How To Nurture Yourself?

Previously, we learned how vulnerable babies are and how they depend on their parents’ energetic field and care to protect them from external influences. But as adults, we get so busy we tend to overlook our self-care. You can only do that for so long before you become depleted. You may need a reminder: How to nurture yourself?

How to nurture yourself?

In a recent radio interview with John Burgos (“Beyond The Ordinary“), Wendy Kennedy said that most of us are so caught up in work, we don’t put enough attention to create balance in life.

  • Much of our energy is going out into the external world with all our responsibilities, gadgets, distractions, etc. It’s all about doing, the yang/masculine side of ourselves.
  • We have to stop and put our attention into being, receiving, the yin/feminine side, too.

The problem is most people think “resting” is laziness. It’s not that. We need to think of it as restoration, like repair and regeneration of our physical vehicle, and recharging of our soul.

  • Kennedy said in our society, we place value on the action or doing state, because the feminine hasn’t been honored for thousands of years. It’s just as important or more so.
  • That’s where all creation begins, where we access higher states to get inspired, to get ideas, to be called to do something new and different. We forget that, when we get busy.

A lot of people, especially in spiritual circles (e.g. healers) have worked hard to change the world, but not themselves. We need to learn how to nurture ourselves, to embody and apply it to ourselves, so that it’s easier for everyone else in the collective to do it holographically.

“It’s time to use what you have in theory and to walk your talk.” – Wendy Kennedy

  • That means a daily practice of setting aside at least 10-15 minutes for some type of creative play that will nourish our soul, just like we used to do as children.
  • It can be anything from meditation to doodling, listening to music, quiet time, or taking a stroll in nature (see “50 Ways to Take a Break,” click to enlarge). The choice is yours.


“To be creative is quite possibly the most important task that an entity can do. Creativity and the experience associated with creativity is what existence is all about.” Guy Needler

Why don’t we do it?

John Burgos interviewed Nora Herold as well. They noted that a lot of healers, teachers and light workers have been trying to do things solo, working a lot of hours on others, but not receiving or allowing support for themselves. Herold explained it like this:

What sits on either side of allowing is resistance, which can play out in one of two ways:

  1. Pushing, where we overexert or overreact to try to make things happen, dammit! or
  2. Stagnation, where we pull back, hold back and get tense in our body from fear.

Neither one of them works, because we’re not in a state of allowing, where we hold a very easy space physically. One exercise she recommended to help us feel like we’re in a state of allowing is the “Child’s pose” in yoga (shown below).

How to nurture yourself?

This position puts you in a state of allowing, in a state of surrender, which is diametrically opposed to resistance. Babies do it naturally (below). Try it out!


“The only thing you need to do now is say “yes” to yourself.”Yeshua (via Nora Herold)

Final Thoughts

I wrote this piece mostly to remind myself to take a little break from writing. We’re going to receive another big transmission of energies during the summer solstice, that will upgrade our operating system from the inside out once more.

To get ready to receive those energies, this is a good time to mother yourself, baby yourself, and nurture yourself. Things you might like to try out before the solstice transmission:

  • Eat well (lots of fresh, locally grown, high energy vegetables and fruits in season).
  • Bless and charge your food and drink with gratitude, love, or other positive thoughts before you eat or drink anything.
  • Take a moment to breathe deeply, to inhale more prana or life force energy into your heart center filled with unconditional love. Then blow it down to your lower chakras with the intention of self-confidence (3rd), joy (2nd), and excitement (1st chakra). Feel it within.
  • If you’re an empath or a highly sensitive person, stop being a vacuum cleaner for other people’s energies. Become a leaf blower, and blow them out of your way, as Herold put it.
  • Get enough rest (nap if you must, get plenty of uninterrupted sleep to recharge).
  • Do some form of daily exercise to move your body (e.g. walking, hiking, yoga, martial arts, tennis, dancing, whatever rocks your boat). Stay well hydrated throughout the day.
  • Allow yourself daily creative play for 10-15 minutes or more (see 50 suggestions).

It’s time to have more fun, to put light back to enlightenment, to be easier with yourself, to loosen up and shift into more being than doing, as suggested by Shelley Young.

She said that we’re shifting from the initiate phase, where we’ve been hungry for knowledge (learning all this information, which is a phase that can last many lifetimes) to the actuate phase, where start to BE what we’ve learned.

“The enlightenment process is more about BEing than doing.” – Shelley Young


Have a FUN time rejuvenating, restoring, mothering, babying, and nurturing yourself!

See you after the summer solstice! 🙂

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