How Do Parallel Selves Differ?

In the last decade, there have been several documentaries (e.g. Tuning In (2008) – IMDb & Interview with E.D. (Extra Dimensionals) – YouTube – YouTube) featuring various channelers and their work. Kevin Moore is also making a documentary (“They Call Us Channels”), in which one channeler allowed Kevin to interview his parallel self (another Kevin) in a parallel reality, which was fascinating to watch. How do parallel selves differ?

How do parallel selves differ?

Here is the link to the video: Interviewing Myself Kevin From A Parallel Reality with Channeler Roxanne Swainhart – YouTube. I will summarize some pertinent points here without going into the specifics of event space (parallelism), which has been described in my previous posts.

  • Generally, a parallel incarnate self is created whenever we come to a choice point, where we wish to explore two or more options, possibilities or potentials available to us.
  • These parallels can arise from mundane choices, such as the window seat vs. aisle seat, or choosing a different route to work, or choosing to travel by car, train or airplane, etc.
  • Some parallels collapse soon after they’re created, because we lose interest in them, while others keep going on alternate paths, that allow us to explore various “what if scenarios.”

What was interesting about Kevin’s interview with his parallel self is that these parallel selves and realities were very different. The “parallel Kevin” said that Kevin in our reality has been channeling a “wiser” version of himself that has more of a perspective of allowance. He said:

“I’m sitting at a different frequency than you. You’re connecting to the moment I’m channeling and we become a unum of one, and the parallel universes become the same idea world…the channeling is that bridge for you.”

What is different in your world?

Kevin Moore asked his parallel self: What is different in your world? Parallel Kevin explained:

  • We have different people around us, different lives to live. Even your best friend that is very close to you is different. I’m gay. Our world has discovered itself differently.
  • Our world woke up long (centuries) before your world. We have no appetites to become our next density. We are fully admirable to explore what we are in this density.
  • You shall do the same as well. You have at least a thousand years of playing with humans on a density of third dimension (see When Will Humanity Ascend From 3D Earth?).

Each tangible parallel world has something of their own uniqueness, because the collective world validates the reality — a group of people choose to have an ideology of co-creation.

  • We are more pastelled, because the vibration of the Earth that I’m on has taken itself NOT on the course of ascension as your world, NOR on the course of a technological world.
  • The technological world is a very strong world, a very easy world to live on. Everything is done for you. Everything is free. But there is truly no waking up (see What Is a Fully Immersed Soul?).
  • Our world has a different tempo, a different pace. We don’t have monetary exchange, we have trade. The trade is done in value of what a particular entity needs at the time (see How Can We Evolve Beyond Money?).

Our world is awake. I channel, but I don’t channel for the idea of humans. I channel for the ideas of other species, galactic collectives that are awakening and ascending, as you are.

  • Once humanity gained its admiration as the “collective game of all games,” everybody is watching. It became such a fashion to emulate…to be in a degree of separation.
  • The Earth that you are on is in ascension, creating a future species of Homo galacticus (see How Do Galactic Civilizations Evolve?). In contrast, our human selves will diminish.

As I and our world dies, we will go onto other things. In other words, when you’re done with this idea, you just walk away. When no one is energizing the idea, it’s not in the now.

Final Thoughts

There is a lot more to this interview, including a discussion about channeling or spirituality becoming a new “religion” — one without a figurehead, but one that is still divisionary, as it separates the “awake” from the “asleep” people. It comes down to being connected or not.

As Wendy Kennedy said, ascension is not a requirement, because at the co-creator level all are acceptable experiences. The idea that everybody should want to increase their frequency (just like you) goes back to competition and judgment of others, which is precisely what we’re here to release. At Source level, we’re all integrated. On Earth, some people simply choose not to access certain files or memories in order to play a different game (see Why Are So Many People Still Asleep?).

Guy Needler explained that everything is only a parallel condition to something else. We experience everything concurrently. It is a different event stream, a different event space, a different reality, a different way of experiencing. If it can be experienced, and it can be experienced in different ways, it should be experienced in all those different ways.

Evolution is experiential — it’s a full understanding from every perceivable angle and different variance or parallel condition of something. There are 8 billion people to wake up on this planet. We need to let them do it in their own way and at their own pace, given that we don’t even know what our own parallels are up to! 🙂

Live and let live!

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