How To Do a Purification Meditation?

In previous meditations given to us by Guy Needler, we have learned how to contact our True Energetic Self (Oversoul/Higher Self), and how to heal our past life selves of various types of hangups. Here is another powerful meditation that takes us to the highest levels possible, even beyond your True Energetic Self: How To Do a Purification Meditation?

How to do a purification meditation?

Step 1: Get ready to meditate in a sitting position with your back straight, your feet flat on the floor, your eyes closed (focused on the third eye between the eyebrows), and your hands (with palms up) resting on your thighs. Take a couple of deep breaths to relax.

Step 2: Visualize (or use your mentally spoken words) that you are seeing a lift (elevator) in front of you. The lift door is open, and inside you’ll see our guide, who is operating the lift. The lift is simply the vehicle that helps us all go to higher levels.


Step 3: Walk into the lift and turn around, while the elevator door closes. Our guide presses the button for the highest frequency, which is the 408th frequency (top of the multiverse).

  • The lift rises up from Earth level 0 to level 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, then gets faster at 20, 30, 40, 50, and accelerates to 70, 90, 100. It accelerates again to 150, 200, 250, 300, 350.
  • It starts to slow down at 370, 390, slows down again at 400 and 405, slowing down at 406, 407 until it comes to a final standstill at 408.

Step 4: The guide asks for the lift to go to the absolute center point of this universe (397th simultaneous universe represented by this 408th frequency), so we have a datum.

  • While we’re here, we’re going to expose ourselves to the environment in its fullest.
  • Our guide dissolves or dematerializes the roof of the lift, then the doors and the back of the lift, then the right and left walls.
  • Then the floor of the lift becomes totally transparent. It’s there but totally see-through like a glass bottom. It’s as if we’re inside an invisible lift/elevator within this universe.

Step 5: Next we’re going to ask Source to cleanse us, to remove our karma from us, i.e. our addictions and our attractions, our low frequency thoughts, behaviors, actions, desires, our karmic links, and our karmic debts from us.

Step 6: In asking this question and knowing the benefit to us, that receiving this cleansing or purification (christening function) has, the Source bathes us in light.


  • It is like a huge, powerful spot lamp that focuses on us, surrounding us in light so bright that we can’t see the fingers on our hand, as we present our hand in front of our face.
  • So powerful is this light, so pure is this light, so higher frequency is the energy associated with this light, that we are “karmically sterilized” by this light.

Step 7: While you’re in this light, you can ask the Source to cleanse you in other ways, that you want to be cleansed as well. So give it your personal requests to cleanse you.


This powerful strong light that surrounds you is cleaning you, removing your karma, your material desires, your wealthy desires, the need to have belongings, the need to have status, the need to have certain friends, the need for having certain thoughts, behaviors, or actions.

  • The links to other people in previous incarnations you’ve had will be removed.
  • Links to other sensory addictions, desires, reasons to come back here are being removed.
  • Any other areas of clarity or purification that you want will also be actioned by Source.

This very powerful, very high frequency, very energetic light is cleaning us, searching out every aspect of us, that is addicted to the human form or any other form that is physical.

  • That includes any other desire, intention, thought, behavior, action, sensory stimulus associated with being here as well.
  • Just allow yourself to be bathed in this light, cleansed, cleaned, cleared, christened, baptized if you will. Stay here for a few minutes, just allowing this cleansing process to become as efficient and robust as possible.

Step 8: Feel how your body becomes lighter, as all of the addictions, the attractions to the human state of beingness are stripped away from us.

  • The Source, our creator, our ultimate guru (before the Origin that is) is stripping away all the dirt, low frequency issues that we’ve accrued to date from us.


Notice how clean you feel or are starting to feel. Notice how certain thoughts, desires, actions, behaviors, when you monitor yourself, are no longer so prominent. They’re being stripped away from you. They’re no longer important.

