How Do Souls Justify Their Incarnation?

Most people don’t realize that incarnation is a great privilege, a gift not a curse. There are many more souls that want to incarnate than there are physical forms or bodies available to use. The vehicles are quite a rare commodity in the physical universe. Consider yourself lucky to be here! The question is: How do souls justify their incarnation?

How do souls justify their incarnation?

In “The Anne Dialogues,” Guy Needler gives us a higher perspective on how incarnations are planned by the True Energetic Self (Higher Self) and the soul it projects outside of itself.

  • Our Higher Self has to queue up with other Higher Selves to justify the use of an incarnate vehicle for experiencing things within the physical universe, i.e. to learn something that can only be learned through incarnation.
  • As creator entities, they are trying to master the right use of Love, Wisdom and Power. Their goal is to move up the ladder of frequencies in the multiverse. The fastest way to do that is to send a soul to incarnate at the lower levels, where existence is more challenging.
  • That’s where karma is easily created and not so easily resolved, which at first creates some evolutionary stasis and tension for the Higher Self and eventually a bigger evolutionary jump than if it hadn’t used incarnation as a way to evolve.

The Higher Self decides what it wants to experience, what environment and frequency level in the physical universe to use, and how to experience it, i.e. what physical form or vehicle to use (e.g. human/alien/energetic). It also decides which soul to use on its behalf (e.g. brand new or used, experienced or specialized soul, with karma/not, with better connectivity/not, etc.).

What is the 12 point plan of incarnation?

The Higher Self gives an overview of the plan and desired outcomes to the chosen soul. The soul then enters the Akashic, which illustrates a number of different locations and scenarios on Earth or many other worlds, where the same exact human form is being used. Needler said:

  • It’s like having a “stencil” or a blueprint of the overall plan, which is overlaid on various different locations and scenarios to find the “best fit” for the desired outcomes.
  • It’s up to the soul to choose whether to go into the most efficient location or sometimes the less efficient location just to be different or to gain evolution in all possible ways.

The soul needs to present a detailed life plan to the Higher Self, including the following 12 points or prerequisites to get the most out of that incarnation:

  1. Plans to resolve any existing karma, i.e. to break energetic links to other souls or their addictions or attractions to low frequency things (e.g. power, materialism, drugs, alcohol, sex, etc.). It needs to be done at the same frequency level where the karma was created.
  2. To experience existence from a different perspective than in previous lifetimes, to see both sides of the coin (e.g. master/slave; teacher/student; murderer/murdered, etc.).
  3. To experience something completely new and different (e.g. new country, race, ethnic group, religion, gender, sexual orientation, lifestyle, time period, planet, etc.).
  4. To demonstrate improved communications with the guide and helpers, who are part of the team. Nobody “goes solo” to incarnate anywhere in the physical universe.
    • The guide is a Higher Self that has chosen the service path. It doesn’t incarnate, but serves other Higher Selves that do. It guides many souls (“wards”) at the same time.
    • The helpers are other souls from non-incarnating Higher Selves. They are evolving through their service to those of us, who are in the evolutionary cycle.
  5. To understand how the guide and helpers can benefit through the incarnation as well. When we evolve, they evolve. We give them part of our evolutionary content for a job well done in guiding us, helping us, and keeping us alive and well on our path.
  6. To show new or existing pathways to self-realization. Once the soul becomes self-realized, they are finished with incarnation as a method to evolve. Game over! But they continue to evolve in the purely energetic side of the multiverse.
  7. To show how the soul can help the wider or global population evolve. This could mean being a positive influence (e.g. Gandhi) or a negative influence (e.g. Hitler) that changes the way people think, feel, behave and affirm shared higher values.
  8. To show how the soul can be of service to others, meaning other entities that include other people, groups, animals, plants, local communities, environments, planet, etc.
  9. To show how many event spaces (parallel environments) can be created to ensure parallel evolutionary opportunities in that lifetime. Imagine the trunk of an oak tree and the number of potential branches or choice points that could exist in a lifetime, which create parallel selves to explore parallel variations (what if scenarios) of that incarnation.
  10. To know how many other souls are needed to work with the soul designated for a lifetime. This is where all the soul companions and traveling mates plan their lives together.
  11. To understand how many direct interactions are needed with other souls, what roles they will play, and which particular souls will work together (e.g. family, friends, coworkers). We need to plan ahead which souls come into our lives at which points in life (e.g. childhood, adulthood, later years), who stays, who leaves, etc. This is a logistical nightmare!
  12. To know the level of depth expected in the personal experiences (e.g. normal functions vs. mental or physical disability, chronic illness, hardships, such as loss of a loved one, divorce, poverty, famine, natural disasters, accidents, etc.). Souls are choosing more difficult lives now (see Are We Having Accelerated Lives? – Big Picture

This is a massive planning process that involves the soul itself, its guide and helpers, and many other souls and their guides and helpers, too. Once the plan is in place, then all we have to do is carry it out. Of course, we agreed to forget everything by the time we get to Earth.

Interestingly, the most important choice that the soul makes is which body to use! All the potential locations have a number of different vehicles that could be used.

  • The soul looks at the potential bodies in terms of the parents, siblings, personalities, health, longevity, peer group, education, career, pastimes, service opportunities, etc.
  • It’s all checked out in the environment and event spaces that we would incarnate into, and the Akashic, if we go into a human form. It takes time to understand all the possibilities.

By the way, the human vehicle on Earth is the most difficult one to work with! Why? Because we exist at the bottom of the physical universe (frequency bands 1-3) and have “individualized free will.” It’s the most addictive and most complicated form in the universe, which makes it easy to gain both karma and evolutionary content. Don’t we know it!

You could say: Gee, thanks! Or congratulations! You’re in the “master class” of incarnation right now. It may not look like it, but it is. And we’re ALL going to graduate sooner or later. 🙂

“Not everything is as it seems from the human level. It is only when one can see the bigger picture that that which appears to be an obstacle is a way of making you go back on-track and in accordance with one’s life plan.

Rather than becoming frustrated when things change or appear to go wrong, see it for the opportunity it is; to experience, learn and evolve from dealing with the challenge of getting back on-track, working with what you now have, and giving thanks for a change from the expected to the unexpected.

Indeed, working with the unexpected is the whole point of incarnating in the low frequencies of the Multiverse – the physical universe!” Source (via Guy Needler)

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