How To Release Old Limiting Beliefs?

Humanity is on the cusp of awakening to who they really are. But many of us still cling to old programs, limiting belief systems and thought processes, such as “old habits die hard.” The outer world is constantly bombarding us with hooks/reminders of the old paradigm. But that is now shifting because of the inner work we are doing. What’s next?

What are some limiting beliefs?

Guy Needler said we actually start to get programmed from the time that we are born right up to the time that the physical body demises. Our thought processes, our consciousness and how we relate to ourselves while in the physical are very limited. For example:

  • We may believe that the human form is what we are. Or that we’re going to get ill, get old and then die. This kind of limited thinking actually anchors us to the physical universe.
  • In reality, we can control what the physical body is. We can make it better, or stop the aging process. We don’t need to eat physical food. All these things are totally achievable.

He said it takes a level of not just belief, but knowing that you can get healed or rejuvenated, or that you can become free of limiting beliefs and old programs. We are building on a belief system, and in effect replacing it with an experiential knowing system, as we learn and evolve.

How to release limiting beliefs?

As described in How To Quickly Heal Your Body and Energetic Templates? – Big Picture, this approach involves a meditation customized to you. Its about sensing your own thought processes and reprogramming old beliefs that no longer serve you.

Step 1: Get ready to meditate in a sitting position with your feet flat on the floor, your eyes closed (focused on the third eye between the eyebrows), and your hands (with palms up) resting on your thighs. Imagine being in a totally bare white room (to quiet your mind).

Step 2: Visualize the room with one door. Walk to the door and open it to find yourself walking down a long white corridor. There is a room at the end on the right hand side.


Step 3: Enter the white room. Sit at the desk with a computer set up. You will find your personal file called “My Thought Processes” displayed on the monitor.


Step 4: Choose from the list of “Limiting Thought Processes” (below) those programs that are playing out in your life, that you want to clear out and dissolve.


Step 5: After choosing your programs, now click the “OFFboxes in the adjacent column to get ready to turn off or deactivate those programs in your field.

Step 6: Now select the energetic templates to be healed. Note that you must Select ALL seven energetic templates (below) that create your physical form. Then click the SAVE button to reprogram all your templates to create the highest possible version of you here. Done!


EnergeticTemplates2 copy

Step 7: Trust that when you have pure desire and intention, you have the power to heal your own physical and energetic bodies at will. Repeat this reprogramming as often as necessary. Doubts will negate the process, so don’t go there. To finish, return to the white corridor and the physical room where you started the meditation. Drink some water to ground yourself.

What is the bigger picture behind this exercise?

Wendy Kennedy said that we are letting go of the old stories of who we think we are. We’re learning to separate our thoughts and emotions, to own them, and to change our habitual responses to situations. We can choose to create new programs that overwrite the old ones.

Nora Herold said that since the end of 2012 we have been deactivating various “implants,” meaning belief systems and programs that have kept us in the 3D game of separation, lack and limitation. This year we’ve inactivated the enslavement programs and implants that align us with ancestral and galactic species-related karmic programs (e.g. Sirian, Pleiadian, etc.).

We now recognize that we all come Source. We don’t have to identify ourselves as earthlings or any species. We can hold a state of oneness, which will move across humanity as well. That doesn’t mean that all conflicts and wars will suddenly end, because we’re still in transition.

But we can simply observe those that still want to play the old game. We can see the players as they are, unawakened and unaware. We won’t be triggered as much or at all. According to Herold, the more of us hold a sense of neutrality and peace, the faster their plans will fizzle. We’ll see how quickly events will shift. We’ll see our hand in that shift. That is our job now.

Final Thoughts

This meditation is one way to clear old programs and limiting beliefs. Once we’ve cleared a program, we don’t need to repeat it or perpetuate it. Beware that every time you re-engage with the same program/hook/media/message, you reactivate the implant in yourself.

That’s why we need to take full ownership of our thoughts, beliefs and programs, and choose a new way of being, thinking and behaving. Remember we are not working alone.

As collective creators, we all want the same things: more freedom, love, joy, play, acceptance, excitement, adventure, comfort, safety and security, as Herold pointed out. When we link up and work together, it’s much easier to amplify and create those collective desires for all of us.

“See how easy it is to lighten up from within. See how quickly you are able to readjust, move on, create something else, because you are like Play-Doh now!” – Nora Herold

PlaydohMan copy

“You need not drown in the river of life… As you work and plan, remember that it is God who is working through you. Your mind should be charged with joy and detached from all unpleasant experiences.” – Paramahansa Yogananda

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