What Outer Technologies Did the Ancient Egyptians Have?

Here are some excerpts from Guy Needler’s December 23, 2017 World Satsanga lecture, in which he discussed some of the Hidden Technologies in ancient Egypt after his recent trip there. Some of these technologies seem absolutely mind bending to those of us living in the modern age, which is why I wanted to share them with my readers to expand our thought processes in several ways. What outer technologies did the ancient Egyptians have?

How and why was Egypt created?

Based on Needler’s first book, “The History of God,” and World Satsanga 23 12 2017, here is some background information added to Needler’s lecture (summarized by me):

After the Fall of Atlantis, the Atlantean civilization (Root Race 4) had dropped in frequency so much that they needed to be “cleansed.” Different parallels or event spaces had different degrees of cleansing to allow them to restart the incarnate free will project on the Earth.

  • Our Source took a chunk of the earliest Atlantean civilization and inserted it into another timeline in the area we call Egypt. Thus, a readymade civilization was created almost instantaneously by Source, the Curators and entities working with the free will project.
  • Our version of the human form was given a second chance to start over from a few thousand people, whose memory was wiped clean of any knowledge of Atlantis.

There were some individuals from Atlantis, who were self-realized, who chose to stay behind to guide the people, who started to incarnate in Egypt. Their job was to teach them how to build structures and devices to harness energies, use natural resources and the other basics.

Who was trained to use the technology?

Within the Egyptian population, there were some people, who were pure enough or could be trained to be pure enough to work responsibly with these powerful Atlantean technologies.

  • Most of them needed to have an energetic or telepathic link between the person operating them and the function that the structure, device or technology had.
  • In that sense, they were nothing like today’s technology, which is divorced from the user. We tend to create things to do the work for us without being linked to it in any way.

What outer technologies did the ancient Egyptians have?

There is no tangible evidence of the Atlantean carryover technology in today’s Egypt, except for the pyramids and temples made of stone. The devices themselves were basically things that controlled the environment. Here is a list of some amazing technologies they had:

  • They had devices that controlled the weather. They could create rain when they wanted to, in the area that they wanted to, for the length of time or duration they wanted to.
  • They could materialize new objects out of the materials available in thin air. Or they could transmute objects from one particular form to another form by changing the way that the atomic structure worked with each other without destroying the overall structure.
  • They were able to transmute form and energy and mass and substance. The huge blocks on the pyramids and buildings could made to be as light as a feather by changing their density or mass. They could be easily moved around by one or two people. Then a device was put back onto the block to change it back to its natural form or natural density.
  • They also had devices that made materials extremely heavy. They could make a feather weigh several tons and sink it into the Earth to create a foundation, for instance.
  • They could transport things by teleportation as well. They didn’t need to have cars or airplanes. They could with these devices move things from one place to another.
  • They also had the ability to levitate things. They had platforms to transport things by antigravity and magnetism. That’s where the legend of “flying carpets” came from.
  • There was no need for light bulbs. They could change the frequential state of certain materials that would allow them to glow. They could have everlasting light that didn’t use power or they could turn it off as needed.
  • They could work with the energies of the plants, trees and bushes for crops, and there was no need for any seasons. They created a year round growing season for the food crops.
  • They were able to communicate long, long distances irrespective of whether they used telepathy. Just as we use mobile phones, video phones and computers, they could use similar things to communicate with other beings in the locale of our entire solar system.
  • They didn’t need to use things like telescopes. They could locally warp space and see the local galaxy and beyond about 30-40 parsecs away. They could zoom into the area in real-time by distorting space and time locally using a gravitational-based telescope.
  • They could even change the orbit of the Moon to help with some “civil engineering” projects to move the seas or change the tides to harvest fish, minerals or elements from the sea bed. They used the energy of the Moon to help plants grow.
  • They also had a device to create an energetic shell around themselves, so they could go underwater in the sea and breathe air as if on land without a diving suit.
  • They could increase the frequency of the local environment themselves, which would allow them to (without meditation and without work) raise their frequencies to work on the next frequency level. They could communicate with other entities (incarnate or disincarnate) on a temporary basis by this mechanism, that would temporarily raise their frequencies.
  • They were in communication with and in cooperation with those individuals, who have moved up to a higher frequency, or those beings that populated the higher frequencies of the Earth. They could dial in any frequency (from FB 4-FB 12), zone out of this frequency and zone into the next frequency and work with the entities on those levels.
  • They had some medical technology that was used to heal the body or change the body. But the Atlantean technology that was used to create half-man half-animal humanoid forms (to show higher status and wealth) were banned in Egypt.
  • That’s why some of the Atlanteans that were working with the Egyptians were stuck in those forms, because they didn’t have the technology available any longer, as it was considered to be part of the downfall of Atlantis.

