How To Create a Utopia vs. Gloom and Doom?

In the previous post, we learned about an abundance meditation that we can use to create abundance in any area of our personal life. Now we’ll take a look at how we can use the same process to create a higher frequency collective reality for humanity. We have the power to do that and more. Find out how to create a utopia, not more gloom and doom.

How do we create our reality?

“What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create.” – Buddha (563 BC – 483 BC)

That’s what Buddha taught us a long time ago, and it still holds true. But now we know WHY, thanks to what Guy Needler has told us about “event space” (parallelism). He explained:

  • When we are incarnate here, generally we can only cope with one reality at a time.
  • But think about this: every universal condition within the multiversal environment will have multiple event spaces associated with it.
  • They are created on a localized level by an individual entity, as well as on a group level, a global level, and a universal level by all the entities existing in those realities.

We wouldn’t be able to cope with the total level of simultaneous parallelism, that is a normal function of the multiverse environment. Thankfully, that’s the job of our Source!


What about Armageddon and other doomsday scenarios?

Needler said: “There’s been plenty of talk about Armageddon and things, but I don’t subscribe to that point of view. It’s low frequency, it’s not going to be part of my reality.” BUT he added:

  • There is and there will be event spaces, where these things will either happen singularly or all together, because there has to be a position, where everything is covered.
  • If there is a possibility of a possible possibility of a possible possibility of it happening, then it will happen. So there will be an event space out there somewhere, that does have these particular events being prominent.
  • If enough people think that something is going to happen, there is an underlying desire there that causes an intention, and an underlying intention causes a thought, and the underlying thought causes the action (whether harmonious or disharmonious).

He said: “The only thing is that WE are focused upon this particular reality, and therefore, we need to work with this particular reality, and NOT worry about another reality. So I would suggest that we stay here and not think about what’s going to happen elsewhere.

It’s best to put these things out of our mind totally, and pay them no credibility at all. Let the other realities deal with them, rather than our own. That’s the best way to think about it.”

How to create a utopia?

We can use a version of the abundance meditation given in the previous post to visualize a reality, where everybody is working together and collectively thinking about the greater good.

  • We can think about and start noticing people, who are being of service to each other in various ways. They are being the change they want to see in their world.
  • We can visualize it happening to ourselves and to our family, friends, colleagues, and people in other parts of the world, who are working with each other and for each other.

This is how WE can direct our consciousness to a higher frequency version of reality every day. It may seem like “utopia,” but the important thing is to see it, feel it, be it, know it, experience it, be one with it. Put yourself in that space throughout the day, and have no doubt about it.


Our daily news tends to focus on the problems (e.g. wars, pollution, climate change, etc.) that we are experiencing on this planet. But a whole new generation of inventors (even children and teenagers) are coming up with amazing solutions to some of these problems, including:

  • New devices to produce, store and save energy; detect cancer; sterilize water, etc.
  • New ways to clean up the oceans and polluted air; make oil-free bioplastics, etc.

Increased cooperation and acceptance of diversity within oneness will also mean the end of racism, sexism, classism, and other “-isms” that have been dividing us until now.

“Who you are is an Individuation of Divinity. Why you are here is to demonstrate that.”       – Neale Donald Walsch

Final Thoughts

I’m excited to see what we can co-create for ourselves and our children. Let’s not get side tracked by all the dystopic visions of the future. Let’s be part of the solution instead.

Here are a few examples of future cityscapes, including underwater cities, floating cities, vertical farming, etc. (see 7 amazing cities of the future | Open Knowledge).

“Evolution is not about becoming something, it is about remembering, and then demonstrating what we already are. Evolution does not take Time, it takes Will.”                 – Neale Donald Walsch


“If you think the Gaia is imbalanced and needs fixing, that is what she will forever be. In viewing Gaia and your bodies in health, wholeness and well-being, YOU are aligning with that version of reality.” – Wendy Kennedy

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