey” ball of energy and our connectivity increases, so we know everything about what we’ve experienced, what we’ve learned from, and how we’ve evolved.

From here in my visualization the ball or sphere of energy looks like a spherical cloud, so to speak, and inside there’s lots of little lights, red lights, blue lights, white lights, green lights, yellow lights. They move around, bounce around inside of this sphere. These lights within this cloudy sphere represent the sentience that is associated with this energy.

This cloudy sphere is the energy, the body of energy, which is either given to us by Source or our sentience may move away from it and commandeer its own body of energy, should it decide to do so. The body of energy in any case changes with every evolutionary cycle. So this body of energy that we’re seeing here housing our sentience is only a temporary location for our sentience.

So in this ball of cloud or sphere of cloud, we are part of these bright lights, that’s the yellow, blue and red and silver and white lights bouncing around inside. We are one of those bright lights bouncing around inside this cloudy sphere. These lights are the sentience. The cloudy sphere is the energy that the sentience is using to experience the frequencies associated with the multiverse, to experience it in the way it’s supposed to be experienced by being part of that particular level and working with it.

Ask to commune with these lights, these aspects of sentience, that are darting around inside this cloudy sphere. Coalesce together with them. Be in communion with them. Be one with them, so there is no one or other, there just is.

Feel the connectivity, feel the expansion. All of a sudden, you can feel that you know everything. You feel that you’ve experienced everything. You are aware of everything. You can communicate with everything. Nothing is an issue, nothing is a problem, everything just is.

Now temporarily suggest to the rest of the sentience that you move out of this body of energy, that you’re using to experience, learn and evolve during this evolutionary cycle within this particular multiversal environment.

And you move out of this sticky, cloudy sphere and all of a sudden, you’re free. You are simply coalescing sentience, sparks of different colored lights.

Don’t forget color actually doesn’t exist. Color is a function of low frequency physics, sort of a function of low “frequencyness,” something that the human eye picks up. But it’s a good description for us to help work with what we’re doing here.

Move your sentience out of this cloudy sphere and feel free. You are now, for want of a better word, inter-energetic, outside of the structure of that which you are. You are in a free zone, an area where energy is, but you’re not part of that energy. You’re in the gaps between the energy. You are pure sentience.

Be aware of your sentient state. Feel yourself. Realize that there’s no limitations. There is just anything and everything can happen in an instant. There’s no need for any association with energy. You’re instantly one with everything, beyond just your sentience that is you and your True Sentient Self.

This separation of the collective sentience associated with the body of energy, that creates the combination of sentience and energy, that is the True Energetic Self creates that which is the True Sentient Self, that which you truly are — just pure sentience.

Enjoy the detachment from the limitation associated with energy. We’ll just sit here for a moment in this detached state, pure sentience, sentience detached from energy.

Feel how high you feel frequentially. You are not associated with any structure. You are just sentience.

Don’t worry if you feel a little bit lightheaded or detached or out of control. You just have to think about being focused and you are.

Okay, so let’s think about becoming reattached to our body of energy, that was given to us by Source to house our sentience, and move back towards this cloudy sphere, which looks dull and gray, because the sentience associated with it is no longer there, so it’s just simply energy (below, left).

Move into it. It will feel like cotton wool in comparison to where we’ve just been, and all of a sudden it lights up, as the sentience that is us moves around and darts around it (above, right).

The little aspect of sentience associated with our [soul] Aspect, that’s been projected from the True Energetic Self now separates itself out by going back to the Hara line — the little vortex or tube of energy that protects the frequencies associated with the True Energetic Self and its sentience on the frequential level that it is associated with in evolution — it’s now available for us to move into.

And the sentience and the energy associated with the True Energetic Self moves back down the Hara line, moving down the frequencies from whichever level frequency your True Energetic Self has achieved as a result of its evolution, moves down the frequencies, and starts to enter into the step-down function associated with the tenth and ninth and eighth frequencies.

And then comes down into the spirituo-physical aspect of the human form by moving through the Hara line, that goes through the crown area of the head, and moves down through the neck area, and finally stops in this area of the soul seat, which is at the junction of the front and rear aspects of the heart chakra around this area.

We re-establish our energetic command by reassociating the sentience with the energies within the tan tien. So the energy moves back into the legs through the pelvis, down through the femurs, and the knees, and the lower legs, calves, ankles, the feet and the toes.

It spreads out again back up through the body to the shoulders, down to the upper arms and the elbows and the forearms, the wrists, the palms of the hands and the fingers and the tips of the fingers. It continues upwards to the neck, through the center of the head to the jaw, up towards the top of the crown chakra.

So the sentience now is connected to the energies, that pervade the body and control the body and allow it to be animated, the gross physical body and the energy bodies associated with the spirituo-physical as well.

So you can slowly come back into the room — very slowly, slowly open your eyes. If you wish, you can take a drink of water to help ground yourself. So that’s the end of this particular meditation.”

Note: All emphasis and images are mine.

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