How To Dematerialize Yourself To Connect To Source?

Here is a NEW meditation given by Guy Needler that I’d like to share with my readers. This meditation will help you dematerialize yourself to fully connect to Source, then rematerialize your human form while maintaining that energizing and expansive Source connection. It makes you feel like a creator being! How to dematerialize yourself to connect to Source?

How to dematerialize yourself to connect to Source?

This is a written transcript of the Meditation given by Guy Needler (see Guy Needler 1-21-17…The World Satsanga Recording and Transcript – Big Picture

Step 1: Getting ready to meditate

“So let’s get ourselves in a meditative state. So if you’ve got a straight back chair, sit in your straight back chair. If you prefer to sit down in a crosslegged position or a half or full lotus, that’s up to you.

The most important thing is that you are comfortable, that you are alert, aware and awake, and that your eyes are closed, and you start to blank out the physical world around you.

So if you’re in a straight back chair, feet flat on the ground, palms uppermost on the upper thighs, palms can be uppermost on the upper thighs on the sitting crosslegged as well. Back is straight, neck is straight, eyes are closed, and the closed eye vision is focused on the origin of the third eye, which is in between the two eyebrows and above the bridge of the nose.

Step 2: Guided meditation

In previous meditations on connecting with Source, we visualize this tube of energy, this rotating, irradiating tube of energy. But we’re not going to do that in this particular instance.

We’re going to just sit here, and allow ourselves to become dematerialized. And by that I mean move ourselves away from being the incarnate being. The association with our human form is the association with our incarnate beingness.

And so what I want you to do now is to use your mentally spoken word by repeating the same words that I use, if you have trouble visualizing, or indeed visualize that the gross physical body that you’re in, and the room and the chair or the floor that you’re sitting on starts to just fall apart, starts to dematerialize.

And so in dematerializing yourself, you’re removing your association with the gross physical and your incarnate state. And you’re starting to recreate your association with the purely sentient energetic state. So just think about at the same time you’re thinking about your human body, that the environment that you’re in also does the same thing.

So the cells of the human form start to just move away from each other, so that there is no longer a human form. The atoms associated with it also start to break down. They break down to the Anu.

But in breaking down to the Anu, they have to go through the breakdown of the electrons, protons and neutrons breaking away from the atoms, so there’s no atomic structure. In breaking away from the atomic structure, of course, they also break down from the cellular structure, so the cellular structure destroys.

The atomic structure destroys going down to the Anu. The subatomic structure destroys. The quark structure destroys. The structure below the quark destroys. The structure above the Anu destroys, and the structure of the Anu also destroys.

So this means that things that stick together to create a new structure above the Anu, the structure below the quarks, the quarks, the electrons, protons and neutrons, the atoms, and the cells are all dissipated or destroyed, so there is no structure there of the gross physical variety. The Anu being the lowest structure associated with the physical universe, the lowest structure of gross physicality.

So all we have is our sentience. We can no longer feel our bodies. We can no longer feel that we’re sitting or sitting crosslegged. We can no longer feel the blood coursing through our veins, hear our heart beating, feel the movement of our eyes. All we can so is be and think.

And in this state, we are truly de-individualized, other than the fact that our sentience is still individualized. So as de-individualized from an incarnate state, we are now connected through our removal of the individualization from the gross physical, we are connected to our True Energetic Self properly, and therefore connected to Source properly.

But as an individualized unit of sentience of our True Energetic Self, we are also an individualized unit of sentience from the Source as well.

So we have the capacity to as individualized Source sentience to connect with the larger body of Source sentience.

So visualize yourself as a drop of water falling down from a height into a sea of sentience.

And so in this sea, as our drop of sentience disappears into the sea of sentience, there is no separation. We are connected to the sea. We are the sea. We are one with the Source. The Source is one with us, and we are the Source. So the connection is made right here, where our sentience is currently focused.

So just allow this oneness with Source, this oneness with Source sentience be your connection. You are now connected in totality. You always were, you always will be.

But this is creating a focus for that smaller part of your sentience, the soul, that has thought itself to be on its own, separate, disconnected.

So everything that was you is now gone, dissipated, destroyed. All your individuality is gone. You are connected to Source, because you are Source.

And so evidently Source permeates everywhere, because there is nothing to stop you from being anything other than Source, that’s all Source, it’s everywhere. And you are everywhere with Source, so the connection with who and what you are is no longer appropriate as being who and what you are from the connection perspective.

So if you start to recreate the individuality of bringing the Anu together, use your intention to bring the Anu together to start to recreate your physical form. And then use your intention to bring the structure above the Anu together. And then use your intention to bring the structure below the quarks together.

And while you’re doing this, you should notice that although this structure is there, it is fully connected to Source. Source permeates it.

So on the quarks, strange and charm level, although we use our intention to bring those back together to create the next structure, everything that’s in the middle of it is Source. The structure is Source. We are connected to Source. We have the ability to work with Source.

Then we bring the atomic structure below the atom together, the protons, neutrons, electrons, and that creates the atoms. Bringing the atoms together allows us to create the cellular structure.

And so the gaps in between all of these things is full of connected Source sentience, more than before. So you should feel energized. You should feel focused. You should feel awake. You should feel that you can ask any question, and the answer to that question comes to you.

There isn’t anything that has been done, could have been done, should have been done, will be done, that hasn’t already been in existence. And so everything can be experienced, and everything can be answered. Your connection to Source is there, so you should feel elated and wonderful and loved.

So we’ll just stay here for a moment, so you can feel and work with this level of communion with Source, knowing it is there all of the time.

Just because we’ve recreated the energies that create the physical form doesn’t mean that it disappears. It’s now fully integrated with it. It’s not surrounded by Source Entity energy. Source Entity sentience permeates it on every level right into the structure that creates the Anu itself.

You might feel a little bit sleepy or tired or wooly headed or difficulty in thinking as well. But in essence you will feel as if you are something more than you are from a human being perspective, that you feel expansive, expanded and higher.

And so slowly come back into the room, and open your eyes. You might feel a little bit giddy, but recognize that you are connected. You are one with the Source, and the Source is one with you, and you are therefore Source.

Drink some water if you have some water, this helps you ground a little bit.”

Note: Please download the high quality audio file to do the guided meditation with Guy Steven Needler via his website ( The meditation starts around 51 min: MP4 File.




“Stay Light, Be Light, Light the way for others.” – Guy Needler

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