How To Quickly Heal Your Body and Energetic Templates?

In previous posts, we learned that our soul uses the physical body as a vehicle (‘organic wetsuit’) to explore the lower frequencies of the physical universe. Our souls are the small “probes” that our much bigger True Energetic Self/Oversoul sends out to incarnate on Earth and elsewhere. To animate a body, the soul aspect’s energies are carefully integrated with the human form at various frequency levels. But sometimes these energies need some repair.

How to quickly heal your body and energetic templates?

Guy Needler is a reiki master and a spiritual healer. He has given us a quick and easy way to heal ourselves using the method outlined below. It teaches us to refocus from the physical symptoms and disease conditions to personal health maintenance, while keeping us absolutely in charge of our own bodies. Try it out for yourself!

Step 1: Get ready to meditate in a sitting position with your feet flat on the floor, your eyes closed (focused on the third eye between the eyebrows), and your hands (with palms up) resting on your thighs. Imagine being in a totally bare white room (to quiet your mind).

Step 2: Visualize the room with one door. Walk to the door and open it to find yourself walking down a long white corridor. There is a room at the end on the right hand side.


Step 3: Enter the white room. Sit at the desk with a computer set up. You will find your personal health program displayed on the monitor.


Step 4: See the alphabetic listing of diseases and conditions. Click on the condition or area that is giving you discomfort, pain or any problems. For example, see Bones & Muscles (in red text), clicked with “x” in the box (below). You can use this approach to choose any condition, to turn off pain or to heal yourself, because there are no limitations here.

Disease:Condition copy

Step 5: Specify your problem and cause if known. For example, back pain from an accident:

  • Click the box for “Physical injury” (related to an accident) and click the pain “OFF” box.
  • Click the box for “Psychological trauma” (connected to the injury), click that pain “OFF.
  • Click the box for “Thought processes” (e.g. thought patterns contributing to pain listed in the Emotional Pain Chart, click to enlarge), make your own list and click that pain “OFF.


BackPain5 copy

Step 6: Select the energetic templates to be healed. Note that you must Select ALL 7 templates in this step. Then click the SAVE button to reprogram all your energetic templates, that create your new, improved physical body. We’re all healers and much more.

EnergeticTemplates2 copy

AuricLayersStep 7: Trust that when you have pure desire and intention, you have the power to heal your own physical and energetic bodies at will. Repeat this reprogramming as often as necessary. Doubts will negate the process, so don’t go there. To finish, return to the white corridor and the physical room where you started the meditation. Drink some water to ground yourself.

Alternative: You can just as easily use the program to TURN ON helpful things, to enhance your body’s defenses, to prevent conditions from manifesting in your templates. For example:

  • You can prevent the opportunity for lung cancer (below) associated with exposure to second hand smoke, negative thought processes, or family predisposition to cancer, etc.

LungCancerOff copy

  • You can turn off the growth of cancer cells, reprogram them or metastases to die off, or repair mutated DNA in the cancer cells, etc. You can make your own spreadsheet (below):

CancerPrevention5 copy

You can turn these types of spirituophysical switches ON or OFF. Your health program can be customized to reflect all the health issues, concerns and conditions pertinent to you (including your fears, emotions, belief systems, mental obstacles, etc.).

You can also use the same method to heal others using their personal health program. But you can only be the facilitator, who shows them how to do it, gives them that choice and then steps out of the way, because every person is responsible for their own healing.

Final Thoughts

In my view, this new approach to taking charge of your own physical body and the energetic templates that create it is brilliant in its simplicity, thanks to Guy Needler.

With practice, you will come to see your vehicle as your own creation, not subject to external influences of any toxins, GMO foods, chemtrails, or whatever fear mongering memes are going on with the collective. They won’t matter to you.

You are the creator and master healer, who can stand in peace in the midst of chaos! How empowering is that feeling and new thought process for the rest of your life! 🙂

tumblr_myzv0idO4y1sksqofo1_500 copy

Disclaimer: The medical information on this site is provided as an information resource only, and is not to be used or relied on for any diagnostic or treatment purposes. Please consult your health care provider before making any health care decisions about your condition.

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