Readings & Mentoring

As part of my mission to teach, I am now offering these services:

1. Life Plan Reading – written report intuitively synthesized from several different systems, such as card science, integrated human design, spiritual astrology, etc. (USD $25/person using PayPal).

      • What is my life’s work vs. soul purpose or destiny in this lifetime?
      • What potential gifts am I supposed to develop and express in this life?
      • What are my life lessons or challenges?
      • What are my personal goals or potential challenges this year?



2. Relationship Reading – written report, based on the connections between two people of your choice (e.g. love partner, family member, friend, colleague, etc.) (USD $25).

      • Are we soul mates and/or past life mates?
      • What are the major life lessons in this particular relationship?
      • What karmic issues or challenges are we here to resolve?
      • What are the keys to success in this relationship?
      • What are the life lessons or dynamics being played out in your family or work setting?



3. Quick Consultation or Mentoring – one-on-one phone or video session (Skype/FaceTime) to discuss your reading or mentoring about various spiritual topics (USD $25/30 min).


Contact: Ulla (AT)

Please email the following information to me prior to life plan or relationship readings:

  • Your name and email address
  • Your date of birth
  • Your time of birth (24 hr, example: 15:30, or approximate time of day)
  • Your city and country of birth
  • Any other questions you may have about your work, health or relationship issues this year?
  • Please check your Mail and Spam folders for my email response after payment.

Readings & Mentoring

“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” – Mark Twain



“I contacted Ulla for a Life Plan Reading and by the following evening she had sent me an extremely accurate and thorough reading. 13 pages full of spiritual guidance, on my Life Plan. I cannot recommend Ulla enough, she was absolutely spot on with what she had written in the Reading and it completely resonated with me as being accurate, which was very liberating, and comforting and helped me to see what I had already worked on in my spiritual journey and what my Soul needed me to continue to be aware of. I feel Ulla works with intuition and integrity and would encourage anyone who is interested in finding out more of their life’s purpose to have a reading from Ulla. Thank you soo much, I am so very grateful!” — Diane W.

“I firstly want to say a huge thank you for the reading.  I can’t believe how accurate it was.  It has truly helped me understand myself better and reiterated many things I thought about myself. I had a human design plan reading done about fifteen years ago but your reading was so much more enlightening for me. I loved the card science part of the reading and never really understood how important a pack of cards can be. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help.” — Jean R.

“I think everyone should do the life plan reading to get the ideas and guidance on our lives. Ulla has done a fantastic job with extensive presentation of the reading for me which definitely will help guide me through my life journey. I would recommend anyone who is interested to know more about ourselves to have a reading done with Ulla, you will be amazed. Thank you again for your guidance.” — Sophie S.