How To Discern Channeled Information?

There is a plethora of channels who claim to channel various beings ranging from angels to spirit guides, ETs, ascended masters, Source or higher. Because we are going up in frequency, more and more individuals will be able to connect with entities in the realms above us. How do we discern the validity of channeled information?

How to discern channeled information?

Here is a list of some questions that help you discern the nature of spiritual information:

  1. Is the channel fully conscious or in a light or full trance state when channeling to you? Does the channel know, agree with or remember what was transmitted through them?
  2. Who does the entity claim to be (e.g. angel, spirit guide, famous person, Jesus, etc.)?
  3. Who do they appear to be to you? Where might their information be coming from? Is it useful for everybody or meant for a special group or a sequestered number of people?
  4. What is your body telling you in their presence? Do you go into fear, contraction, tension, negative thoughts or feelings? Or do you feel expanded, open, joyful, inspired and loving?
  5. What is the entity telling you? Is it appealing to your ego with promises of becoming rich, famous, influential or powerful? Or being on a mission or “chosen” with special gifts, talents or powers that others don’t have (e.g. psychic, light warrior, commander, etc.)?
  6. What are they telling you to do (e.g. daily meditation, keep a journal, certain physical or sexual activities, or become a spiritual warrior to fight dark entities on many levels, etc.)?
  7. Who are they asking you to contact and work with in the physical or nonphysical realms? How are they asking you to recruit or influence others, or to combine your powers?
  8. Do they really know what they are talking about? Is it truly new information with solutions? Or is it full of sugary language or spiritual catch phrases? Are they saying what they really mean? Is it positivity without sincerity? Or sincerity that lacks wisdom?
  9. Does their message start to change in tone or intention from earlier contacts? Is the message balanced, devoid of doom and gloom, and given in a loving way? Or is it becoming aggressive or hostile to support their own agenda? Every being has an agenda.
  10. What motive might they have for telling you these things? What things are they hoping you would believe? Why are they talking to you now? What are they trying to help you achieve?
  11. What are they asking you to do with your own power? Is it to surrender your power to them or to a group/council/fleet of entities/ETs to save yourself or mankind? To become one of them, yet subservient or dependent on them for more information, power or influence?
  12. If they are covertly trying to mislead you, could you be harmed by believing them? Are you being pulled into something thinking you’re doing a good thing, that actually makes you fall back in your soul’s evolution? Does it just keep you engaged in the physical universe?
  13. If you believe this thing, will it assist you in becoming a more awakened, aware, loving, compassionate, spiritually intelligent, wise, responsible, strong, and whole human being? Is it helping you to develop an equal measure of Love, Wisdom and Power within yourself?

Asking the right questions is an art. It’s the best tool we have besides the “BS meter” built-in to our bodies. They help us validate the information we receive from external sources (e.g. books, internet, videos, audio lectures, in person readings, etc.) or from our internal sources.
How to discern channeled information?

What entities can be channeled?

Here is a partial list of the types of entities that can be channeled through meditation, passive or active channeling depending on your level of connectivity, skill and experience:

  • Regular human beings (e.g. telepathy with living family, friends) or other physical beings (e.g. souls incarnated into mineral, plant or animal forms on our planet)
  • Elemental beings (e.g. fairies, nature spirits, devas in the physical universe)
  • Ghosts (discarnate astral entities that don’t realize they are dead)
  • Humans that have died (whose souls are still in transit through the astral levels, not yet integrated with their True Energetic Self/TES/Oversoul/Godhead/Higher Self)
  • Transient astral entities (thoughtform entities that are not sentient, but have rudimentary intelligence, that can attach and take energy from sentient beings at FB 1-7)
  • Sentient astral entities (souls incarnated into various forms, human or alien/ET species, who are experiencing a life at frequency bands 4, 5, 6 or 7)
  • Sentient human/alien beings at higher frequencies but still within the physical universe, existing as collectives of entities, working groups or galactic councils (at FB 8-12)
  • Angelic beings (e.g. guardian angels, archangels, other service entities, etc.)
  • True spirit guides (we all have one main guide, which is a TES and many helpers)
  • True ascended masters (e.g. Jesus, El Morya, Babaji, etc.)
  • False spirit guides, angels or ascended masters (e.g. trickster spirits or astral entities posing as our guides, angels or masters to control and manipulate us and our energies)
  • Our True Energetic Self (outside of the physical universe, higher up in the multiverse)
  • God/Source Entity One (creator of our multiverse)
  • Other Source Entities (SE 2-12, other creator beings in the omniverse)
  • The Origin/Absolute/The All (ultimate creator of everything)

What are some guidelines?

Generally, the rule is “like attracts like.” It is the channeler that invites the entity (or entities) they wish to channel. Before channeling or meditation, you can say this mantra given by Guy Needler (who is a “superchannel” that can communicate with all the entities in the above list):

“I am Pure. I am Source. I only accept Purity.”

Pure God energy will feel good, energizing and uplifting. It’s like recharging your batteries, not draining them of energies, which leaves you feeling exhausted. You need to be aware, vigilant, and discerning of the feeling and intent behind any entity’s communication.

You can ask for the highest beings of light that you are capable of bringing through. Then you can decide if the entity feels right (or not), and if the communication is clear (or muddled). If it’s not right for you, you have free will to ask the entity to leave. They have to respect that.

  • Wendy Kennedy said it’s no different than meeting somebody in our 3D world. If we meet a stranger that feels “off,” we can choose not to interact with them and move on.
  • She said we all channel every day. When we’re listening to a channel, we (the audience) become participants in creating that transmission. Our filters and programs will color it almost as much as the channel’s own fears, prejudices, filters, and beliefs do.

The trance channel may not recall what took place, while the conscious channeler usually does and can review the recorded material later, to analyze it against their own awareness of how they felt, as they were translating it. That helps them hone their skills. As Needler said:

“There is a level of responsibility that comes with access to information that most people do not have, and that is to be as pure as possible, whilst still enjoying yourself here.”

Final Thoughts

The bigger lesson here is described by I Ching Gate 12, which is called “Taking Stock.” It’s the most used stop codon in human DNA, which metaphorically asks us to wait, to stand still, to take a pause, to attune to what’s around us, and to stay aligned with our inner truth.

Richard Rudd said this gate is part of the codon ring of “Trials,” that goes from the ego-based shadow behavior of Vanity to the gift frequency of Discrimination and to the divine gift or siddhi of Purity (a pure heart) embodied by enlightened beings. That is the ultimate goal for all of us, whether we’re sitting in the channel’s chair or in the audience during a transmission.

Lee Carroll wrote seven guidelines for discernment, one of which states:

“Solutions to life challenges on Earth, via new information, is the purpose of channelling.

Spirit will never give you a message – ever – that asks you to violate the integrity of what you believe. You are honored in your thought processes. Spirit will never trick you or “talk you” into anything. The message must never violate your integrity. You must feel comfortable with it, and it must ring true to your heart.”

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