Is There a Chance Of a Nuclear War?

Here are some questions around the topic of an all out nuclear war that were asked in a couple of different World Satsangas with Guy Needler, who gives his higher perspective on what to expect (or not) in our future. Is there a chance of a nuclear war?

Question 1: Some sources say that humanity is being protected by benevolent aliens from destroying itself with nuclear weapons (e.g. launch codes malfunction). Is that true in some event streams (“timelines”), but not in others? Are we subject to our president’s nuking policy in hotspots of conflict around the world? (World Satsanga 1/21/2017)

Guy Needler’s comments:

The Earth is an important location in terms of its evolutionary opportunity through individualized free will, and so there are a number of entities, who are of a higher frequency, who are protecting the asset, so to speak.

And so although we are allowed to do certain things, such as the explosion of certain thermonuclear devices, as long as it’s within a certain tolerance, so to speak, it is tolerated. And so in effect, we are allowed to progress in certain ways with the understanding that it has to be within a certain tolerance.

If it’s over a certain tolerance, then there are things that go wrong, things that don’t happen, so to speak, such as the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is not doing what it’s supposed to do. And the information that the LHC doing is easily produced by sacred geometry — something that you can put in your hand would create what the LHC is trying to do. So there’s these things, there’s roads that we’re going down that are tolerated. But if they go out of a certain tolerance, then they are for want of a better word “neutralized.”

In terms of being subject to impulses in hotspots of conflict around the world?

Even in the physical universe there are local areas of locally high frequency, and local areas of locally low frequency, and as such those areas will always result in differences of opinion. And those differences of opinion are in effect the areas where there is conflict.

So what we have is the areas of locally low frequency cause conflicts to the point where there’s people fighting against each other to try and prove their point, and areas of locally high frequency where people understand each other, work together, and create an understanding that is a collective understanding rather than an individualized understanding.

So as we in general ascend the frequencies, and the need to exist within the lower frequencies of the Earth start to dissipate, we will start naturally to move away from this, and the numbers of low frequency hotspots will start to disappear, as the base ambient frequency of where we exist in starts to rise.”

Question 2: Just visited one of the old Titan II missile silos in Arizona. It really brought home the very real and ever present threat of all out thermonuclear war. And of course, today, the ability of humankind to wipe out the planet is exponentially higher than it was during the Cold War. (World Satsanga 7/22/2017)
  • Would an all out nuclear war, which would destroy humankind as well as the planet be allowed by whatever cosmic powers there may be?
  • Would an intervention occur to prevent such a catastrophe?

Guy Needler’s comments:

“My understanding is that we are being monitored. There are a number of different incarnate civilizations or respected entities from those incarnate civilizations, who are observing what’s going on here on behalf of those beings that are working with the use of the Earth as an area for the prototyping of individualized free will.

So if there was a condition, where the Earth was going to be, shall we say, pretty much obliterated by an all out nuclear war, there would be intervention.

Now whether we would see that intervention is a different thing, because intervention could be the manipulation of world leaders’ thought processes to make them change their mind, to make them realize the errors of their ways, and to make sure that the direction that we’re going into isn’t invoked.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that all of a sudden we start to see thousands upon thousands of star ships in the sky.

I’m not feeling that would be the case. It would be more of a subtle intervention. We’re only going to be allowed to move out of the sphere of the Earth, when we’re more mature. And so when that occurs, then we will start to become higher frequency.

And when we’re higher frequency, then we will see those entities and beings, the use of their incarnate entities, that are existing either in the incarnate energies as incarnate beings, or who can create something to allow us to work with them even though they are disincarnate. But they can work with us on lower frequency energies, which are close enough to our incarnate energies for us to work with them.

So I very much feel that it would be a subtle intervention, and one where there would be manipulation on those individuals, who would be key individuals at the soul level or the Aspect level to ensure that they would not be party to or invoke this level of atrocity that would happen worldwide. There’s too much at stake basically. Even with the Fall of the Atlantean race, and other races or other civilizations, that have been created through the use of the incarnate body before, there hasn’t been this level of potential to damage the Earth.

In essence, it’s not about the human form as an incarnate vehicle to associate itself with the lowest frequencies to invoke an accelerated level of evolution, it’s about the environment. And so the human form isn’t an issue. They can all be removed. And so therefore, the use of some form of virus would probably be a better way of doing it, if we were going to obliterate ourselves, because it potentially wouldn’t affect the rest of the ecostructure on the Earth.

But to actually wipe out the ecostructure on the Earth wouldn’t be allowed or tolerated. And the way that it would be done that I see would be more of a covert operation.

Whilst I was answering that question, by the way, I was getting the information. I was quite surprised, because I knew that there would be intervention of some sort, but I was quite surprised that it would be very, very covert. I also expected there to be some level of visible communication that we would all see, that would make us all sort of sit and take notice. But I do think that the object of it being covert gives us a chance to be more in control of ourselves from the greater population’s perspective.”

“Stay Light, Be Light, Light the way for others.” – Guy Needler

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