How To Shift From Ego To Soul Activation?

Previously, we learned about the core issues of humanity, and how growing up differs from waking up. Humanity as a whole evolves through repeating world cycles with different levels of global consciousness. The same thing is reflected in a single lifetime with its stages of development. How to shift from ego to soul activation?

What are the major stages of life?

There are many ways to describe human development in terms of physical, physiological, psychological and spiritual stages of life. In a recent interview with Kevin Moore, Richard Barrett stated the soul incarnates into the physical body for three basic reasons:

  1. To fully express itself through its unique gifts (soul activation).
  2. To connect with others through relationships (soul connection).
  3. To contribute and make a difference in the world (soul contribution).

In “A New Psychology of Human Well-Being,” Barrett described how he came across Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, that he modified a bit to create the Seven Levels Model with two aspects: the Seven Levels of Consciousness and Seven Stages of Psychological Development.

  • This model is a globally recognized tool that has been used to map the consciousness of individuals and groups (e.g. teams, business organizations, communities, nations).
  • Each stage has a specific developmental task that we are meant to master during a certain age range. If we are unable to master any one of these stages, they will affect the layers of our energetic body and manifest as specific psychological issues and physical disorders.

The Table (below) summarizes the seven stages and operating levels associated with specific chakras, age ranges, tasks, psychological issues and physical disorders (compiled from his newest book and Richard Barrett | Barrett Values Centre publications, click to enlarge).


Note: Barrett hypothesized a link between the lower (ego) and upper (soul) energy fields, as shown in blue (etheric layers 1/5), pink (emotional layers 2/6), and yellow (mental layers 3/7). For example, if we have difficulty in mastering the self-actualizing stage, it could show up as physical disorders in body parts associated with the throat or root chakras, and so on.

How to shift from ego to soul activation?

Barrett noted that we grow in stages of psychological development, and we operate at the corresponding levels of consciousness under normal circumstances. He explained:

  • The first three stages are called “ego needs,” while the last three stages are called “soul desires.” If you can’t satisfy the ego needs, it will be difficult to satisfy the soul desires.
  • The ego is just the mask we wear to get our needs met in 3D physical reality. The soul needs the ego to create the conditions where the soul can come in to fully express itself.
  • The fourth (middle) stage is called transformation, because the ego starts to let go of fear-based belief systems and parental/social/cultural conditioning. The ego starts to align with the soul by asking: Who are we? This is the beginning of soul activation.

We start to realize that we are the soul, not the ego, body or mind. The ego’s experience of reality is fear-based separation, lack, and limitation, while the soul experiences connection, being, abundance, and love. It’s a game changer, but can be very challenging. Why?

  • It is not about growing up, like the earlier ego stages based on needs or deficiencies. It’s about waking up, driven by the soul wanting to become fully present in the physical world.
  • The challenge is to face and overcome our fears and old belief systems that no longer serve us. We need to stop playing the victim by becoming fully responsible for our lives.
  • We also need to embrace our soul’s desires and values, even if it means distancing ourselves from our family of origin, culture, religious affiliation, or switching careers, etc.

That’s a tall order, but necessary for continued soul activation beyond self-actualizing in our 40s, where we are meant to embrace our true identity with our soul-given gifts and talents. We are also meant to discover our soul purpose to give more meaning to our life.

  • The sixth stage of integrating occurs in our 50s. Here we are asked to develop our empathy skills in order to connect and collaborate with others. Ideally, we can make a difference by using our collective gifts and talents in unconditionally loving relationships.
  • The final stage of selfless serving occurs in our 60s. Our task is to develop compassion to help and contribute to those, who are suffering or less fortunate than ourselves.

There you have it! The path is easy to understand but difficult to accomplish, particularly for those who are poor, less educated, or live in authoritarian regimes. They may fear persecution for voicing their values. They’re busy meeting their basic survival, safety and security needs (see What Is Meant By Soul Age? – Big Picture

Final Thoughts

There is a whole wealth of deep thought-provoking material that is discussed in Barrett’s new book. I’ve only scratched the surface here. If you’re interested in finding out more, please visit his website (Richard Barrett | Barrett Values Centre), which has many articles, interviews, videos, podcasts, blog, and a list of the 11 books he has authored.

According to Barrett, most people seek happiness in the first half of life, but in the second half of life they seek meaning. However, the energy of fear blocks the energy of love. Thus, we can say that we want to be of service, but we won’t be fully living it until we get rid of our fear-based thoughts, such as “I’m not enough.” The soul needs the positive aspect of the ego from the surviving, relationship and self-esteem levels to help it grow and develop properly.

He also said it’s important to link science and spirituality with psychology. The journey from ego to soul activation, connection and contribution is what we came here to do. He wrote:

“When we live our lives in alignment with the motivations of our soul, we experience a deep sense of well-being and robust physical health, because we are living in a state of energetic coherence.” – Richard Barrett


For more information, please see:

Richard Barrett: A New Psychology of Human Well-Being: An Exploration of the Influence of Ego-Soul Dynamics on Mental and Physical Health, 2016 & Richard Barrett | Barrett Values Centre (website with articles, interviews, videos, podcasts, blog)

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