Is There a Manual On How To Become a Spiritual Master?

In previous posts we learned about several people in different eras and cultures, who had evolved from self-consciousness to cosmic consciousness in their lifetime. We also learned that there are different levels of higher consciousness, and that a person who has developed cosmic consciousness is not omniscient or infallible. Is there a manual on how to become a spiritual master? Who wrote it? Where can I get one? The answer may surprise you.

How can we attain higher consciousness states?

After reading a book, “A Brief Tour of Higher Consciousness” by Itzhak Bentov, I was inspired to share what I learned from this brilliant man, who was a mechanical engineer, inventor, author and mystic.

He was able to combine his curious mind with a courageous soul to explore the unknown realms with just wit and humor as his luggage. His plan was to publish some of his work as a comic strip instead of a cosmic trip! Bentov had two ways to prepare himself for his “trips,” which were not drug-induced.


Initially, like Archimedes, he used the “wet method” of soaking in a bathtub full of hot water, going into a “twilight zone” to get flashes or ideas that he scribbled down on a notepad. 😉 Later he favored the “drier method” of meditation and relaxed concentration. He wrote:

“I could attain remote reality by simply visualizing myself to be there, and there I was…”

How have other people done it?

There are many ways to reach various levels of higher consciousness. We’ve had countless masters show the way. Some of them have “ascended,” while others have become “illumined,” but are still incarnating to teach us that we’re more than physical beings on planet Earth.


Guy Needler (“The History of God”) described a few ascended masters that came to jumpstart human evolution:

  • Jesus was born with more connectivity with his higher self than most people at that time. But he had to work on establishing the Christ within by learning things from the Essenes and other masters (including Babaji).
  • Buddha was not born with the same connectivity as Jesus. Buddha came to experience life from all angles before he contacted his higher self and reached “enlightenment” by a meditative state.
  • Mohammed was a deeply religious man engaged in prayer and meditation, which allowed him to tap into the Greater Reality. He was enlightened to the same level as Buddha.

Paramahansa Yogananda exemplified the Eastern tradition. He studied for years with a guru (Sri Yukteswar), who imparted his wisdom and knowledge for purifying the body and the mind using specific technics with diet, fasting, prayer, meditation, yoga, etc.

mushroom-1 copy

Other people have used mind-altering drugs (e.g. LSD, ayahuasca, peyote, psilocybin mushrooms, etc.) to gain temporary access to an expanded perspective. But Wendy Kennedy said any mind-altering drug is mind originated. She explained:

  • The mind was set up to be the filter for the limited perspective of reality in 3D. Your mind (like your body) is something you have, it’s not who you are.
  • Many use drugs as an excuse to numb, not to feel or perceive things in the same way. Drugs, chemicals can become a habit/crutch, so they don’t serve you in the long term.

You can access Source directly through your heart (by-passing the filters of the mind). She said it feels like energy building up in the heart, like a star that goes supernova in the chest, and it just takes a moment (not hours of meditation) to get there.

What is different about us now?

Many people don’t realize that the frequency of Earth and humanity was much lower at the time of Jesus, Buddha and other masters compared to now. Humans didn’t even have the same range of color vision at that time, according to Bentov and Richard M. Bucke (“Cosmic Consciousness”). Maybe that explains the drab colors of the robes they wore? 😉

  • Many of the ancient rituals, methods or traditions were necessary in the old days, but not any longer, since the overall frequencies are higher now, according to Kennedy and others.
  • Needler said we can traverse the frequencies and accomplish the same results with much quicker techniques (e.g. meditation learned in a day) rather than having to do years of complicated yoga practices. We all can develop self-mastery now.

The newer generations that include the indigo, crystal, rainbow and hybrid children are born with more connectivity now. Also, a dozen “White children” will arrive at the ascended master level over the next 50+ years, and they will have a global influence on humanity.

 What did Bentov see at the highest levels of consciousness?

“There is no limit to the extent of human consciousness. It can expand to fill the universe, and then you can talk to the Creator. You can talk to all the beings, who are gods; you have a diplomatic visa to infinity.” – Itzhak Bentov

Bentov described two groups of advanced beings in different areas of the Absolute, the dark void above Manifest Creation, which looks like a translucent, shimmering sphere [which is our multiverse]. This is how he illustrated and described it in his wonderful book:

 how to become a spiritual master

  1. “Nirvana” (left side) with pure and exalted beings (practically all Easterners) immersed in meditation, experiencing intense eternal bliss caused by pure consciousness flowing unaffected through their bodies out into the Manifest Creation below them. He said they are entitled to their bliss, but will not evolve beyond this state, because once you get in, you can’t get out (see the wall)!
  2. The “Blue-Collar Workers” (right side) have renounced the option of eternal bliss. Pure consciousness flows through their bodies, but they add a slight vibration to it to produce a certain effect on the evolution of particular planets, because they have compassion for the beings on them. They will keep evolving and in time leave the population of Nirvana far behind.

What a fascinating concept! You can take it as a nice metaphor, illustration or story, whatever you like. We also can think of it in fractal terms, as in “as above, so below.”

If pure consciousness is flowing through you right now, how are you modifying it? What are you creating and projecting with your being? What interference pattern or imprint are you leaving to those around you and below you in terms of consciousness?

Is there a manual on how to become a spiritual master?

Bentov and others have said that we each create our own reality. He explained:

“It’s just a trip back home to reunite with your own Self (the observer). We are the creators, the producers and the consumers of our own reality, because we are the consciousness itself.”

That means each of us writes our OWN Manual on How We Are Becoming a Spiritual Master, as we experience, learn and evolve within the multiverse up to the highest level possible.

That also means your path is uniquely yours, so own it. Don’t look for the meaning of life elsewhere. Give it its meaning by who you choose to be and how you choose to do things. Learn as you go. You are no less than a creator being in training in this and every moment of your life, which is eternal. 🙂

“Whatever it is that is now presenting itself as part of your creation, own it, claim it, bless it, be thankful for it.” – Neale Donald Walsch

how to become a spiritual master

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▶ Itzhak.Bentov.From.Atom.To.Cosmos.avi – YouTube (a lively interview of Bentov & a presentation of his work by his wife, Mirtala)

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