Step 9: As a result of the cleansing, you are being pulled up the frequencies. It’s like you are under water, and the little weights that are holding you down, stopping you from bobbing up to the surface are being cut off you one by one.

  • This allows you to become lighter and lighter, and less susceptible to being held down by these weights.
  • This continues until there is enough karmic weight removed from you, that you as a little bubble (or balloon) under water start to rise to the surface slowly, then faster and faster and faster. Eventually, you start to accelerate to the point, where you cannot be stopped.

You are rising to a higher frequency state. Even the interface between water and air doesn’t stop you. Like a bubble that has been kept under the water, you move up from the surface of the water, and you start to rise up into the air, getting higher and higher and higher.


This is the feeling you should be having, as these low frequency attractions, addictions, these thoughts, behaviors and actions are slowly being stripped away from you.

  • Your body is lighter. Your environment is lighter. Your thoughts are lighter.
  • Any ailments or tiredness or damaged joints or illnesses are slowly removed.

You feel as if you can leap over the highest skyscraper. You can jump through walls. You can walk on the water. You can fly through the air into different planets. This is how you feel, when all of these karmic influences are removed from you.

Step 10: Stay here for just a few moments just to allow all of this to be removed. Bask in this very powerful light, the spotlight of the Source removing your karma from you, allowing you to become pure, to become christened, if you will.


  • Let this light strip you bare – down to your bare soul, your bare aspect. You’re back at the stage you were before you started to use incarnation to accelerate your evolution.
  • No part of you is spared. Every function within you is being cleansed: physical, energetic and sentience. Everything is being cleansed.

Step 11: Record this feeling in your energetic memory, that memory that is part of your True Energetic Self, and not your physical memory.

  • Recall how it feels to be purified, to be washed, cleansed, to be absolved of your so-called “sins” – to be without karma, without the anchor, the very large boat anchor that karma provides, that stops us from soaring into the atmosphere.
  • Feel the freedom associated with it. Feel how your body feels, like it’s brand new.

There’s no aches and pains. There’s no illness, no shortness of breath. There’s no difficult joints, arthritis or rheumatism. It’s all fully functioning, highly efficient, totally reactive now. The body is perfect as a result of removing all this karmic debt.

No individual owes you anything. You owe no individual anything either.                 You are clean and absolved.

Step 12: With the cleansing process completed, the light of the Source, this cleansing function of the Source removes itself from us. That leaves us as a little group together on a transparent platform, which is the floor of our lift within the center of this 397th universal environment.

Step 13: With the job done, the cleansing process now completed, our guide starts to rematerialize our lift, which gradually becomes opaque again.

  • The floor becomes opaque. The left, right and rear walls rematerialize. The doors and roof rematerialize. Our guide presses the button for the zero floor, the Earth level.
  • The lift starts to descend from the 408th frequency to 407, 406, then accelerates to 404, 402, 400, then goes faster to 390, 380. It accelerates again to 360, 340, 320, 300, then gets faster at 250, 200, 150.
  • It slows down when it gets to 100, and then 80, 60, 40, slows down again at 20, 10, 8, 6, 4, slows down at 2, then 1 and finally at zero, ground level.

When you’re ready, you can walk out of the lift. Slowly bring yourself back into your room wherever you are. Take a drink of water and stretch yourself a bit to feel grounded again.

Congratulations! You are now a nicely cleaned, cleansed, purified, free of karma individual! 🙂

Final Thoughts

I hope you find this new meditation uplifting and healing. It makes me feel like a brand new person. You can use it to purify yourself as often as you like.

Yogananda said everyone is a potential Christ, and that purification of the body should pre-cede the purification of the mind. Some people purify themselves through a less dense diet, fasting, breath, meditation, yoga and other spiritual practices. Do whatever works for you.

Needler said the Source told him: “Your entire life would change if you would all take just 2% of your lives to dedicate to purification and insight into what the Christ consciousness is.”


“Stay Light, Be Light, Light the way for others.” – Guy Needler

Note: All emphasis and images are mine.

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