How To Remove Karma In This Lifetime?

In previous posts, we discovered the concept of supersoul consciousness put forth by Ian Lawton (“Supersoul”). Lawton formulated 10 principles that describe this newer spiritual worldview. Lawton’s Principles #1-4 about Soul Probes, Personality, Time, and Incarnation were discussed previously. What is karma? How to remove karma in this lifetime?

Lawton’s Principle #5. Each of us is fundamentally responsible for creating our own experience in each moment of now. We’re not limited by ‘past karma’ from this life or a supposedly previous one unless we believe we are. Nor will other resonant souls tend to be able to exert a strongly disruptive influence over us unless we believe they can and choose to let them.

Lawton argues against any limiting idea of past karma, presumably because he prefers the “single life model,” which is not what you may think! 😉 It’s where the supersoul group sends each soul to incarnate just once. But Guy Needler’s work suggests that most supersouls send many soul aspects to incarnate, and that each soul aspect has thousands of lives, not just one life to live.

What is karma?

Karma is poorly understood and often equated to “cause and effect” on Earth. But cause and effect are not linear, they’re simultaneous event points in event space. Needler explained that karma is an energetic issue that affects the entire physical universe, not just us here on Earth.

  • The whole point of our incarnation is to experience, work with and use the physical universe as a tool to learn about lower frequency existence, but not to get stuck there.
  • We’re automatically exposed to karma on Earth, which is a lower frequency setting with many opportunities to learn, but it can easily keep us in the physical.

Karma is all about how we exist and are attracted to the physical environment and whether we can break away from it. Needler gave two analogies to help us recognize and understand karma, so we can learn to avoid it (see Avoiding Karma).

Image #1: Consider a sea anchor (karma) attached to a boat (person). If the anchor gets heavier, it can pull us underwater (lower frequencies). If the anchor gets lighter, it allows us to move and could even act as a parachute to pull us out of the water into the air (higher frequencies).


Image #2: Imagine yourself as a ball of energy that is dipping into a lower frequency environment. Earth is an environment, where you can create karma with yourself or other people by your lower frequency thoughts, feelings, behaviors or actions (see What Is Karma In Modern Spiritual Science? – Big Picture

  • A part of your energy gets released and stuck at the lower level as “dysfunctional energy.” This energy has no function or direction, but becomes attached to you by an energetic link (as simulated below).
  • The link acts like a bungee cord that pulls you lower or keeps you from going higher. The link can be removed by adding energy at that same frequency level.

how to remove karma in this lifetime

As Wendy Kennedy said: “Karma is unresolved patterns you set up in other lifetimes, that you want to work on again. It is a continuation of energy that you access wherever it’s unresolved or where the energy is the strongest and needs to be integrated. It’s not linear, it’s all concurrent.”

What is the problem with unresolved karma?

Karma stops our ascension to higher frequencies, which affects not only our soul but also our supersoul (True Energetic Self), which is ultimately in charge of all the souls it sends out to incarnate.

  • Karma doesn’t affect us the same way at higher frequencies, where we retain our higher functions. We remember that our physical form is just a costume or a wetsuit we use to dip into a particular level of reality.
  • But on Earth we think we are our body or our ego, job, possessions, etc. We don’t have a clue who and what we really are, so we create karma without even realizing it.

The trick is to be aware of how you interface with others and the environment, and to see yourself as a totally neutral, unbiased observerIt’s like going to the balcony to get a higher perspective to ask yourself:

  • What have I created and why? How does it serve me (or not)?
  • Can I see the purpose and cocreative nature of the event? Could I be in it but not of it?

What is the point of creating and resolving karma?

Needler explained that karma plays an important role in our evolution as creator beings. We are learning to discriminate between positive and negative evolution as part of our growth.

  • Our supersoul undergoes “major evolution” by sending souls to incarnate. But the supersoul has to put itself on hold (evolutionary stasis) for as long as any aspects are still creating and resolving karma in the physical universe.
  • Our soul undergoes “minor evolution” from all the experiences we get from incarnating in many forms in many places. But the souls with karmic links need to be sent back to the level where the karma was created.

From a human perspective, the soul appears to create karma in a linear fashion. But the soul can remove karma in a spherical, holistic way within many event spaces (parallel lives) at the same time.

  • Once ALL the aspects have cleared their karmic links and returned to the supersoul, it leapfrogs or catapults ahead in evolution way further than than entities that never incarnate.
  • That’s why incarnation is the more difficult but fast track in evolution.

From that point on there is no need to reincarnate, and the supersoul can follow the natural flow of life toward Source within the purely energetic multiverse.

how to remove karma in this lifetime

How to remove karma in this lifetime?

According to both Nora Herold and Guy Needler, this lifetime on Earth is like no other!

Nora Herold said: “We’re not creating for ourselves future lifetime karma. We’re dealing with all of it in this incarnation. It’s what is accelerating more than anything the fact, that everything you think, feel, and say is coming right back at you in this lifetime. That’s why a lot of you are suddenly experiencing reflections of your younger life, so you could look at it from the other side and have a bigger understanding.

There is no more: I’ll create a mess (or a dead body) over here, see what it feels like, run away and deal with it 5,000 years into the future. We’re not playing that game any longer. The entire universe has moved out of delaying a karmic consequence.”

Guy Needler explained: “We are at an interesting juncture in incarnate mankind’s history. We now have the ability to negate our Karmic content in a single lifetime. This is something that was not previously possible simply because we didn’t fully understand what Karma is and how we accrue it.”

“Removing and avoiding Karma actively removes the need to reincarnate, which provides a quantum leap in our evolution.” – Guy Needler 

Watch your intentions; They become thoughts. 


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