How To Identify Frequencies To Embody and Radiate Them?

In previous posts, we learned about our life purpose, which is to have more love and joy in our lives and to be of service. But some people have come to expect that life is a struggle. Deepak Chopra introduced us to a new concept: what if we live in a recreational universe? What if creation is more about cosmic play, and less about hardship? How do we identify frequency?

How can we create more joy, when the world is a mess?

Madeleine Albright (a former U.S. Secretary of State) recently said: “To put it mildly, the world is a mess.” Many people (especially in spiritual circles) would agree with that, and say they don’t want to connect with this distorted, messy world.

  • They want to find a way out or go “Home.” But the reason we’re here right now IS to experience, learn and evolve from everything we encounter (“the good, bad and the ugly”).

“Learning is experience. Everything else is just information.” – Albert Einstein

We get so wrapped up in being the actor in our own play, that we forget it’s just a play, albeit one that gives us a profound sense of what different frequencies are like.

  • The distortions in our “3D” world are an overlay or a filter that we created to play in duality, according to Wendy Kennedy (“The Great Human Potential”).
  • We are told that it’s not real, it’s an illusion, and that we’re connecting with other people’s illusions, not with their or our own divine selves.

BUT everything IS a reality to the entity experiencing it, according to Guy Needler, who said that we all create a multitude of realities to evolve within. Some of them are temporary (like the parallel environments that come and go in event space), but ALL of them are based on energy, which requires frequency to exist.

how to identify frequencies

Are you a victim or a co-creator?

Wendy Kennedy said you can feel manipulated or victimized by others, but only if you’re NOT willing to take 100% responsibility for 100% of your reality. That’s how you’re giving someone else the illusion of power over you. Don’t give your power away to others. Why?

“Behind the cliche that you create your own reality there is a shadow: if you don’t create your own reality, it will be created for you.” – Deepak Chopra

That means you need to be in the driver’s seat of life to choose which frequencies you wish to experience and in what context (e.g. family, friends, boss, coworkers, community, world, etc.). Kennedy explained:

  • You cannot change anybody else, but you can alter your own frequency, which will change your reality, as Einstein, Tesla and others have said.
  • Instead of saying the world is a mess, you can view Earth and your body in health, wholeness and well-being, and align yourself with that version of reality.

You’ll be drawn to foods, activities, and environments that support that new reality. Then you become a living example of the best way to effect change in the world, which alters to match your vibrational state. Do not underestimate your power.

What is your power?

In his book, “Power vs. Force,” David R. Hawkins described how applied kinesiology (muscle testing) was used to construct a “Map of Consciousness” with 17 levels, ranging from shame to enlightenment with a corresponding numbering system, emotions and life views, as shown.

how to identify frequencies

In this map, “Power” is creative and constructive in life, while “Force” is destructive and doesn’t support life at the individual and societal levels, according to Hawkins. Although the numbers are debatable, this map shows a gradient of frequential states that we can easily identify.

  • The highest level of consciousness is enlightenment (e.g. Krishna, Buddha, and Jesus).
  • The levels above 200 (Power) describe increasingly expansive states or higher emotions, such as trust, optimism, forgiveness, bliss, etc. Hawkins estimated that only 18% of the global population operates at these levels of consciousness.
  • The levels below 200 (Force) describe more contracted states or lower emotions, such as hate, anxiety, blame, shame, etc. About 82% of the population operates at these levels.

Now you see why Earth is called the “planet of emotions.” We’re able to feel a whole range of rich emotions. But we choose where we stand at every moment. For example:

  • Nora Herold explained that anger is appropriate when your boundaries are being violated. It allows you to say no. But you don’t have to wallow in the lower vibrations.
  • When you’re done feeling angry, ready to move on, maybe you can see the humor in the situation. Or go to joy before saying yes again, so you won’t resent your yes’s.

Watch out for people who try engage you in their low frequency states, like shame, guilt, or fear. Don’t go there. Hold your own joyful or peaceful state and send a transmission to them. Then watch your power in action – they’ll either leave or feel better. 🙂

How does co-creation work?

Kennedy explained that we are shifting how we create things from the external to internal awareness, which works like this.

  • Your job in co-creation is to become aware of the frequency you’re radiating or pulsing out (see How Do We Jump Timelines? – Big Picture
  • The universe’s job is to respond to you by creating the form, which it can do in infinite ways and reflect it back to you.

But to receive the form, you need to stay at the frequency where your request was made. If you become impatient and drop your frequency, you’re not there to receive the reflection and you’ll miss it (see How Does Manifesting Work In 3D? – Big Picture

How to identify, embody and radiate frequencies?

Deepak Chopra co-hosted the 21-Day Meditation Challenge in August 2014 with Oprah Winfrey.

  • The first week focused on Feeling states of joy, inspiration, peace, love, playfulness, hope and completeness, identifying what they feel like within us.
  • The second week focused on Living all these qualities, expressing them in our life.
  • The third week focused on Radiating these qualities now integrated within, so we become a beacon for others.

Here is a Summary Table that reminds us of our divine nature. Pick any frequency, any centering thought or mantra that resonates with you each day (click to enlarge). Enjoy! 🙂

how to identify frequencies

 “Life is not about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” – Anonymous (via Jill Mara)

how to identify frequencies

“My happiness is the happiness of the universe.” – Deepak Chopra

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