How To Reframe Your Life?

In a previous post, we briefly explored the victim patterns that are found in the collective all around us. These patterns are not new, since they were described in the I Ching system (“Book of Changes”) 3,000 years ago. Since then many people have used the system for divination, while others have viewed the 64 archetypes in a more holistic way.

What are the 64 archetypes?

Richard Rudd wrote a comprehensive guide to the 64 gates (“Gene Keys”) found in the I Ching. Rudd’s genius was to see that each key represents a spectrum of consciousness made of a ladder of frequencies available to us. He arranged them into three frequency bands:

  • The Shadow frequency represents the victim patterns expressed through fear or anger. They are about your ego clinging to form by physical, emotional and mental attachments.
  • The Gift frequency is reached after accepting your shadows, transcending the suffering, and rebirthing the authentic you. At this level, you no longer identify yourself as a victim.
  • The Siddhi (divine gift) frequency leads to full embodiment and spiritual realization. You transcend the lower states, since there is no self-identification. There is no one at home!

“Everything you think, say or do is no longer done by you, but by the whole. The very concept of frequencies and levels paradoxically dissolves when the Truth is realized as a Siddhi. The quest is at an end because the quest has deleted the questioner.” – Richard Rudd

Where do most people start?

Rudd said that most people are controlled by the shadow frequency, which comes from the ancient wiring of the brain for survival. It is linked to fear, blame, shame and suffering.

  • But the lower frequency shadow is not inherently bad. It’s the raw material, like a lump of coal hiding a beautiful diamond inside. We are just pretending to be “coal” for a while.


  • By shifting our attitude, we can move out of the shadow state in successive stages to release our creative gift or genius, which is what we really came to bring to the world.

Our highest destiny is the siddhi state or divine realization, which can be expressed in 64 different ways (listed below, click to enlarge). They are fractal transmissions of the same truth, which has been carried to us by many world teachers.


Source: Richard Rudd’s Gene Keys Network | Free Resources

According to Rudd, Hermes/Thoth/Fu Shi/Merlin transmuted suffering through alignment with Divine Will. Jesus the Christ transmuted suffering through Love and sacrifice, while Buddha did it through Wisdom and compassion. They are three aspects of the same trinity or same Truth.

How to reframe your life?

We are also learning about Divine Will, Love and Wisdom through incarnation, according to Guy Needler (see What Are the Three Spiritual Forces To Master? – Big Picture

  • Most of us come here as smaller, individual soul aspects sent by our True Energetic Self (TES/Oversoul) to experience, learn and evolve on its behalf at this level.
  • But we often come with quite challenging soul blueprints and circumstances to try to gain the most evolutionary content from every lifetime. Ambitious much? 😉

Other beings (like Jesus and Buddha) are NOT a single soul aspect, but a hybrid aspect that combines the attributes from many soul aspects within their True Energetic Self (see How Does Reincarnation Work? – Big Picture They have a leg up on the rest of us.

  • They come in as higher frequency beings with much higher connectivity with their TES. They know who they are and what their world mission is. They’re not afraid of dying.
  • Most of us don’t have a clue about that (although a Gene Keys Network | Hologenetic Profile may help you zero in on what you came here to do and who you’re here to be).

Wendy Kennedy explained that in order to play the 3D game, to have that unique and limited perspective, we put on layers of filters and beliefs of limitations (see the list of shadows).


  • Those filters have distorted the light frequencies that go out from us and get reflected back to us. This has allowed us to have the illusion of separation.
  • That’s been a fun game, but things are changing now that we’re going up the ladder of frequencies. We’re starting to recognize our own divinity individually and collectively.

There is a beautiful divine essence or a spark of Source energy within ALL of us, which is not tainted or limited, but whole, complete and infinite (not limited by any shape or form).

light body2

Final Thoughts

Wendy Kennedy and others have said it’s time to start dropping these filters and old stories about the limitations and lack we identify with. We need to tell ourselves a new story now.

If we’re seeing something, that isn’t loving, joyful or connected, then it’s telling us there are filters in place, i.e. some thoughts or feelings in our field that are not in resonance with that. We can observe them, acknowledge them and allow them to dissipate, so that we can see the perfect light of our higher self within us.

Richard Rudd asked us to hold two realities inside ourselves: you from the shadow (pain) and you from the siddhi (free from pain), one in each hand. He said ours is the journey between these two poles. And it’s not a one-way journey, but a two-way journey.

That means we’re not stuck with any lower frequency blueprints, because we’re constantly changing and evolving. In truth, we are already that which we seek.

“Life is a journey of exploration. It has always been and ever will be about the journey, not the destination.” – Wendy Kennedy


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