How To Heal Conflict on Earth?

We are in the midst of an active period on Earth, in which various terrorist events, conflicts and disharmonies are evident around the world. This is the best time to combine our powers for peace and harmony. How to heal conflict on Earth? is a meditation designed to increase the frequencies in many troubled areas (e.g. Middle East, Belgium, etc.).

How to heal conflict on Earth?

This is a meditation given to us by Guy Needler. It allows us to amplify our individual energies by working in metaconcert together. We can start to reduce the conflict by increasing the frequency of certain areas, so that the players will start to see that the conflict is futile.

Step 1: Get ready to meditate in a sitting position with your feet flat on the floor, your eyes closed (focused on the third eye between the eyebrows), and your hands (with palms up) resting on your thighs. Take a couple of deep breaths to relax.

Step 2: Visualize (or use your mentally spoken words) that we suddenly appear in a white corridor. We’re at one end of the corridor, and at the other end of the corridor there is a door. There are no other doors on the left hand or right hand walls. Walk down this corridor, and open the door to walk inside a white room.


Step 3: When we walk inside, we see three chairs in the room. We turn around and close the door behind us. In the three chairs, you’ll see that our guide is sitting in the center chair, and there is a spare chair on either side of him. You can sit on either chair.

  • We are all sitting in a circle connected by holding hands. So somebody’s right hand is holding somebody else’s left hand. Their left hand is holding somebody else’s right hand and so on. This way we get a synergetic effect that greatly amplifies our power.

Step 4: This white room (where we’re all in a circle) is a vehicle, like a white lift (elevator) that the guide is going to move up. So this room lifts up from the room it’s in. It goes up and up.

  • We start to see through the floor to what’s below us. We start to see this portal effect appearing in between us all. We can see down below through the floor to what’s below the floor through this circular space that’s in the middle of all of us.


Step 5: As the room goes higher, we see the house that we’re in. As we go higher, we see the suburb where the house was in. And as we go higher and higher, we see the city, then the country, and the continent that the city was in.

  • We go even higher and find ourselves in orbit around the Earth. And we can change our location. We can move our orbit, and keep moving around the planet until we start to see the Middle Eastern countries (e.g. Syria, Israel, etc.).


Step 6: In the circle that we’ve created, we look down through the floor of our room, and see all of the countries in the Middle East, that are in conflict with each other. They are all together in the same land mass.


Step 7: From our higher vantage point in orbit, we can feed to them higher frequency energy, that will help them see that the actions, thought processes and behavior they’re having is actually futile. It’s actually not helping them. It’s dragging them down the frequencies. It’s actually creating karma for them.

Step 8: What we can do to help them is to project energy down from Source to that landmass. To do that we bring in this landmass up into our room. The whole area (the houses, the buildings, the cities, the population) comes up into our room into the center of our circle.

Step 9: Now we can increase their frequencies by pulling energy from the Source. Each one of us acts as a channel for pure Source energy.


  • We pull in higher frequency Source energy through our crown chakras. We bring it down through our Hara line past the third eye area, and past the throat chakra area down to where the heart chakra is (center of front of chest where the sternum is).
  • The energy makes a right angle turn through the front aspect of the heart chakra. We push it out through our heart chakras to irradiate the landmass with the ISIS countries.
  • We increase their frequencies, which allows them to see the bigger picture, rather than the very limited gross physical picture.

Step 10: So as energy comes in through us, this energy from Source is a mixture of white and silver and golden energy. It rotates and pulsates and irradiates with flecks of little stars inside this white, golden and silver energy coming down through our crown chakra, down through the Hara line to our heart chakra, which irradiates this landmass to increase its frequency.

Step 11: When we picked up this land mass and brought it toward the center of our circle, it appeared to be a dark land mass, a low frequency land mass. But it’s now starting to change its color. It has gone from being dark or black to being light grey.

  • And as we give it more energy from Source, it changes to an even lighter grey, becoming whiter. As we give it more energy, it changes from white to a bright white. As we continue to feed it energy, it changes from silver to dark gold, and then to a light gold color.
  • Then we start to see bits of irradiation, rotation of the energies, pulsing of the energies that is pure Source energy being absorbed by this landmass, the buildings and the population that are there.

So they start to see that what they’re doing is inappropriate. What they’re doing is wrong. They’re connected to a much bigger being, their Higher Selves in existence all the time. What they’re fighting for is nonsense. We give them more energies to help them awaken further.


The energy of this landmass and the people there becomes a golden color that’s glowing now, not just a gold color, but an irradiating color. As we give it more energy, it starts to become the same energy as Source, this silvery, white, golden, radiating, pulsating, rotating energy.

  • In this condition, this landmass and the people there start to become awakened to the greater reality, to the energies of what we really are: individualized units of our Higher Selves, who are individualized units of Source, who are individualized units of Origin.

They start to realize that actually they’re fighting against themselves, when they fight against other people. They’re fighting their neighbors, and their neighbors are themselves as well. Everything they’re fighting against is themselves. So they’re fighting against themselves.

  • And in doing this recognition, this awareness, this realization process, they start to realize the futility of what’s happening. They start to realize that it’s just holding themselves back. They’re creating karma. They’re stopping their evolutionary progression.

As they all start to awaken to this process, and the need for the conflict becomes irrelevant, they start to question the need for it.

Step 12: So we continue to channel this energy for a few more moments, assisting in its continued state, so that they can stay awake long enough via our work to create their own higher frequencies instead, creating a perpetual condition.

Step 13: So with this state established, we can allow this area of the continent that contained the Middle Eastern (or ISIS) countries to move back down towards the Earth.

  • It is maintaining its white, silvery, golden, irradiating, pulsating, rotating energy that is within it, maintaining this higher frequency condition.
  • This will stay there, helping them to become self-aware and self-realized, letting them realize that they’re just fighting against themselves rather than an enemy or a foe.

Step 14: Now we can move ourselves back to wherever we are, close to the continent where our room is in. So we’re in orbit above the continent, and we move our whole group to wherever we are individually located.

  • Within this portal created in the center of us, we can picture this irradiating condition still working in the Middle East, even though we’re back over our own continents.
  • We can cut off the energies flowing through us, because the residual energies that are in the Middle Eastern countries will stay there for quite some time.

Step 15: So now our room descends, so that we’re moving out of orbit and we start to see the continents, moving down to the country and the city that we originated from.

  • We start to see the suburb of the city, and the house where our room originated from. Then our room moves into our house and becomes part of the house.
  • So we’re now back into our individualized locations around the world. We can now think about breaking the circle up. So visualize that everybody lets go of each other’s hand. You get up and walk over to the door, open it, and close it behind you.

Step 16: You walk up to the far end of the corridor, and start to come back to where you are right now, where your seat is, where your computer is. Slowly come back to the room, slowly open your eyes, and take a drink of water to ground yourself. Well done!

Final Thoughts

Know that you’ve done a fantastic piece of work by raising the frequencies of those countries associated with the Middle East, all the ISIS countries, helping them to increase their frequencies. That’s how they’ll start to realize that they’re just fighting themselves, and that they’re part of something much bigger, and therefore, they’ll become self-realized.

Fortunately, we can use this meditation to direct Source energy to any area of conflict in our world at any time. The event space is already there, so everybody that participates in this meditation will amplify the group energies exponentially whenever/wherever they can join us.

Thank you very much for taking part in this much needed meditation!

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“Stay Light, Be Light, Light the way for others.” – Guy Needler

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