Is Life a Virtual Reality Game, Illusion Or Dream?

In previous posts, we learned about people who have a near-death experience, but return to life and about others who participate in a mass death event, such as a tsunami, by which they transition from physical to spirit life. We also learned that the timing and manner of death is generally planned before we incarnate. Is life is a virtual reality game, an illusion or just a dream?

Is life an illusion?

Some spiritual people claim that physical life is an illusion (“maya”) or a dream, all about ego, not real, or maybe a movie or a holodeck/matrix with computer-generated images and fake actors. But is that so?

  • We could say everything is an illusion. The manifest and unmanifest realms are just part of another belief system concocted by the mind.
  • Or we could say everything is real. Which is it? Einstein said it well:


Is life a virtual reality game?

As a spiritual physicist, Guy Needler has extended what Einstein said, because he is able to go beyond the physical universe, which is what our modern physicists study, to the much higher energetic (or “spiritual”) universes beyond that. Needler explained:

  • It is not a virtual reality, because it’s just one of a multitude of realities that we all create to experience, learn and evolve within.
  • Everything is a reality to the entity experiencing it.
  • Some are temporary realities (like event space that fractally expands and contracts).
  • Others are static structures (like the 397 simultaneous universes in our multiverse).

Needler said ALL these realities are based on myriad energies, that hold frequency together in a structured order. This allows frequency to act as a ‘building block’ that holds energy together at certain levels. The higher the frequency, the more diffuse the ‘finite energy’ is. In “Beyond the Source, Book 1,” Needler channeled Source Entity Five who said:

“Energy needs frequency to exist, and if there is no frequency, there can be no energy. If there is no energy, there can be no entity, and without an entity there is no life.”

Needler said there is no such thing as virtual reality, because “virtual” means it doesn’t really exist. But everything we think about exists and starts from Desire → Intention → Thought → Action and Creation.

  • Source created our multiverse and we, in our desire to evolve through it, maintain its existence through our use of it.
  • We collectively and energetically assist in its creation. It’s all real to those of us who are in it to experience, learn and evolve.

Are we energetic beings?

We’re more than that. Our True Energetic Selves (TES/Oversouls) are “mini-Me’s” of our Source Entity, who created us as fully sentient beings, i.e. we are self-aware and able to change ourselves and our environment. We were given a volume of energy to use for creative play.

  • We are creator beings, not just a blob of energy or a disembodied mind entity.
  • We and countless other True Energetic Selves create our own ‘playground’ from the top down, where we have more functionality. We are the ‘memory’ of the system as well.
  • We create the physical forms that we project our sentience into to explore our playground in more detail at the lower frequencies (e.g. Earth).

is life a virtual reality game

The human vehicle is one of many forms we’ve created to explore the bottom (physical) universe, but clearly it’s not who we really are. That’s where the illusion can arise.

  • The human form is a ‘wetsuit’ we use, as are all the alien/ET forms or planets, stars, and galaxies that we can project our sentience into to explore their level of consciousness.
  • We’re not our bodies, egos/personalities, minds or souls. Our True Energetic Self is much more than all those parts put together.

By analogy, the ‘you’ here isn’t just occupying your little toe, you’re in the whole body, which is a page (lifetime) in the chapter (soul) of the book that your True Energetic Self is writing. And because of event space (where all possible possibilities can be played out), there are a lot of re-writes, which are all included in your very own Book of Creation! 🙂

How do we know any of this is true?

Luckily, there are plenty of people who are corroborating Needler’s work, as described in many of my posts. Here are some recent examples.

Is human life a reality or is it all a myth?

Peter Watson Jenkins and Toni Ann Winninger (“How I Died and What I Did Next”) posed this question to the soul of a Vietnamese translator, who had been tortured to death. He said it all depends on whether you are living it or evaluating it from the Other Side. His soul explained:

“When you are living it, it’s your reality, the reality you choose to have around you. Is it a reality to me now? I would have to change my reality from one of being an unconditional energetic force to being a piece of that energetic force in a physical body.”

Is dream life as real as physical life?

Natalie Sudman (“Application of Impossible Things”) said the places we visit in our dream state are no more or less real than the reality that our physical self is experiencing. They’re as real as the expanded realities that our expanded Self/consciousness explores. She said it’s all real.

Image: “Dreaming in Colour” by Josephine Wall

is life a virtual reality game

  • It’s a matter of focusing attention from a different vantage point, which makes a difference in how we interpret that reality.
  • For example, what seemed “funny” (e.g. blindness and bumping into things) to Sudman’s soul on the Other Side was no laughing matter for her as a partially blind person having to live with that challenge here in the physical world.

Do you have something that your higher self doesn’t?

Nora Herold said: “The higher self doesn’t have a moral filter or a conscience or run compassion or empathy, but you do. You’re giving that information to your higher self. It’s a very different reality for the higher self than you.”

Wendy Kennedy (“The Great Human Potential”) said the soul doesn’t care whether you succeed or not – it’s all about experience and it can always choose another experience. But she also said compassion is the gift we humans are giving to the rest of the universe. Why? Because we can feel it more intensely than other beings.

Maybe compassion is what we’re teaching each other, including those who are still beheading, torturing and abusing other beings on our planet. If we’re also teaching that to our own souls, True Energetic Selves and other beings in our multiverse and beyond, good for us. That’s progress and true evolution in my way of thinking. 🙂

“This is indeed a game, one you all enjoy playing very much. Try not to be so serious, ever struggling. Have fun creating! The goal of the game on this planet is to see how much joy you can create.” – Wendy Kennedy

is life a virtual reality game

Image: “Dreaming in Colour” by Josephine Wall (click to enlarge)

Note: All emphasis is mine.

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