Do Source Entities Ever Retire?

The Origin created 12 Source Entities to help it explore its vast unmapped area. Here is a great set of questions asked in the August 26, 2017 World Satsanga with Guy Needler. The questions focused on the evolution of the twelve Source Entities, including: Do Source Entities ever retire?

Do Source Entities ever retire?

We exist in a multiverse created by our Source Entity (SE1). But that multiverse exists within the omniverse, which is being mapped by all twelve Source Entities. Here are the questions asked by a World Satsanga participant and the answers by Guy Needler (summarized by me).

Are all Source Entities (outside of SE12) more or less in the same position in their existence?

Needler’s understanding about the progression of all the Source Entities is that in general, they all have to go through an evolutionary cycle, as we do with our Source Entity (SE1).

  • The evolutionary cycle is the working with a particular series of energies and frequencies within a tiny part of the total volume of the Origin.
  • Each of the Source Entities does their things in their different ways, in their different speeds and their different levels of depth and detail.
  • The number of evolutionary cycles that the Source Entities have to do to map out this current area (called the “polyomniscient volume of the Origin’s sentient self-awareness”) is immaterial, because collectively we have to map it all. It has to be all done.

But in terms of where we all are now, the Source Entities are generally within an evolutionary cycle of each other. Right now our Source Entity is in the third evolutionary cycle, so some of them are at their second evolutionary cycle, and some of them are at their fourth.

  • The more evolutionary cycles we go through, the faster we go through the next cycle, and the next one goes even faster, because our True Energetic Selves and Source apply their learning from one cycle to the next.
  • Eventually, it gets to the point, where evolutionary cycles will be over in the blink of an eye, so to speak. From the Source’s perspective, they’re over pretty quick anyway. But because we’re part of it and we’re experiencing it, we see it as being a long, long time.

Some of the Sources have gone through one more cycle than us, and some of them have gone through one less than us. But that will change, as we go through them. At some point, there will be thousands of evolutionary cycle gaps between one Source Entity to another.

If there is a start, is there an end, and if so, what does it look like?

Needler said: “I’m not seeing an end, I’m just seeing that everything is. I don’t see an end.”

  • The start was the generation of sentience that created the Origin. Beyond that there is just expansion, there is just expansion of sentience and growth.
  • It’s difficult for us as human beings to conceptualize this, but even when the Origin gets to its last piece of structure within its last jump in from one area of polyomniscient sentient self-awareness to another area, that’s not the end of things.
  • We become fully understanding of self. It’s like that’s just part of the start.
  • There is no end as such, it’s just continuous evolution forever basically.

Do Source Entities ever retire? Or does that concept not apply?

The Source Entities will never retire. They will always continue to do what they’re doing.

  • When this particular area of polyomniscient sentient self-awareness of the Origin is finally mapped out, they become bigger, more complete beings within that next area.
  • Our True Energetic Selves become equal to Source Entities. They are allowed sort of Source Entity status, because the next area (volume) of the Origin is so significantly large in comparison to where we are right now, that there needs to be lots of other Source Entities, and that’s what our True Energetic Selves will end up being.

If life goes on without end, what is the development line for SEs – endless activity, activity with an end, periods of activity punctuated by periods of inactivity…?

  • Development for a Source Entity is sort of endless activity. There may be periods of observation, understanding, cogitation to really understand what’s been achieved. But in real terms, it’s all going to be continuous activity.
  • Consolidation may be classified as being a period of inactivity, but even consolidation is activity, because it’s understanding what’s been achieved and what’s been done. So it’s continuous work of various different types continuously.

There was a beginning to the Origin, is there anything like an end?

Again there was a beginning to the Origin, but I’m not seeing an end. I’m not seeing an end at all, which is interesting. In “The Origin Speaks,” I wrote that I saw other Origins, but they were in the event space where the Origin created the Twelve Origins experiment.

  • That event space was outside of this current area of polyomniscient sentient self-awareness [omniverse]. It was an experiment that didn’t work. The reason why each of the different new Origins didn’t develop into being an Origin is described in that book.
  • How can the Origin create something when it doesn’t even know about itself? The Origin doesn’t know how big itself is, so really it didn’t work.

That’s why the Source Entities worked, because the Source Entities were given a reason to be and were created with a level of a known awakening path, so to speak.

  • When they became self-aware, there was already this ability to understand the self, and work with the self and know that there was a creator there, something that created them. So there wasn’t this feeling of being the only one, and not being able to work with something that they knew.
  • So I’m not picking up anything like an end. But I’m seeing these twelve levels of structure, and within each of these twelve levels of structure, there’s another twelve levels of structure. It’s almost like we’re just at the start of understanding a certain point of the magnitude of the Origin.
  • In “The Origin Speaks,” it talks of twelve levels, but that’s just THIS particular area of polyomniscient sentient self-awareness. There’s another eleven beyond that in my understanding, and each of those levels has an embedded level of twelve types of structure. So it’s continuous, it keeps going.

Needler said: “I’m not seeing anything beyond that. That may be beyond my limitation though, and I’d be quite happy if anybody has seen beyond the Origin. I’ll be very happy to say okay, over to you, so to speak, because that might be my limitation. I’m not seeing anything beyond the total of this vast increase in volume that the Origin goes through in structure, as we go through each of these different levels.”

Is this what our future looks like? 😉

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