The ancient Egyptians lived what appeared to be a very simple existence, like the Essenes, because these technologies were less complicated in some ways than our technology.

Did they get help from ETs?

Needler said that some people in ancient Egypt (the higher priests anyway) were very close to incarnate beings in the Sirius area, who were “lionoid” [lion people/feline race] in appearance. They were in constant communication with these beings.

  • Hence, the constant reference to lions in the Egyptian period, whether it was a lion of the Sphinx or whether they were shown using lions to pull their chariots.
  • The association with the Sirians was a focus for them, so they tried to use everything that was similar to this race to remind them that they are in communication with this race.
  • The Sirians didn’t come to visit all the time, but they did come on a semi-regular basis. When the guides returned to the energetic side, they left some teachers in place, who over time became corrupted and rebuilt a power-based civilization that decayed.

The big difference is that the base frequency of Earth and the local universe is much higher now than during the Atlantean era. But we are still very much a work in progress, an evolving species, as you can tell from what’s happening on our world.

Final Thoughts

After finding out about all the outer technologies available to the ancient Egyptians, we might be tempted to think that we, too, could be “saved” by some alien/ET species. It’s easy to be seduced by all this outer technology, but that’s not necessarily in our best interest.

We are here to evolve in our own way, to forge our own path, not to be saved by any ETs, not to give our power away to other entities yet again. Every entity has an agenda. We’ve had ETs interacting with us many times in our history, including the Lyrans, Pleiadians and Sirians, each expressing a different archetypal energy (e.g. authoritarian parental figure, blindly enthusiastic cultural or genetic engineer, crusading custodian, etc.), as described by Lyssa Royal and others. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. 😉

This is an exciting time for humanity, because we are entering the Age of Energy (ascending dwapara yuga) in the cycle of global consciousness. We will be developing many new technologies, energy devices, scientific discoveries, space travel, etc. In the future we will become mentors to younger galactic civilizations as well.

How fast will that happen? It depends on us and how fast we mature as a species. Needler said we are about 25% into the Earth experiment. We can expect rapid changes in outer technology, which are temporary substitutions for our inner technology or higher energetic functions that become available to all of us, as we ascend in frequency. That is our main goal here.

As Nora Herold noted, as we raise our frequency, that puts us in a more direct relationship with beings who exist in higher realms, that we can begin to collaborate with and co-create with in a sovereign way. They will be a reflection of our own higher consciousness, rather than an invitation for less awakened or lower frequency ETs to come and “save the day” for us and eventually overpower us. We don’t need that experience (see How Do Galactic Civilizations Evolve? – Big Picture Questions.com).

The Universe within 250 Light Years – The Solar Neighbourhood

Astronomers typically speak of distance in the universe in parsecs, not light-years. One parsec is about 30 trillion kilometers, or just over three light-years. The ancient Egyptians were able to see 30-40 parsecs (about 90-120 light-years) from our Sun.

The next World Satsanga (January 27, 2018) will describe the higher spiritual functions of the higher priests and hierophants and how they managed to control these devices.

Note: All images and emphasis are mine.

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