Is Our Sexual Operating System Changing?

This is the fifth post around the topic of relationships, sexuality and creator energy, in which we’ll explore: Is our sexual operating system changing? We have learned about past life issues, the biology and energetics of attraction, and tribal bonding and security strategies. Now we’ll take a look at how we as a species are sexually changing and evolving. Is our sexual operating system changing?

Is our sexual operating system changing?

Recently, Nora Herold gave an inspiring and eye-opening lecture on “Sex, Sexuality, Your Creator Energy & Relationships,” in which she made several interesting observations:

  • Some people are starting to realize, whether consciously/not, that our 3D sexual operating system that we are running is becoming outdated. Some people are very disinterested in having sex using the old 3D model, i.e. the purely physical part of sex.
  • The newer generations are coming in at a higher frequency, which means they’re more aware of who they really are. They are not as sexually distorted as the older generations.
  • They don’t align as much with a particular gender (whether hetero/homo/bisexual/etc.) or their sexual operating system, because they know our true nature is neutral or genderless.

They can link up with any other being and connect in a very intimate way energetically. They run sexual energy to experience the “in love” feeling, to open their hearts and lower chakras without attaching expectations around sex, physical encounters, relationships, etc.

What is happening to us?

Guy Needler explained, that as you become higher frequency, sex as a pure sensory function or recreational pastime starts to become recognized as that. It starts to become less of an intoxicating physical sensational thing, and more aligned with true love with somebody.

  • In the general state of things, the normal act of sex is maintained (as a result of robust love between two individuals, who cherish and nurture each other and want to be together). It’s the love that matters, not the vehicle type (gender) of the individuals.
  • But where it’s used as a pure sensory function, those who are rising up the frequencies start to become less interested or disinterested in sex, because they know it’s an addictive process. It’s a function of sensory karma, that keeps the soul attached to the physical.
  • It’s the addiction to physical sensory stimuli (where they must have it, they can’t live without it), that is the problem (irrespective of whether it’s sex with prostitutes, sex robots, sex aids, porn, or more sex than you can cope with your partner, etc.).

The same thing will happen with other attractions/addictions to the sensory stimuli associated with food, alcohol, drugs, etc. They will become less interesting to us, as we evolve.

What happens at higher frequencies?

Herold explained that the original human being (“earthling”) was a full-on creator being with 12 strands of DNA. That being did not need to use sex or procreation to further its species. These higher frequency forms were physical, but materialized directly from spiritual energy (see What Are Human Root Races? – Big Picture

Is our sexual operating system changing?

Sex itself was simply another way to access another being’s records. The beings would align energetically and physically with one another, and share information in that way. Herold said:

  • The records included every single experience they had ever had in any incarnation, as the being (soul) they were, as well as all the stored information from their Oversouls (True Energetic Selves/Higher Selves, i.e. the much larger sentient beings we truly are).
  • When one being’s records interacted with the other, there was a meshing. Their energetic fields were magnified, so they could operate as more powerful versions of themselves.
  • It was a very conscious experience, that could be (but didn’t have to be) done physically. There was a particular physical enjoyment in the experience, but it wasn’t the “be all and end all” that we’ve made sex out to be, because of our 3D programming on Earth.

It was just one of myriad ways to access each other’s records (e.g. telepathy, experiencing oneness). We’ve seen various sexual themes introduced to us through science fiction (e.g. Sexuality in Star Trek – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia). It is a way to educate us, to make us think beyond our human form.

What is the human form about?

Guy Needler (“History of God”) said we have been experimenting with different physical forms for incarnation for millennia. The goal was to create a self-perpetuating physical vehicle that was robust. It had to last long enough to allow souls to experience the lower frequencies.

  • Many prototypes of the human form were developed, ranging from lighter, translucent or glowing forms to denser forms, cloned forms, hermaphrodites and our current form with two genders (see What Is the Human Being Project? – Big Picture
  • Our sexual operating system is a function of duality, that is required in this particular frequential state on this particular version of Earth (at frequency bands 1-3). Procreation is a mechanical way to make physical vehicles (“cars”) that our souls can drive around in.

Needler explained that in a lot of other physical planets, we operate in a hermaphroditic state, where we grow our own replacement internally. He added:

  • There are a number of races with 4-6 genders. They all work together like a collective, so the interaction between them physically and energetically creates the reproduction.
  • There are two races that work on 5 genders, and 17 races that work on 6 genders. But you can’t really call them “genders” as such — they are different components (like a jigsaw puzzle) that when combined are able to create a new body form.

At higher frequencies, there is a method of materializing a body from those beings who are incarnate in a higher frequency vehicle.

What is in our future?

Eventually, we will change away from physical sex as we know it, because the physical body won’t need to be reproduced in a mechanical way. We’ll simply recreate ourselves as we get higher up the frequencies. The other big change in our bodies involves our chakra system.

  • At some point in the future, all humans will evolve to have composite chakras. Our lower three chakras (base, sacral, solar) will combine into one bigger chakra with front and back cones, which will support the gross physical body energetically as needed.
  • When our vehicle becomes a higher frequency, the need for chakras will slowly diminish.

Needler said once we’re beyond the gross physical form, we won’t need a composite chakra for FB 1-3. Once we’re at FB 8 or higher, we won’t need any chakras at all (see Do All Species Have Chakras Like Humans? – Big Picture

Final Thoughts

The ‘naked truth’ is that our sexual operating system has to change, as we continue to ascend in frequency. The physical vehicles our souls are using are adapted to the physical environ-ment they are choosing to explore in this or other versions of Earth (or other planets).

The other thing is that there is nobody to blame or shame. Nobody is doing this to us. We are doing it to ourselves, because WE all run the incarnate program. That’s what our own True Energetic Self (TES/Oversoul/Higher Self) uses to accelerate its own evolution as a creator being in training. We’re part of that evolutionary process. Like it or not, the shift is here!

Image: A scene from the movie Cocoon (1985) – IMDb

Is our sexual operating system changing?

“See yourself as Source energy or Love incarnate. You don’t need any other being between you and your connection or understanding of yourself as Source energy.”           – Nora Herold

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